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RAID Training

The RAID® approach to working with Disturbed and Challenging Behaviour.

RAID® (Reinforce Appropriate, Implode Disruptive) is a leading positive psychology approach for tackling challenging behaviour at source. First written in 1990 (and now in its 11th edition) well over 20,000 professionals working in mental health and related areas are trained in this approach. The Association for Psychological Therapies is the only provider of RAID® training in the UK and Ireland and we can bring any of these courses to your own organisation for a fixed all-inclusive fee.
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The RAID® Course

The RAID® Course. The positive approach to working with disturbed and challenging behaviour.

A 3-day course.

A relentlessly positive approach to working with disturbed and challenging behaviour.

The 3-day RAID® course is the UK’s leading positive psychology approach for tackling disturbed and challenging behaviour at source: over 20,000 professionals have attended it. It is a comprehensive approach which teaches staff a philosophy and practice not only to deal with disturbed and challenging behaviour when it occurs, but also to prevent it by tackling it at source. Staff feel pleased to share a unified system and to know what they are doing and why they are doing it, while clients delight in a relentlessly positive and empowering approach. The essence of the RAID® approach is to play down disturbed and challenging behaviour as far as safety allows, and to nurture and develop positive behaviour so that it systematically overwhelms and displaces the disturbed and challenging behaviour.

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RAID Online Exam

The RAID® Exam.

Available to everybody.

This exam is available free of charge to those who attend the RAID® course, and for a fee to those who have attended similar training from another provider.

It is a web based exam with a high pass mark of 85% and gains you Level 2 in APT accreditation of motivational interviewing. If you don't pass first time you can review the course material and sit it again.

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The RAID Masterclass

The RAID® Masterclass.

A 3-day course.

This is a course for people who have at least 6 months practice subsequent to attending the RAID® course (often much more), and have passed APT's online exam to obtain APT’s Level 2 accreditation in the RAID® approach.

In lectures, the masterclass provides more depth on some of the topics in the original course but is mainly focused on developing skill, based around the following components: listening to and making case presentations, watching selected videos, role-play/real-play where you interview others and they interview you, and establishing a stable system for support and development for yourself in RAIDing post course. The result is that you enhance your skill, insight and knowledge. Successful completion also gains you APT's Level 3 accreditation in RAIDing.

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The RAID Refresher

The RAID® Refresher.

A 1-day course.

The RAID® course is the UK’s leading positive psychology approach for tackling disturbed and challenging behaviour at source: over 20,000 professionals have attended it. The purpose of the refresher day is to literally ‘refresh’ delegates who have previously attended the course: to re-invigorate them and to bring them up to speed with any developments that have occurred since they originally attended their training.

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RAID Centres of Excellence

RAID® Centres of Excellence.

This is a major undertaking where organisations seek recognition that they are implementing RAID® principles outstandingly well.

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The RAID Awards

RAID® Awards.

These annual awards were established to keep people positive and ‘enthused’ about working with challenging behaviour and enabling those who often exhibit such behaviour to lead rewarding lives for themselves and those around them.

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Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

The RAID® System overlaps with positive behaviour support, although RAID® has more general application. The RAID® System was first introduced in 1990, is now on its 11th iteration.

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RAID (Reinforce Appropriate, Implode Disruptive)

What does RAID® stand for?

RAID® stands for Reinforce Appropriate, Implode Disruptive (behaviour). The acronym summarises a very positive approach for working with extremely challenging behaviour.

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