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Intervening in Crisis Training

Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Intervention, in Crisis Situations.

Below is a list of available courses that we can bring to your own organisation for a fixed, all-inclusive fee, no matter where you are. All of the training automatically carries APT accreditation with it, backed by the weight of over 100,000 professionals have attended APT's mental health training since foundation in 1981.

Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Intervention, in Crisis Situations

Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Intervention, in Crisis Situations.

A 3-day course. (2-day version also available.)

This course is designed for people who have predominantly short term contact with clients, either by phone or face to face. Typically those clients will be in or approaching a psychotic episode, suffering with a personality disorder, or so distressed that they may harm themselves or attempt suicide. The key aspects of these disorders are therefore covered, and, in particular, major effective strategies for effective brief intervention. Additionally the principles behind these interventions are covered, to facilitate long term beneficial impact, along with risk assessment in such high stress situations.

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BSFT Essentials

SFT Essentials (Solution-Focused Therapy).

A 3-day course.

An approach to problems that is fundamentally positive and comes as a breath of fresh air to professionals and clients alike.

Another of APT's top courses, this aims to introduce you to the principles of SFT in a way that gives you a firm grasp of them and enables you to use them in a safe and helpful way. You should become at home with the approach which is often seen as a 'breath of fresh air' both to client and professional, looking for and finding effective solutions for problems, rather than being sucked further and further into the problem itself.

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The ABC Course

Aggressive-Behaviour Control: The ABC Course.™

A 2-day course. (1-day version also available.)

Powerful non-physical techniques for handling aggression and violence effectively.

First run in 1983 and constantly developed since then, this course is the 'original' of courses on the non-physical management of aggression. Attended so far by about 100,000 participants it covers how and why anger and aggression develop, how to prevent aggressive and violent incidents (both to oneself and others), key techniques for responding to an actively aggressive or violent person, and what to do after an incident has been resolved. Everything you need to know about non-physical responses to anger, aggression and violence.

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