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Risk Training

Risk training courses.

The first thing a service must show is that it can identify and respond to risk appropriately and APT provides risk training courses of the highest standard. All of the training automatically carries APT accreditation with it, backed by the weight of over 100,000 professionals have attended APT's mental health training since foundation in 1981. Below is a list of available courses that we can bring to your own organisation for a fixed, all-inclusive fee, no matter where you are.

The DICES<sup>®</sup> Risk Assessment and Management System

The DICES® Risk Assessment & Management System.

Available in 3-day, 2-day and 1-day versions.

A cogent system that actually facilitates clinical work, this is one of our most renowned courses. Thousands of UK professionals have already attended it.

With the starting point that excellent risk management involves excellent clinical practice, the DICES® Risk Assessment and Management System shows what is necessary to properly assess and manage risk easily, reliably and to the benefit of all, and this accounts for its staggering popularity.

Part one covers the nature and theory of risk assessment and management: why we do it and what we aim to achieve by it. Part two covers risk assessment specifically: if you don't notice the risk there is no chance you will manage it correctly. Part three covers risk management: there is no virtue in spotting a risk if you are not able to manage it. The end result is that not only do you know about risk assessment and management, you also have the ability and the equipment to do so reliably and well.

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The Professional Management of Suicide Risk and Suicidality

The Professional Management of Suicide Risk and Suicidality.

Suicide prevention training is a vitally important topic because it affects so many people, and it affects them so deeply. So far we have not been especially good at it, either in the UK or worldwide, and we have developed the Professional Management of Suicide Risk and Suicidality programme to try to remedy that. 

The programme consists of two courses, and you can have either or both:

1. Suicide-Risk Assessment and Management (2 days)

2. Building a Life Worth Living: Psychosocial Interventions for Suicidality (3 days)

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Helping People Manage their Anger and Violence

Helping People Manage their Anger and Violence.

A 3-day course.

Written by William Davies, the author of Overcoming Anger and Irritability and the only anger management book on the Books on Prescription Core List, this is a top anger management course.

This, APT's Anger Management course, focuses primarily on working with individuals (rather than groups, which are covered, but more briefly) who are habitually angry and sometimes violent. It covers the problems of working with such people but principally focuses on strategies for helping them overcome their anger and violence. Importantly it also recognises depression as a major cause of irritability and anger.

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Learning the Lessons from Major Incidents

Learning the Lessons from Major Incidents.

A 3-day course (2-day version also available).

For years, our customers have said they wished APT did a course with this title. Well we do now.

It aims to balance two conflicting demands. On the one hand an organisation wants its people to feel autonomous, confident and effective. On the other hand an organisation needs to be 'a learning environment', learning from mistakes without damaging the people that have made them. Taking aeronautical 'near-miss' investigations as a model of no-blame investigations, this course aims to provide you with the skills to conduct thorough, constructive investigations that are sure to learn the lessons that should be learned, and act on them as they should be acted upon.

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Risk Awards

Risk Awards.

These annual awards were established to keep people 'enthused' and thinking about how they can apply training in risk assessment and management in their practice.

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