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APT Open Courses 2019/20

The Association for Psychological Therapies (APT) is the UK's major provider of post-qualification training in mental health and related areas. Most of our training is provided onsite (we come to you) but for a few of our courses you can come to us in Leicester (about an hour by train from London, Birmingham, and Sheffield). Here is the latest programme for those courses.

Date Course Title Price*  
Various dates The APT Diploma in Psychological Therapies £2,300 More info       Book Now
Various dates Extended Training in DBT £1,400 More info       Book Now
16-19 Sep 2019 The DBT Masterclass £590 More info       Book Now
17-19 Sep 2019 DBT Essentials £460 More info       Book Now
24-26 Sep 2019 IPT Essentials (Interpersonal Psychotherapy) £460 More info       Book Now
01-03 Oct 2019 CBT Essentials £460 More info       Book Now
08-10 Oct 2019 Motivational Interviewing, and how to use it effectively £460 More info       Book Now
29-31 Oct 2019 ACT Essentials (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) £460 More info       Book Now
04-06 Nov 2019 DBT Essentials £460 More info       Book Now
12-13 Nov 2019 Providing Good Clinical Supervision £330 More info       Book Now
12-14 Nov 2019 Qualify for a MoodMaster® Programme License £1,000 More info       Book Now
19-21 Nov 2019 The DICES® Risk Assessment and Management System £460 More info       Book Now
25-27 Nov 2019 Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) £460 More info       Book Now
25-27 Nov 2019 Running DBT Skills-Development Groups £460 More info       Book Now
13-15 Jan 2020 DBT Essentials £460 More info       Book Now
20-22 Jan 2020 The CBT Masterclass (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) £460 More info       Book Now
3-5 Feb 2020 DBT-A: DBT for Adolescents £460 More info       Book Now
10-12 Feb 2020 The ACT Masterclass (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) £460 More info       Book Now
26-28 Feb 2020 Running DBT Skills-Development Groups £460 More info       Book Now
03-05 Mar 2020 CBT Essentials £460 More info       Book Now
09-11 Mar 2020 Motivational Interviewing, and how to use it effectively £460 More info       Book Now
16-19 Mar 2020 The DBT Masterclass £590 More info       Book Now
24-26 Mar 2020 SFT Essentials (Solution-Focused Therapy) £460 More info       Book Now

*All prices are exclusive of VAT (except for MoodMaster where VAT is included).