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APT Membership

APT Membership.

APT Annual Membership is open to anybody; we welcome all who have an interest in psychological therapy. While most members will undoubtedly have a background in mental health or related areas, this is not a prerequisite.

Guaranteed benefits of membership include:

The current subscription rate is £40 + VAT per annum and upon receipt of payment you will receive a welcome email within 1 working day. To apply for membership, simply click the subscribe button below. By doing so, you agree to the amount above being taken from your account annually (you can cancel this subscription at any time). Alternatively contact us.

Online Courses

Online Courses.

Obtain APT-quality input at a time that is convenient to you and minimises the need for 'cover' normally associated with training.

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Open Courses

Open Courses.

The majority of our training is provided 'onsite' but for a few of our courses you can come to us. APT is conveniently located centrally in UK.

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