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APT Awards and Recognition of Excellence

Awards and Recognition.

Awards for Excellence.

The APT Awards for Excellence were established to keep people enthusiastic about how they can apply techniques effectively in their practice. For further information about the awards, categories, past finalists and more, click the link below.

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Centres of Excellence

This is a major accolade where organisations are recognised as implementing the relevant principles outstandingly well. Their status is re-appraised at least every two years to ensure its current validity.

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Onsite Courses.

The majority of our mental health training courses are provided this way - we come to you and train a group of up to 15 people for an all-inclusive fee.

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Open Courses.

The majority of our training is provided 'onsite' but for a few of our courses you can come to us. APT is conveniently located centrally in UK.

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Online Anytime Courses.

Obtain APT-quality input at a time that is convenient to you and minimises the need for 'cover' normally associated with training.

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