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DBT Centres of Excellence

Becoming a DBT Centre of Excellence.

A service accredited as a DBT centre of excellence covers at least these four bases:

When you are confident that you meet these criteria, we will come and conduct an assessment. This involves an assessor from APT, coming to visit your service. The cost for this assessment is £1,720 + vat, regardless of the outcome of the assessment.

The assessment visit is your chance to demonstrate to the assessor that you cover the four bases listed above. So you might consider the following:

This may sound quite daunting and, in a way, it is. However, you should bear in mind that the assessor will be a positive, constructive, DBT-oriented professional (normally a consultant psychologist or similar) who will be genuinely interested in your practice and keen for you to succeed. If you don't succeed in the first instance the assessor will probably make helpful suggestions so that you may do on a subsequent visit.


On successful completion of the assessment you will:

Each service needs to be reassessed every two years.


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