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RAID Awards

The RAID® Awards for Excellence in Working with Challenging Behaviour.

These annual awards were established to keep people ‘enthused’ about working with challenging behaviour and enabling those who often exhibit such behaviour to lead rewarding lives for themselves and those around them. Application is simple: approximately 2,000 words and the preparedness to discuss what you have written. The application may be on your own behalf or on behalf of your service and each successful submission will be published on our website.

The benefit of receiving such an award is primarily in satisfaction and status. The tangible benefit is in the form of a certificate, which states your receipt of the award. You will also be able to put the words “Recipient of a RAID® 2018 award for working with challenging behaviour” on your letters / emails, if you wish.

What the award looks for is: (A) a description of an assessment / intervention with a patient or group of patients, (B) the assessment/intervention will feature a positive approach, possibly but not necessarily the RAID® approach, (C) what you describe should “inspire” other people who read it – they should have ideas they want to implement in their practice too. Optionally, your submission may be supported by case-studies or other research papers you have written (whether published elsewhere or not), by testimonials from service users, or other written material.

The awards will be made annually, and the closing date for submissions is the last day of July. You can make submissions at any time during the year, requesting feedback on your entry if you wish. Results will be announced shortly after the closing date each year. To enter, email your submissions to office@apt.ac

Recipients of the 2017 RAID® awards for excellence in working with Challenging Behaviour:


Brigstocke Road Approved Premises’ Approach.
(Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust and the National Probation Service.)

Judge’s remarks:

We loved this example of the RAID® approach being adapted for use in a Community Offender Personality Disorder Service and of joined up working between the NHS and the National Probation Service.

The RAID® training was followed by focussed formulation sessions building an enthusiastic team, on board with the RAID® approach and consistent with each other in interactions with clients. The team demonstrate use of the RAID® principles and incorporate these into their programme such as building strong therapeutic relationships and looking for the individual’s personal motivation and rewards. We especially liked the examples of building hope and positive habits for mental health. There are also great examples of encouraging green behaviours as a means of reducing the opportunities for red behaviours alongside feedback and agreed targets.

We can not help but feel it is a shame for "Noel" his time in the approved accommodation came to an end after the course of three months.

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Priory Brain Injury Services.

Judge’s remarks:

This project describes a programme developed and then adapted to provide Real Work Opportunities for people with Acquired Brain injury and Progressive Neurological Conditions.

We particularly liked the application of the fundamental RAID® concept of ‘nurturing green behaviour to displace the red’. By making meaningful activity accessible and available the team provide both rewarding activities and the opportunities and potential motivation for ‘green’ behaviour, simultaneously aiming to replace and reduce the ‘red’ behaviour.

We were pleased to also see the importance of meaningful feedback noted, delivered in appropriate and timely ways for the specific patient group, along with consideration of the thorny ethical issue around how to pay people for the work to do, without offering unfair competition to those in the national workplace.

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St Andrew’s Healthcare, Birmingham.

Judge’s remarks:

This project looks at embedding The RAID® approach within an organisation and highlights the importance of person centred care, patient involvement and ongoing review in the development of care plans. The care plans described allow and encourage staff to spot ‘green behaviour’ and there are examples of what constitutes ‘red’ and ‘green’ behaviours for a specific person with a visual aid for the patient.

We especially liked the modification of the behavioural plan to facilitate more immediate and positive feedback for the patient, and staff thinking about what may be rewarding and motivating for the specific individual.

We are also pleased to note the recognition of how important it is to create the culture in which RAID® approaches are used by staff in day to day interactions and that this is supported by regular training for staff and time to reflect and discuss cases.

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