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Workplace Mental Health Awards

The APT Awards for Excellence

The APT Awards for Excellence in fostering good mental health in the workplace.

This is a new award to highlight the importance of this subject. People spend so much time in the workplace that anything we can do there to foster good mental health is likely to pay off handsomely for everybody. Application is simple: just 2,000 words, and the preparedness to present your submission at a mini conference here in Leicester on the 24th September 2019 if you are shortlisted.

You can apply personally, or on behalf of your service, and each successful submission will be published on our website. The benefit of receiving such an award is primarily in satisfaction and status. The tangible benefit is in the form of a certificate, which states your receipt of the award. You will also be able to put the words “Recipient of The APT Award for Fostering Good Mental Health in the Workplace, 2019” on your letters / emails, if you wish.

This is a new award, which means that you can submit whatever you judge would be relevant to the title of the award: anything that describes how you or your organisation fosters good mental health. More credit will be allocated to ‘substantial’ evidence-based measures such as ensuring that people are in roles that suit their aptitudes, as opposed to less substantial ones, such as urging people to talk about their feelings and emotions.

To apply, there is a simple procedure and it is free of charge:

1. Write the project of up to 2,000 words.

2. Send it off to us to get to us by the end of July (email submissions to office@apt.ac).

3. If you are shortlisted for an award, come and present your project at a mini conference on the 24th September 2019, where other professionals will also present their submissions. Up to 15 minutes per paper. Hopefully this will be an enjoyable day. It’s free to attend for presenters (one per submission), £75 plus VAT for others.

4. Sit back and hope yours is the winner. The four winners will be announced and awarded that day. Being a finalist itself is something you can put on their emails, letterheads or whatever, and we’re hoping that people will be proud to do so!

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Mental Health Awareness for Teachers

Mental Health Awareness for those working with Primary School-Aged Children.

A 2-day Course (also available as individual days).

Children’s mental health is a serious area of concern – around 10% of children are now reported to have a diagnosable mental health condition and of these, most report delays in accessing appropriate help.

The course is split into two parts, echoing the World Health Organisation’s definition of health as ‘complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

Day One is about having your school set up so that it naturally generates good mental health and wellbeing. Day Two is to help you spot people who are having problems, and signpost your best course of action. You can attend either or both days.

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