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The BITS Course feedback

10-minute CBT: The BITS™ Course, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews The BITS™ Course has received.

"Outstanding course. Really learnt a lot from the two days and it was really well delivered."

Kristina Elms (online live version)

"I thought the course was great, very useful to help structure brief interventions with the emphasis in the sessions on the most useful elements."

Dr Elizabeth Holloway, Course Delegate (online live version)

"Excellent course and very relevant to Liaison Psychiatry Services. Look forward to implement some of the learning into the service we provide for our patients."

Carol Marks, Course Delegate (online live version)

"Very informative course .. found it really useful and will help me on my role!"

Course Delegate (online live version)

"I enjoyed the presentation and found the information extremely useful. The tutor did a great job of making the information relevant and useful for practical uses in my every day work."

Daniel Thripp, Course Delegate (online live version)

"This course was very interesting and informative. It is very relevant to my job and I will use this widely in my organisation."

Course Delegate (online live version)

"Exceptional training - interesting and worthwhile, presented in an understandable way and with the focus upon how to use it in a practical way in our work place. Most useful."

Kathryn Kuemmerle, Substance Misuse Practitioner

"It was all relevant to my work and I found it easy to follow. I enjoyed it very much and it was super fantastic. Thank you."

Samantha Daniels, Support Worker

"I really enjoyed the course - I found it interesting and engaging with a good balance between listening and activities. The tutor was excellent! His personal stories from practice added a great deal and I really appreciated the way he validated each and every comment made."

Natalie Bradbury, Educational Psychologist

"Without a doubt one of the most motivating and interesting courses I have ever done in some time."

Senga Pryor, Staff Nurse

"Great - very engaging and practical"

Laurie Petch, Psychologist

"Thank god for BITS training. It has provided me with a structure to work from and is adaptive into the work I already do. It was presented in a user friendly way. Thanks, keep up the good work. With the busy wards we work on this is very ideal."

Fungai Chitakunye

"An excellent and well presented course that was highly relevant to my clinical area. I will certainly be using the skills I have learnt back on the wards. Thank you."

Ben Gough, HCSW

"The whole session was perfect and relevant in my line of work. It was well presented at an easy pace that made it easy to learn and reflect on current practice. I will definitely transfer the learnt skills on to the ward environment. It was the most enjoyable training I have ever attended."

Luxmore Mizha, Staff Nurse

"I feel our ward will benefit greatly as myself, I've thoroughly enjoyed this course. Thank you."

Tracie Huckerby, Staff Nurse

"Informative, thought provoking and has lots of applications for my work in a secondary special school. The acronyms will be really helpful and I shall put them on a credit card sized bit of paper and laminate it! The sessions were mostly illuminating and the skills will need to be honed and tuned. Thank you so much."

Joyce Jerry, Educational Psychologist

"I enjoyed the course which provided a consolidated method for implementing CBT. It crystallized the previous APT courses I have been on."

Brian Willis, Educational Psychologist

"Sometimes as a nurse it is easy to forget how to be a good nurse. This is an excellent reminder of how things can be achieved. An excellent course I've really enjoyed. It also made me recognise I do more than I think when working with my patients."

Liz Hercun, Nurse

"A very well presented and engaging course. It has been extremely useful to learn an informal strategy that can be put into practice with all our patients. The teaching was excellent and the exercises were really useful and not at all anxiety provoking. One of the best courses I have attended – thank you!"

Helen Froggatt, Staff Nurse

"Excellent course, definitely given me a new way of looking at how valuable the short conversations that I have with patients can be so beneficial in guiding the care that we deliver."

Rachel Maltby, Staff Nurse

"Really interesting course and very enjoyable to do. The material covered is very helpful and relevant to my day to day work. Found the role play and tasks to be really helpful. Great course."

Course Delegate

"This was a very well organised and wonderfully presented course because of its practical nature. I really feel I could use the intervention in my everyday work on the assessment ward with ease and with an organised approach and confidence that it will lead to some effective and beneficial interactions with my patients."

Imogen Hutton

"Very useful course, easy to understand and simple to put into everyday practice."

Lyndsey Heptinstall, Staff Nurse

"The training was useful and relevant and will enable me to use time with my patients more productively, which will be of benefit to us all."

William Spencer, Staff Nurse

"Initially I was unsure how I would use BITS in my role, however due to the clear professional presentation I feel confident to introduce this into my work. It is so refreshing to attend a course where the presenter is so knowledgeable and passionate about their profession and not just reading from a script. Many thanks."

Simon Balmer, Technical Instructor

"I really enjoyed the course, found the practical and group work a really useful way of learning. I feel I have learnt a lot and will apply this to my everyday work on the wards."

Laura Chambers, Staff Nurse

"Interesting course and to know that what is done on the ward actually has names."

Steven Dyson, Care Assistant

"An enjoyable course that can be easily used in my everyday working life."

Rachel Dickinson, Staff Nurse

"Not only do I feel the course was relevant to put into practice in my workplace, but also it could be used anywhere. It also helped me to reflect about / on myself at home and at work. The course was very interesting and Will appears to make it even more interesting – excellent presenter."

Kerry Birkett, OTA

The BITS Course

10-minute CBT: The BITS™ Course.

A 2-day course.

Many of the best professionals working in mental health and related fields rarely sit down for formal 45 minute sessions with their clients. Rather, the way they work is much more suited to informal interactions lasting a few minutes and taking place as and when it is convenient. Unfortunately, sometimes these interactions rarely get beyond the "How are things going?" stage. The BITS 5-minute therapy approach takes the view that many clients value these occasional, brief and informal interactions very highly. Hence the BITS 5-minute approach has been developed as an interface between the majority of professionals who need to work this way and the majority of clients who rather like this way of working.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 95%

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