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Managing Difficult Colleagues course feedback

Managing Difficult Colleagues - and Yourself!™, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Managing Difficult Colleagues - and Yourself!™ course has received.

"Excellent and applicable. Fits with much of what I already believe but generated much thought. Impressed to see the impact on rest of attendees. If the main points are taken on board this course could prove to be a genuinely key intervention."

Billy Greenish, Senior Counsellor

"Feeling empowered and better equipped in my role as a 'middle manager'. Good pacing, not too fast and not too slow."

Course Delegate

"Clear, concise and relevant training which was delivered professionally and respectfully by the tutor. I will implement strategies into my managerial practice and feel that my current practices have been confirmed."

Lisa Dowthwaite, Senior Counsellor

"I found the course very positive, fun and relaxing. Tutor was relaxed, very knowledgeable and easily approachable. Kept the course relevant and fun, kept us focused. Great course. Thank you."

Michelle Aparicio-Holland, Team Manager

"Excellent course which supported me to reflect on my interactions with others and more importantly how to improve them."

Gavin Stalker, Depute Principal Psychologist

"Very very interesting course, I looked forward to going each day. There was a lot of interesting sections and I found the 3-day course totally relevant to my job role. The course was very well presented, made very clear by the tutor. The venue was brilliant and food excellent, Enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for the opportunity."

Kerry Cousins, Coach Building Supervisor

"Very enjoyable and informative course. Very relevant to my role and I will be able to effectively implement what I have learnt into the workplace. The tutor made the subject very interesting and interactive. He clearly has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area."

Karen Scott, HR Manager

"I have found the course to be most interesting and relevant. The course was delivered with a good balance of lecture and exercise which I found personally most enjoyable. I will use what I have learned not only in my profession but in my personal life also. Thank you."

David Tucker, CCTV Coordinator

"This has been one of the best managerial courses that I have attended, the course will benefit me on a daily basis, professionally and personally."

Gary Mellors, Engineering Manager

"Brilliant course, would sincerely recommend to anyone in a managerial capacity. Really made me think and truly believe I will be able to use many of the theories and techniques I have learnt on the course to benefit me in my on personal and professional life."

Margaret Bates, HR Manager

"Very clever, well presented, thought provoking course. Knowledge learned will prove useful in both work and home environment. most enjoyable course I've been on in a long time."

Paul Thomas, Head of IT

"All of the content was very relevant and can be used within my position at NCT. Making you think about various situations and how to turn red comments/thoughts to green. Clearly helpful to practise what we have learned."

Graham Smith, Engineering Manager

"Very impressive to have APT's founder as the tutor - not sure if we were deserving of him - but it was appreciated. Could not fault it."

Matt Stewart-Baker, Training Officer

"The course was delivered with enthusiasm and made extremely enjoyable. Full of content which will be useful in my job. Well done."

John Kirkby, Engineering Manager

Managing Difficult Colleagues

Managing Difficult Colleagues - and Yourself!™

A 3-day course.

Intensive coaching, practice and feedback in delivering prepared input to groups.

Over its 33 years existence, APT has learned a lot about leading structured groups and this course is designed to impart as much as possible of that knowledge to people who need to run groups themselves. There is relatively much less lecture input on this course than on most APT courses and much more emphasis on role play. Rather like learning to drive a car, you learn more by doing it than by discussing it, so, over the three days every delegate has a chance to (a) run a structured group, (b) be a participant on a structured group and (c) objectively analyse other people running groups. By the end of the course our aim is that firstly you know a lot about running groups, but, more importantly, you are able to do it well: the tutor will spend much more time in coaching than in lecturing.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 93%