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Management Training

Management Training for Mental Health Professionals.

Below is a list of exciting and effective approaches for getting the best from people. We can bring any of these management training courses to your own organisation for a fixed all-inclusive fee, no matter where you are. All of the training is accredited by the Association for Psychological Therapies, backed by the weight of over 125,000 professionals having attended APT courses since foundation in 1981.

Providing Good Clinical Supervision

Providing Good Clinical Supervision.

A 2-day course.

The course that shows clinicians how to use pre-existing skills to provide effective clinical supervision.

Clinical supervision is a key concept that many people are unclear about. Unclear whether 'supervision' means that you should be ensuring that the supervisee is 'doing it right' or whether you should be providing a sounding board for the supervisee to develop their clinical thinking, or what. This course clarifies it by looking at the current models of supervision, what the professional bodies say about it, and more. The 'more' consists predominantly of learning how to do it, or learning to do it better. The aim is, therefore, that by the end of the 2 days you will both (a) know about clinical supervision and (b) be good at providing it.

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Managing Difficult Colleagues - and Yourself

Managing Difficult Colleagues - & Yourself™

A 3-day course.

If you are a manager it is essential to have a management philosophy that is clear, resilient, and effective.

Clear in that you can have it constantly in mind, even in difficult 'spur of the moment' situations; resilient in that it stands up in the whole range of situations that worklife throws at you; and effective meaning simply that it works in real life, not just in a book. Managing Difficult Colleagues - and yourself™ provides all of that, and takes it a stage further by including you in the mix. The rationale for this is that people – you included – perform well some days and not so well on other days. For that reason we have to have a philosophy that is 'resilient' but we also have to have you performing as well as you can do … consistently.

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Learning the Lessons from Major Incidents

Learning the Lessons from Major Incidents.

A 3-day course. (2-day version also available.)

For years, our customers have said they wished APT did a course with this title. Well we do now.

In mental health and related areas there are a number of 'major incidents' that can occur, most notably to do with people losing their lives through suicide, violence or neglect, but also relating to sex offending and a whole range of serious but less tragic events. After a serious incident there often seem to be obvious 'oversights' or mistakes, although some of these can be put down to the wisdom of hindsight. This important course aims to equip managers to examine such incidents and to draw the real lessons from them, while also distinguishing those lessons from 'the wisdom of hindsight'.

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