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DBT Masterclass course feedback

The DBT Masterclass, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews The DBT Masterclass course has received.

"Outstanding four days, thank-you!"

Luke Perry ('Online Live' version)

"Excellent course and very well presented by the tutor. He was thorough and adapted the teaching/learning to each persons organisation."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Thank you, it has been a fantastic course. Looking forward to using it in the service in the future."

Heather Sherratt ('Online Live' version)

"Really enjoyed the course. The tutor is a very skilled presenter, always calm and validating."

Gabriela Loades ('Online Live' version)

"Great course, really enjoyed the presenter's style of tutoring."

Amie Mckinlay ('Online Live' version)

"Really great course and adapted well for zoom/virtual learning."

Amie Mckinlay ('Online Live' version)

"Fantastic Masterclass in DBT and now looking forward to completing the project!"

Katharine Hook ('Online Live' version)

"The diploma course has been excellent. The content has been entirely relevant to my role and was brought to life by Ali, who is the best trainer I have ever had."

Emma Garner, Social Worker

"The entire course has helped to inform my practice and will help me provide a higher standard of therapy."

Gemma Roy, CBT Therapist

"Easily one of the most stimulating and engaging courses I have done in years."

Milan Dvorsky, CBT Therapist

"This has been the most informative and enjoyable course I have been on. It was relevant to my role and an integral part of my development as a care-coordinator for EIS."

David Barker, CPN

"The course has been extremely valuable in terms of both the development of my individual work and the move towards group facilitation. It has been most useful to practise the variety of roles within the consultation group – which is a key component of the model. Thank you very much!!"

Dr Sarah Simpson, Cinical Psychologist

"The course was excellent. The presenter Dr Paul Gaffney was superb – the entire group was completely engaged. The theory was brought to life completely by clear case stories, clearly and compassionately delivered. Inspiring. Thanks very much."

Course Delegate (Clinical Nurse Specialist)

"Really enjoyed the course and found it a rewarding experience."

Course Delegate (Clinical Psychologist)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been excellently presented in a caring and thought provoking manner. It has made DBT come alive and make sense in relation to CAMHS … I am grateful for the training I have received and am assured it will give me more skills to be an effective practitioner."

Wendy Harman-Frazer, Consultant Psychologist

"Very good training and really enjoyed it. Very thought provoking and relevant to my work in CAMHS. Paul was very knowledgeable and approachable, good at sharing all information, warm and made you feel at ease. Great training – thank you."

Brigid Duffy, Clinical Psycologist

"Very rich training. I enjoyed the mix of learning material and sharing cases to discuss. Martin is a fantastic facilitator with thorough knowledge and great style to get across learning."

Nicole Currie, Acting Team Leader

"Really enjoyed meeting for the Masterclass, an opportunity to pool knowledge and gain useful titbits to take home to further the service and help DBT flow more progressively."

Barbara Stevenson, Therapist

"I feel I am leaving with a refreshed enthusiasm to apply DBT in work environment."

Course Delegate

"APT’s resources, dedication and helpful nature all through has been really good to work with. Well recommended training and training provider. Thank you."

Ruth Imber, Case Manager CAMHS

"Once again, thank you for really fantastic training. The examples you provide are always so thought provoking and relevant. Invaluable experience of actually running a group. Thanks very much."

Course Delegate

"What a superbly and comprehensively presented course! Trainer was extremely knowledgeable on the model and presented in a humorous, engaging and very accessible way. I have learned an enormous amount!"

Clare Nott, Clinical Psychologist

"This was an excellent course which has really communicated the model and developed my understanding and confidence. The tutor was an extremely good presenter and facilitator who brought the model to life with her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for DBT."

Lynn McDonnell, Clinical Psychologist

"I have benefited form this course immensely and have already started incorporating DBT principles into my practice."

Estella Thomas, Deputy Nurse manager

"Amazing, inspirational, can't wait to use these skills professionally and personally."

Daune Green, Advanced Practitioner OT

"Excellent course - very useful. I felt that this really consolidated my knowledge - I have left feeling very passionate and enthusiastic regarding moving a DBT service on."

Katie Ulett, Dramatherapist

"Excellent course delivered by an excellent tutor with all relevant content that I feel will incorporate every aspect into my practice."

Sharron Plews, Senior Learning Disability Nurse

"Oh my goodness... where to start... Hard work, thought provoking but ultimately very inspiring. Liz's style of delivery brought to life the previous 6 days of training and enabled me to visualise how a DBT service might work with our partners in NPS. She also gave me confidence in myself to take these skills forward into my everyday practice. Thanks!"

Kirstin Williams, Forensic Practitioner

"Extremely valuable and refreshing training - challenging and highly pertinent to all areas of my practice."

Scott O'Leary, Social Worker

"Excellent. Love the tutor's enthusiasm. It is so refreshing. Overwhelmed with how much I have learnt in 10 days. Feel well equipped for a new challenge. Fun / exciting / thought-provoking. Extremely informative. Excellent experience/learning opportunity."

Leanne Walsh, Mental Health Nurse

"The tutor was exceptional! He was able to include everyone's needs - from so many varied backgrounds and circimstances and did everything possible to incorporate each individual."

Nina Turpin

"I found the course useful, interesting and very applicable to my area of work."

Linda Craig, Clinical Psychologist

"Excellent course, very much enjoyed it and look forward to putting it into practise."

Robyn Davies, Staff Nurse

"Well presented 3-days and very informative conclusion to this valuable training ... Feel ready to implement DBT in my work place."

Sandra Mhonda

The DBT Masterclass

The DBT Masterclass.

A 4-day course.

After attending the DBT Masterclass delegates are expected to substantially develop both their knowledge of DBT and their skills.

The major teaching techniques on this course are case presentation and discussion, video-presentations, and reflective exercises, so delegates are expected to substantially develop both their knowledge and their skills during the four days.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 97%

Online Live

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 96%

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