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Anxiety in Children and Adolescents course feedback

Effective interventions for anxiety in children and young people, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews Effective interventions for anxiety in children and young people course has received.

"I thought it was excellent from start to finish. I can’t even remember the last time I enjoyed professional development so much. The two days has flown past as I have been totally engaged in high quality learning throughout."

Liz Jones, Principal Educational Psychologist

"This was probably the most useful course I have attended in the last 5 years. It generated very valuable discussions amongst the attendees and the two days were run in a very skilful way by Clare."

Helen Etterington, Senior Educational & Child Psychologist

"Thoroughly enjoyed the two days. Powerful content. Pacing was spot on with lots of opportunity for reflection and examples of how this could be applied in real life. Am very much looking forward to agreeing with colleagues how this will be embedded into our daily professional lives."

R Dyer, Educational Psychologist

"I think the course was fantastic. The tutor was able to go through a lot of information and techniques while making it engaging and enjoyable. Through formulation and discussion I am able to see how relevant the information and skills are to my work. I feel what I have learnt will really benefit me and the young people I work with. Thank you."

Sophie Marsh, Family Support Worker

"I feel this has added to my knowledge and understanding of issues around anxiety and I have acquired strategies and techniques to help me work effectively with children, young people and their family. I would recommend this course to other colleagues."

Christina Adormey, Children’s Services Practitioner

"Excellent course and well delivered. Lots of relevant and specific information to take away."

Janette Ferguson, Family Support Worker

"Loved the tutor’s experience and how he related professional personal stories to topics covered. Very well presented. Fun 2 days. Would be highly interested in doing more APT courses."

Vicki Walsh, Nurse

"The course was highly informative and related to CAMHS work. It has given myself and my colleagues new tools to use when working with young people on an individual level and working in groups."

Cory Mifsud, RPN

"I thought this was an excellent course and that the presenter was superb – really bringing in a sense of fun to the learning. The content was highly relevant to my role and had clearly been very thoughtfully and carefully put together. I really felt that I got a great deal from the two days that will help me in my applied work. Thank you."

Ian Smillie, Educational Psychologist

"Excellent course, very relevant to several cases I am working on."

James Cording, Educational Psychologist

"Extremely relevant and interesting, delivered in an enthusiastic, easy to follow manner. I will be applying nearly all of the content to my everyday role. Probably the best training I’ve ever been on and I’ve been on some good ones."

Anthony Brown, Parental Support Officer

"Really engaging and thought provoking two days. Thank you."

Amy Hamilton-Roberts, Educational Psychologist

"Excellent course. New techniques and approaches learned. Competent and relaxed presentation delivered with many relevant and useful examples. A very good interactive learning experience. Many thanks."

Niels Seaton, Education Psychologist

"The main aspects of the course I found valuable were understanding more about the causes of anxiety and the coping strategies that can be shared with children. I enjoyed the activities because they helped me consolidate the information and gave time to think about how it could work in practice."

Course Delegate

"Resources excellent. The course has allowed me to have a greater understanding of anxiety and has equipped me with some knowledge and skills to help more young people in school."

Michayla Poulton, Assistant Head

"This course has been exceptionally interesting and relevant to the work of Educational Psychologists. The tutor is an excellent, knowledgeable presenter who delivered materials in an interesting and sometimes humorous manner. As a team we have enjoyed the two day course immensely. Thank you very much."

Christina Evans, Principal Educational Psychologist

"I found the course incredibly beneficial in terms of consolidating existing knowledge and increasing my skills base. It exceeded my expectations."

Course Delegate (Attendance Officer)

"The course was excellent. It was extremely relevant and has given me the confidence to deal with children/adolescents with anxiety. The tutor was engaging, friendly and approachable, making the 2 days a very enjoyable experience. Thank you."

Victoria Allen, School Nurse

"This has been an outstanding 2-day course. Very relevant and has provided superb strategies and resources. The tutor has been an excellent teacher combining exactly the right mix of theory with examples and anecdotes. Thank you so much."

Clare Rogers, Community School Nurse

"This was one of the best and most useful courses I have ever attended. The tutor was great and very engaging. The workbook is very useful. I will be able to use what I have learned for myself, my family and my work. Great!"

Andrea Peagam, Student School Nurse

"Fantastic, thanks very much for a very informative, interesting and useful couple of days. I feel confident that I will be using these techniques in practice and feel more confident to assess and 1:1's with anxiety."

Andy Butler, School Nurse

"An excellent, informative course. Very well paced and presented ... I feel better prepared to help support children and their families. Thank you."

Victoria Gammon, Community Nursery Nurse

"Fantastic course. Brilliantly presented and has equipped me with knowledge and skill I can use at work and in everyday life. Thank you."

Gill Bull, Community Staff Nurse (School Nursing)

"This course was exactly what the psychological service needed. The content and delivery was excellent. Super tutor. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"A brilliant course - really well structured and thought out. Many thanks."

Course Delegate

"A fantastic and very helpful introduction to anxiety and how it may be supported in my work with young people. The tutor listened to feedback on the course speed and content and enabled different learning styles."

Edward Sugden, Educational Psychologist

"The course was well paced and personalised to our requirements. The tutor explained and gave examples and lots of practical opportunities. Thanks."

Nupur Gupta, Educational Psychologist

"The knowledge, warmth and approach of the tutor were excellent."

Vicky Booth, Educational Psychologist

"I found the mixture of presenting very helpful with a balance of talking and activities. I think having a quiz at the end of each day was a good method of consolidating learning!"

Course Delegate

"Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor. Keen to tailor course needs of group and regularly asked about specific areas we wanted to cover."

Lizzie Arthur, Educational Psychologist

"Tutor was very knowledgeable and provided additional information from clinical practice. Course started and finished on time with appropriate pace for me. Course work was relevant and embedded learning. Overall really interesting and enjoyable training course."

Course Delegate

"Very interesting and helpful, thank you."

Adam Baron, Trainee Educational Psychologist

"The quiz was an effective way of consolidating learning. The content was interesting and relevant to my role. I can see ways to implementing it in the future."

Dr Rebecca Simpson, Educational Psychologist

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents

Effective interventions for anxiety in children and young people.

A 3-day course. (2-day version also available.)

Anxiety is the major mental health problem facing young people and it has serious short and long term consequences, so it is imperative we can respond to it effectively.

This is such an important topic for several reasons: first, its prevalence, anxiety is the single most common mental health problem in children and adolescents; second, the huge impairment it makes to the quality of life of the child and the child's family; third, the impairment to functioning in terms of concentration and exam performance; fourth, the long term consequences in terms of the schemas that are created by the child about him or herself and about those around them.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 99%

Relevance: 96%

Online Live*

Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 97%

*This online live ratings are taken from the latest running of the course in this format.