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The RAID<sup>®</sup> Course feedback

The RAID® Course, reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews 'The RAID®  Approach for working with disturbed and challenging behaviour' has received.

"I found this course very beneficial for my future as a Social Worker. I really enjoyed learning about RAID and thought it was very well presented."

Emily Clark

"Absolutely loved it!"

James Kelly

"I can't believe it's over. The 3 days was like just one day ... This course if fully loaded with various relevant activities which allowed me to concentrate all through the 3 days ... Excellent course - 100%."

Adetokunbo Faith Adeyeye

"The course was presented clearly and concisely, with lots of opportunity for participation."

Course Delegate

"The tutor provided clear examples and the content was easy to follow. The breaks were set at a good time and the course was interesting and involved group work which allowed the team to bounce and share ideas. Would highly recommend."

Clodagh McKinney

"Very useful course, highly relevant to my work and service. High quality presenter with lots of knowledge, experience and skill."

Course Delegate

"I really enjoyed the course. The material was very well presented and relevant to my job role, I will be implementing it as best as I can on a daily basis. I also appreciated that it was "anxiety-light", as someone who suffers from anxiety it took a lot of pressure away."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"I really enjoyed the course. The material was very well presented and relevant to my job role, I will be implementing it as best as I can on a daily basis. I also appreciated that it was "anxiety-light", as someone who suffers from anxiety it took a lot of pressure away."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"The RAID training was presented in a very clear and engaging manner ... I found the training relevant both personally and professionally. The video and visual slides really helped me to hold onto the learning from the three days. I would highly recommend this training to all those working in our unit."

Beverley Nair

"Most enjoyable and informative training I've ever attended."

Charlotte McGuckin

"Excellent course, great pace - tutor knowledge and delivery was excellent. All delegates worked very well together and it felt comfortable to ask questions. I will use what I learned in my role."

Course delegate

"I really enjoyed attending the course and it will directly inform my practice."

Seth Mackie ('Online Live' version)

"I would recommend this course to all staff on mental health wards."

Richmond Opoku ('Online Live' version)

"Amazing course, and a really impressive tutor."

Dawn O'Brien Cardenas ('Online Live' version)

"The course was absolutely amazing and extemely helpful. The amount of information that was provided was, immense, but I know I will be applying this to my work (and every day life)."

Matthew Degnan ('Online Live' version)

"The course was excellently presented, highly inclusive and obvious that the tutor had a thorough depth of knowledge on the subject area. I feel this course will be invaluable to the way I work and my ability to do my job to the best of my ability."

Charlotte Connolly, Healthcare Assistant

"Fantastic concept. Will work fantastically well with some of our patients. "Green is the magic colour."

Matt Tacey, Senior Staff Nurse

"This course has been truly enlightening."

Jackson Nkomo, Staff Nurse

"What a course!!! ... It has given me so much material to work with I feel now that most of the time what I say to patients will matter (big or small). It has given more confidence in my role and to persevere with any hurdles."

Emma Broxton, HCW

"At a time when I sometimes struggle to move forward in the care of patients with extremely challenging behaviour and presentation, it was energising and inspirational to find a new way of thinking about this."

Matthew Wilson, Clinical Team Leader

"Amazing course! Can’t wait to put it into practice."

Faye Newman, Nursery Nurse

"I fully enjoyed the course and would recommend this course for all professionals and staff."

Martin Hepburn, HCSW

"Why is this not mandatory training? Invaluable for anyone working in mental health."

Andrea MacDonald, Staff Nurse

"Course gave me lots of enthusiasm for returning to my clinical area and embedding the ethos in service delivery. Want all my staff to attend."

Lesley McManus, Senior Charge Nurse

"I would recommend this to all nursing staff."

John Reed, Senior Charge Nurse

"I really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful for my current career. I am looking forward to using this in practice. It has reminded me why I went into Mental Health Nursing in the first place."

Charlene Welfare, RMN

"This has been the best training course I’ve been on since starting work in mental health. My work has always been generally focused around RAID theories but now I have an evidence base to back it all up! This will be so useful when going back to the ward and I genuinely hope we can all collaboratively work in this way."

Avie Watson, RMN

"I found the course hugely beneficial. I imagined it would be complicated and difficult to understand. However, it has equipped me with a number of useful tools and interventions which can be used by all staff regardless of role. The materials are clear and easy to understand, and the videos were thought provoking. It has been beneficial to have the opportunity to discuss real life situations and patients, and to come up with suitable strategies. By far, this is one of the best courses I have attended. I am very much looking forward to implementing the principles into my workplace."

Diana Tyrrell, Hospital Director

"Fantastic course, brilliantly delivered. Very informative and educational. Inspired to put all learnt into practice."

Samuel Wilkins, Department Manager

"Fantastic course – enthusiastic tutor. Learnt a lot that I can implement day to day in and in future practice."

Lucy Garwood, Activities Organiser

"Looking forward to implementing RAID on the ward and seeing positive changes. I would recommend this course to everybody."

Chantelle Blakemore, Healthcare Worker

"I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the training and have learned new approaches to patient care … I would recommend that everyone working within the psychiatric profession should do the course."

Suzanne Peek, Occupational Therapist

"I learned so much from this course that I feel will not only improve my practice for clients but improve my own mindset and positivity."

Laura McBride, Band 3 HCSW

"Has opened my mind to improving the lives of the people and support to lead more fulfilling lives."

Steve Willis, Staff Nurse

"After nursing for 42 years when you feel there is nothing new, this course gave me the inspiration and tools to make a difference not just for my patients but colleagues and myself."

Course Delegate (RMN)

"This was one of the best courses I have had. It will make me see things in a different way and also will make my action change and that will improve the work I do. It will make me a better person, a better professional and a better friend. Thank you."

Course Delegate (Healthcare Assistant)

"A great course which we can all take back to the workplace and within time the whole service can reap the benefits of what we have learnt."

Jake Maguire, Star Worker

"Would recommend everyone does this."

Course Delegate (Support Worker)

"I have found this course very uplifting and a real eye opener to a much better way of helping our patients, it not only gives them hope for a future, it gives me hope to have a lot more job satisfaction, so thank you so much."

Donna, Wilson, HCA

"This has been one of the most enlightening courses I have taken in my 40 years of nursing."

Wendy Blagg, Senior Staff Nurse

"I really enjoyed this course and I love the principle of RAID. I will definitely take what I’ve learnt back to my ward and work with MDT and patients directly to better their quality of life and give them the skills to understand appropriate behaviour in a caring and rational way – and to give them hope for the future."

Katie Buckley, HCA

"The quality and delivery were fantastic."

Bamuila Berthe Ntumba, Support Worker

"Really enjoyed this training and I know it will really help me with working with patients in order to give them better care."

Course Delegate

"Best course I have attended in 9 years!"

Course Delegate

"Simple and practical tips to keep us applying positive behavioural support approaches in daily practice. Fab!"

Kat Russell, OT

"The best training session I have taken part in."

Course Delegate

"Very good training, really enjoyed and would recommend to all."

Course Delegate (Support Worker)

"Course was very well presented … I feel I have learnt a lot from this course and would encourage other colleagues to attend."

Cara McLaughlin, Staff Nurse

"Thoroughly enjoyable and very informative course and relevant to my area of practice. Hope to pass on all the knowledge I have acquired to my colleagues and encourage them to attend this course."

Course Delegate (Staff Nurse)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and can’t wait to implement what I have learned in my place of work, PICU. I am feeling positive and so are my colleagues to begin using this with our patients."

Course Delegate (HCA)

"Utilising the RAID model will be more rewarding for all parties and result in a better environment for all."

Course Delegate (Nurse Practitioner)

"The course has given me the motivation and drive to change the way we work. This will create new ways of thinking and working towards patient recovery."

Carole Unsworth, Deputy Ward Manager

"This training has been very informative, thought provoking and enjoyable. Would definitely promote and recommend the course and the model of working."

Laura Gregg-Rowbury, Clinical Psychologist

"It is my opinion that all staff would benefit from this training and would make each person’s job easier and positive. I will use this training to enhance my skills and communication."

Stacey Harrison, Social Worker

"Everything was brilliantly and confidently presented. The tutors were knowledgeable about the topics and managed discussions and questions very well. I found the RAID approach useful and applicable in my practice and recommend that all staff be trained in this area."

Course Delegate

"I enjoyed the course, looking forward to using RAID in my duties on the ward."

Mark Wilde, Health Care Support Worker

"This course has made me feel motivated into what I have been trying to achieve on the ward already. If all the staff are positive it will make my job easier doing RAID and delivering positivity."

Jean Wilding, HCSW

"Rewarding, beneficial and relevant course presented well by informative tutors who answered all questions fully, provided examples and went at the group’s pace. RAID will be useful in practice and will enable me to develop skills further."

Kimberley Hall, RMN

"Educative. Relevant to my job role. Enjoyable. Worth the time."

Ayesha S-Newlands, Staff Nurse

"I loved this training. It has provided me with lots of tools and ideas. I believe that what I have learnt I can directly apply to my role."

Laura Slinger, OT

"Really enjoyed the whole course, it was fun and relaxed, Gained a lot of knowledge and different ways of tackling challenging behaviour. The tutors were really knowledgeable about the course. All questions were answered fully. Enjoyed the exercises, videos and the quiz at the end."

Course Delegate

"Initially I was negative about the training and wondered how I could use it in my practice at work – older adults/inpatient unit. I am sitting here on Day 3 and am enthusiastic to return to work to implement the great ways of working using RAID. That speaks volumes for me."

Sally Statham, Nursing Assistant

"Very enjoyable and relevant course. I am looking forward to using the RAID techniques in my work place and in my personal life too. Thank you for making it interesting."

Camilla Keable, Occupational Therapist

"It was a very inspiring course, with lots of information to take on board and lots of new ideas and skills to take home with me to implement in daily work."

Johanna Gordon, Volunteer Carer

"For the last few years I have been hoping/searching for a positive alternative to negative interventions with teachers. I feel like I’ve now found it. A breath of fresh air! Thank you."

Nicholas Eggers, Teacher

"The information presented on the course is highly relevant and when implemented by the staff will result in positive change in the education and lives of our young people."

David Bergan , Assistant Principal

"One of the best training courses attended. A very informative and new approach to dealing with extreme behaviour in schools. The RAID programme and approach will help both staff and students achieve their potential within the alternative provision to mainstream schooling. I also firmly believe that this course would be useful to all schools as well as alternative provisions."

Andy Jefferys, Teacher

"Absolutely great content and well delivered in terms of the anecdotes, examples of stories. Really thought provoking RAID information that has challenged some of the theory and pedagogy of my practice. It has also enhanced and reaffirmed my way of thinking and working as well."

Lead Practitioner (Substance Misuse)

"This is the one course from 8 years of working at the Trust that has inspired me and made me feel that things could really change."

Vanessa Manning, HCA

"With good implementation RAID can drastically improve the quality of care for service users and quality of life for myself and those around me."

Valentine Macau, Nurse

"This course has benefited me on both a personal and professional level. It has shifted my thinking from a negative to a positive strengths-based approach. The course delivery was second to none … I enjoyed every moment of it and would recommend to many. Keep up the good work."

Suetanya Kerr, RMN

"Excellent course that will help me manage/treat the behaviours that I face daily. If implemented, will improve the quality of life of the patients in my care. Needs to become mandatory!!"

Ben Smith, Staff Nurse

"I found the training to be inspiring and made me feel more positively and optimistically about my field of work. I look forward to using what I have learnt to make positive changes within my workplace to improve patients’ lives. I will encourage my colleagues to apply for this training and it would be wonderful for the whole team to be ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ through having this training."

Tess Boyd

"Very positive. Affirming of my own professional/personal philosophy of how to support service users. Excellent way to bring a team of diverse individuals together and focus on good practice. Enthusing the team collectively. Able to share common ground and plan together."

Brian Currie, CTL

"Always a pleasure attending courses that you deliver. They are so relevant and we are always encouraged to reflect on our practices and compare with course material. This was brilliant, I have enjoyed it."

Thokozane Chiloane, CTL

"I found the training to be invaluable in relation to practice focusing on highlighting positive achievements rather than negative. This practice is essential in the youth justice service to enable positive change with young people."

Course Delegate

"After working as a nurse in the same hospital for nearly 15 years it was just the refresher I needed to improve and develop my care and professional relationships with patients."

Nadeem Denny, Staff Nurse

"Excellent and engaging course. 5 stars *****."

Course Delegate

"Very interesting course. Definitely relevant to my field of work. Can’t wait to introduce RAID approaches to work situations."

Course Delegate

"This was the most informative, successful and enjoyable training I have ever attended. The tutor was amazing and made what I thought was going to be a long and tiresome three days into a real thirst for knowledge. I can’t wait to put my new way of thinking into practice."

Course Delegate

"Loved, Loved RAID."

Course Delegate

"Such a brilliant course, giving me plenty of resources to use in future both with patients and staff I manage. Perfect opportunity to reflect on how it is beneficial and I just wish I had received this training before."

Course Delegate

"The most useful course I have been on in years – my previous employment was in the NHS and Prison Healthcare and we did not receive this type of training. I think it would be useful for RAID to be rolled out in every establishment."

Course Delegate

"Couldn’t have been any better, perfect. One of the best courses I have been on."

Clarence Elcock, HCA

"Rewarding course to be able to use upon ward. Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable."

Anthony Myers, Support Worker

"Excellent course, very relevant. Tutor very knowledgeable. I look forward to implementing it in practice."

James Baker, CTL

"Very relevant and easy to comprehend, well explained. Good use of examples."

Beth, Support Worker

"Brilliant 3 days. Thank you for making it fun … Looking forward to using RAID in practice."

Caroline Staples, Staff Nurse

"The course was presented in a fun and professional manner, and I feel I will be able to retain the knowledge and skills I have learnt here. The literature is very well written and videos are informative. Excellent resources."

Mandy Barton, HCSW

"The course has been really informative, interactive and well presented. Learning about and understanding the RAID approach will be very beneficial in my future practice"

Kellyanne Harrison, Trainee Nursing Associate

"The course was extremely helpful and very engaging. I am positive that many aspects I’ve learnt are going to impact on my nursing practice. I would highly recommend this for healthcare workers."

Rebecca Sharp, RMW

"One of the most organised and interesting courses I have had the opportunity to attend."

Grace Thorne, Assistant Psychologist

"This is some of the best training I have done. It was interesting and engaging and I’m sorry it has finished. I have nothing negative to say."

Gina Ashforth, OTA

"Positively insightful. Beneficial to both individual and team practice. Cannot wait to implement RAID."

Janet Morris, Deputy Ward Manager

"Amazing and insightful, delivered with clear communication and understanding."

Keira, OT

"I have learnt a lot from these past 3 days and found it very interesting. Opened my eyes a lot to what RAID actually is and I have really enjoyed it."

Nicola Howard, HCA

"Coming into the RAID training knowing limited information, I have left knowing in-depth relevant knowledge. I will be able to implement RAID into my practice and ward. Very interesting training package!"

Tyler Felton, Staff Nurse

"Positive and enjoyable course. Refreshing thoughts and ideas for implementing back at work."

Course delegate

"A great course. Principles that should be widely used across healthcare environments."

Samantha Goswell, Psychologist

"Just an all-round excellent course."

R Fearnley, Deputy Ward Manager

"This course was delivered in a fun way which made learning a pleasure. This has piqued my interest in the subject and I will definitely use in my practice and well seek to learn more in the future."

Jane Lancaster, Ward Manager

"Course was interesting and well delivered. Participation encouraged and the different mediums used helped maintain interest. Informal nature also good. Tutor knowledgeable and made things fun which enhances learning."

Carol Fogg, Unit, Manager

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, I feel this needs rolling out across our workplaces and feel the training should become essential and mandatory for all as it educates and opens up our eyes and mind."

Rochelle Bowers, Deputy Ward manager

"I believe the course is very interesting and absolutely relevant to me and the context I work in. The tutors motivated us to participate, the course was very nicely delivered."

Maria Amorin, Chartered and Registered Psychologist

"This has been by far the most interesting and well presented course that I have attended in years. I look forward to seeing the positive changes it will bring about."

Diana Thomson, SRA

"I believe this course should be mandatory for every single staff member before or as soon as possible after starting at the organisation. It will shape everything we do and massively improve our patients’ experiences of care and life."

L Cleden-Radford, Senior Staff Nurse

"Excellent course. The best and most beneficial training I have received in the seven years I have been employed here and would like it to be implemented asap throughout the unit by everyone."

Karen Dennis, Rehab Worker

"The course was very enjoyable and relevant to me. It was presented at the right speed and the tutor involved everyone. I think that it is a very valuable course for people in our line of work to attend."

Martin Poole, Nurse

"This was the most informative, successful and enjoyable training I have ever attended. The tutor was amazing and made what I thought was going to be a long and tiresome three days into a real thirst for knowledge. I can’t wait to put my new way of thinking into practice."

Sabina Cawley, Specialist Rehab Assistant

"Loved, loved RAID … Will be speaking about this all the time."

Natalie Thomas-Newton, HCA

"Completely changed my view on patient care and how to focus on positive green behaviour rather than negative ones."

Grant Beale, Senior Rehab Assistant

"Such a brilliant course, giving me plenty of resources to use in future both with patients and staff I manage. Perfect opportunity to reflect on how it is beneficial and I just wish I had received this training before."

Ilarna Keal, Ward Manager

"Course should be rolled out on all inpatient areas! Excellent."

Victoria Parker, Ward Manager

"I only hope that the rest of our team can be taught and use this as it would definitely have an increase in some behaviour changing, both with staff and service users. Will definitely look forward to implementing this training in my practice."

Jean Davison, Occupational Therapist

"The most useful course I have been on in years – my previous employment was in the NHS and Prison Healthcare and we did not receive this type of training. I think it would be useful for RAID to be rolled out in every establishment."

Kate Bishop, Senior Staff Nurse

"One of the most organised and interesting courses I have had the opportunity to attend."

Grace Thorne, Assistant Psychologist

"This has been by far the most interesting and well-presented course that I have attended in years. I look forward to seeing the positive changes it will bring about."

Diana Thornton, SRA

"A great course to take part in. I will and already have taken away a great deal from doing it. Was very well presented and was given at a crucial time for the unit. Really enjoyed it. Thank you."

Chloe Fionda, Rehab Assistant

"Excellent course. The best and most beneficial training I have received at the organisation in the seven years I have been employed here and would like it to be implemented asap throughout the unit by everyone."

Karen Dennis, Rehab Worker

"I feel the course is brilliant for everyone in all aspects of life not just in hospital settings. It allows you to be reflective and helps you to approach situations in a different manner."

Sarah Mudd, Education Technical Instructor

"Principles that should be widely used across healthcare environments."

Samantha Goswell, Psychologist

"Absolutely loved this course and how positive it is. I am looking forward to going back to the ward and implementing the things I have learnt."

Ellie Toman, RMN

"I have been on a lot of training since I started with work in the organisation, this one is the BEST ever. It got me thinking positively on every area of my life and see things positively."

Lena Boulor, Staff Nurse

"The RAID training has definitely afforded me with the opportunity of better understanding of how to approach patients on my ward with extreme behaviour with ease. I recommend this training to all clinical staff working mental health."

Joseph Okanlawon, HCA

"Will be using the RAID approach in the future. Everyone should go on it, well organised and tutored."

Asif Sidat, HCWA

"Fantastic training. Useful in every way, a whole new way of thinking!"

Jackie Elmer, Recovery Worker

"I think the course was a life changer to me."

Lawrence Ndou, CNSC

"I found the course very rewarding and it was a very positive experience. The tutors were very informative, helpful and pleasant. I will be recommending this course to other HCA’s and colleagues."

Helen Nicholson, HCA

"I really enjoyed The RAID® Course and feel it will be very helpful to put into place on the ward. Resources were useful and kept my attention. I would recommend it to any nursing staff."

Hannah Collier, HCA

"This is probably the best training course I have attended. The tutor was knowledgeable and very approachable. I think the content was well organised and the pace was good. I am looking forward to applying the RAID principles on my ward."

Paige-Louise Brown, SSN

"Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course. Found each aspect gave me a greater insight into patient recovery and my role in their therapeutic relationships. Would highly recommend all in our role undertaking this course."

Paula Heggie, HCW

"It was a very relevant, interesting and well presented course. The pace was excellent. The materials were interesting and relevant to our daily practice. The course tutor was amazing - giving us plenty of examples and taking time explaining complicated concepts. Probably one of the best courses I have attended."

Aile Trumm, Assistant Psychologist

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely relevant to my job role. I will take back the knowledge and skills learnt and apply it into my everyday practice."

Stacey Rogers, Staff Nurse

"Excellent tutor. Very open, honest and extremely passionate about RAID. Felt that it was totally relevant inside work and for myself out of work. Thank you very much – I learned a much more positive approach to everything."

Anne Williamson, Staff Nurse

"Absolutely brilliant delivery over the entirety of the 3 days. So well presented, enthusiastically and with lots of humour."

Arlene Bruce, Psychiatric Nurse

"All of the course was extremely well presented and very relevant. The tutor made sure to make everyone feel relaxed and welcome and took the time to answer all questions. I would recommend this course to everybody."

Ashleigh Dineley, Healthcare Support Worker

"Really enjoyed the course. It was a positive three days that I enjoyed very much. Tutor’s delivery of the course was great and so energetic, keeping me focused throughout. The group work was excellent and I felt I learned loads from it … Green all the way."

Course Delegate (SCW)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was good to see that it will help me in practice and is definitely relevant to my profession. The trainer was very knowledgeable and made the course very enjoyable. Would recommend the training to everyone!"

Course Delegate

"Superb - best training I have had since I started in this sector."

Marcin Prokop

"Incredibly motivating training, well presented. Definitely the best training I have received from the NHS. Thank you."

Jemma Young, Staff Nurse

"I can truly say that this was the best course I have attended in over 25 years. Excellent presentation. It gave me a lift feeling more positive about helping challenging behaviour."

Susan Canning, Enrolled Nurse

"I feel like this is the best course I have ever attended. It was so refreshing to hear of a positive approach. I feel more equipped to adopt this philosophy within my work - this will on the whole make it a better place to work. The course is very relevant in this context - often where there needs to be a change in culture, going from the focus on 'negative' to 'positive' behaviour. Thank you for re-inspiring me."

Sital Tailor, Assistant Psychologist

"I am relieved and excited to see the philosophy of RAID being implemented into mental health. "Things can only get better". The training was fun, clear and created positive and optimistic feelings in me."

Louise Savine, Recovery Worker

"Overall I thought that this training will be invaluable to me in my role on the ward."

Gary Crawford, Team Manager

"RAID training will or has empowered me to look at how to work effectively with patients displaying challenging behaviour. Rather than focusing on red behaviour, I will be looking out for green behaviour."

Gary Crawford, Team Manager

"A very useful and relevant course to my workplace and service user group. It is my view this training should be core and compulsory for residential childcare staff which I will feedback to my wider organisation. Has left myself and team members inspired to return to the workplace and implement this very positive philosophy and intervention in caring more effectively for the young people we look after. Thank you."

Gary Crawford, Team Manager

"I have never enjoyed any course this much before!! The instructor was brilliant, she made it simple and engaged everyone in the course. I didn't get bored even for a single second. I will be more confident and it has definitely improved my skills as a doctor."

Dr Khaula Ali, Speciality Doctor in Psychiatry

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to all my colleagues. Such a simple approach which can be implemented on the ward. Tutor was excellent, her own experiences helped me understand how to implement the RAID principles fully."

Rebecca Fearon, Staff Nurse

"This course will become essentials to my working environment. It has opened my eyes to new ideas and how I can always improve my practice at work. Was a very enjoyable course and would recommend it to my work colleagues."

Jordan Smith, RCO1

"I have never enjoyed any course this much before!! The instructor was brilliant, she made it simple and engaged everyone in the course. I didn't get bored even for a single second. I will be more confident and it has definitely improved my skills as a doctor."

Dr Khaula Ali, Speciality Doctor in Psychiatry

"One of the best courses I have attended for a long time. Completely relevant to my work place and will help us move things forward."

Lorraine Nickolls, Acting Ward Manager

"It was great training and honestly the best I have had since joining the organisation."

Sara Abreu, HCA

"Course very well presented, well explained. Group involvement was enjoyable and the course has been one of the most enjoyable I have attended in the past 10 years."

Andrew Shepherd, Clinical Practitioner

"Fantastic course that was beneficial for both personal and professional development. I feel very motivated to implement it in my practice and feedback to the team. The learning style met everyone's needs and the atmosphere was very relaxed."

Aimee Smallman, Mental Health Nurse

"I feel that I have learnt a lot from this training and that it will help bring more positivity to the ward. I will go on to not only implement but promote RAID to others. I feel that this new skill will benefit our patents and everyone should be trained and there should be a refresher."

Helen Craven, Staff Nurse

"Really good training which is very much relevant to ward work and experience. Very valued, best training I've been on yet. Thank you."

Verity Castle, Student Nurse

"This is the best short training course I have attended to date. Extremely enjoyable and beneficial."

Paul O'Donnell, Social Care Worker

"I feel like writing just one word, Fab! Totally enjoyed the course, best one I've done. Presentation wise, fact based in a fun way, refreshingly and lively - could do it over again. I can take it and adapt it at so many levels. Simple - so profound."

Social Care Worker

"The best short training I have ever experienced. Very relevant, very engaging. Wonderful presenter. Feel confident that we will be a RAID unit."

Mark Hanratty, Service Psychologist

"Excellent. A philosophy of care that is directly applicable to my patient group."

Ian Harwood, Consultant Psychiatrist in LD

"One of the best courses I have attended. Extremely informative. I feel motivated and enthusiastic about supporting the wards to implement RAID approaches."

Claire Lynes, Trainee Assistant Practitioner

"From day one I felt motivated and keen to take this back to practise with the MDT fully in agreement. The tutor's style of teaching is 5*, never been to such a motivational course."

Course Delegate, Psychologist

"The course was fantastic and I am looking forward to exploring this in my workplace ... absolutely brilliant. Hope the tutor will continue to deliver courses like this to NHS staff."

Trust Mpofu, Health Support Worker

"I really like RAID as an approach to managing challenging behaviour ... I would highly recommend this course to anyone."

Louise Ronald, Staff Nurse

"I am re-inspired in my career having been enlightened by RAID!"

James Clay, Healthcare Assistant

"All staff working in mental health should attend RAID training."

Robert Evans, Ward Manager

"I am sorry I have had to wait until over 50 years before learning the RAID approach (have been nursing 27 years)."

Miriam Hogan, Clinical Lead

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I was very enthusiastic to attend when I heard about RAID and it was everything, and more, I hoped it would be. I will try everyday in practice to implement RAID philosophy into my workplace and can see how it will change our patients' lives and care they receive."

Brenda Maguire, Staff Nurse - Learning Disability

"Should be mandatory for all staff. So informative and reinforces core principles of nursing."

Natassya Hoyle, RMN

"I had heard a lot about RAID - even before I came on the training. I have even seen someone use it but didn't know it was RAID. I am happy I got to know all about it. The material was passed on well. Now I can put what I learnt to practice. Very interactive and educative. I have also and will start implementing RAID not only at work but in my everyday life and activities. It has been very positive to me and those around me."

Ambeck-Mbah Mbachan, HCA

"Really thorough and thought provoking. Wish I had attended this years ago! Thank you."

Caroline Jones, HCA

"I fully embraced everything that was delivered and honestly believe this is going to change the way in which I deliver care, which is in turn going to change the life of our service users. Thank you."

Jayne Firestone, Staff Nurse

"It has been one of the most well organised and delivered courses I have ever attended in 27 years. You were never bored or over challenged. Excellent. Thank you."

Olivia Sheridan, Charge Nurse

"The course should be mandatory to all staff. It will be a great tool to deliver the level of care that our service wants to provide. Excellent!!!"

Nokulunga Maqubela, HCA

"Very enjoyable and interesting course. Unlike other training events, this was very interactive and presented in a way that the audience's attention was maintained. Many of the concepts and information covered can be applied to both the client group I work with and also myself, so very useful and practical."

Amina Hussain, Assistant Psychologist

"This was without doubt the most interesting, informative, enjoyable, relevant and well presented course I have ever been on."

Chris Johnson, Nursing Assistant

"I found it very inspiring to think about how I can use 'greener' language and thinking in every aspect of my career and life. Becoming less concerned with being problem centred and shifting the energy to the green."

Bethan Roberts, Sleep Practitioner

"The course was exceptional, relevant and informative to me. It has certainly equipped me with relevant approaches and skills which I believe will work out and improve the recovery of the patients currently and those who will be under my care."

Course Delegate

"This course has been invaluable! It has guided a positive change in approach and service provision within the unit. The benefits have been recognised both by staff and patients of the service and reduced successfully the challenging behaviour displayed."

Kelly Johnson-Ward (Feedback taken 4 months after the course)

"It has been one of the most well organised and delivered courses I have attended in 27 years. You were never bored or over challenged. Excellent. Thank you."

Olivia Sheridan, Charge Nurse

"I feel the course has had a massive positive influence on my mind-set in the workplace. It has reinforced some of the principles I already uphold and has taught me new styles and techniques that can have a positive impact on my work and personal life."

Jamal Haynes, Healthcare Assistant

"The course was brilliant, it has opened my eyes and gives me the tools I need to improve the care I provide to my service users. I will strive to make the ward a more positive environment."

Elliott House, HCA

"Best course I have attended at my organisation! Highly relevant and well run with lots of opportunity to share experiences."

Course Delegate

"This course was presented at an excellent level. The content of the course is extremely beneficial and I will be taking back a lot of the information to the ward. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course - thank you :-) "

Victoria Scotland, Senior Technical Instructor

"The course was excellent and presented to a high standard. RAID is something which the hospital should of introduced years ago."

Colin Veron, HCA

"The course has been highly informative and well presented and I feel equipped to better manage red behaviours but also promote green behaviours in a way that is beneficial and promotes better quality of life for our service users. I would greatly recommend this course."

Tendai Masunda, Deputy Ward Manager

"One of the most important courses that I have attended - very informative, empowering and will enhance my clinical skills."

Erasmus Bofu, Associate Practitioner

"This is by far the most useful training I have ever received ... I feel I will be able to nurse more effectively and give my service users a better chance of successful recovery by using RAID."

Kate Goth, Staff Nurse

"Really enjoyed it - best training I've been too."

Pippa Charters, Social Therapist

"I have really enjoyed and benefitted from the 3-day course. As a team we will go back to develop a robust and very clear model to managing extreme behaviour."

Adedeji Odediran, Clinical Nurse Manager

"The course was fantastic!!! I am certainly going to employ the RAID approach not only at work but at home with friends, family and my children. Thank you!!"

Nancy Mapuranga, Staff Nurse

"Absolutely excellent course. Cements approaches used with people - however, takes it one step further. It encourages you to be positive and look for the good when faced with adversity. Brilliant material, excellent tutor. Thank you."

Karen Cater, Community Nurse

"This course was enlightening to me as I learnt that I need to focus more on positive (green) areas in relation to individual patients and this helped to minimise negative ones ... This was an excellent course and I recommend everyone to attend."

Joseph Nyabako, Staff Nurse

"I have thoroughly enjoyed The RAID® Course, from the enthusiastic approach to the quality learning resources and materials. I will certainly be using the RAID philosophy on my unit throughout all job roles."

Clara Brennan, Healthcare Assistant

"I absolutely loved this course. It was extremely well presented and this alongside the tutor's enthusiasm and motivation and presentation skills allowed all the skills and knowledge and techniques linked to RAID easier to learn and remember. The course definitely made sense due to the tutor keeping it real - with everyday examples given by him. Brilliant - best course I've been on. Best presented course I have been on. Lots to think about and take away from this course - thank you :-) "

Marie Hefferman, Student Nurse / Nursing Assistant

"On Day 1 I felt the RAID approach would be difficult to put into practice as I work on a very challenging ward. By Day 3 I look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice. I have found the course easy to learn and think all staff (clinical) at all levels of the MDT should attend the course."

Jacqueline Robbins, Senior Staff Nurse

"RAID will benefit my ward, both service users and staff. This has been the most interesting and enjoyable course I have attended since joining the organisation."

Bonaventura Tambu, Staff Nurse

"I really enjoyed this course, absolutely the most impressive and useful training I have received in 11 years working for the trust, I found it relevant for all aspects of work and general life. The tutor made the whole training experience enjoyable."

Marie Lee, HCSW

"Probably the best training course I have been on in my career (32 years)."

Sarah Vernon, Nurse

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel sure the knowledge gained will be of great benefit in the future."

Marie Mitchell, Activity Coordinator

"An excellent, informative and well presented course, giving myself and colleagues the tools to help us deal with challenging behaviour exhibited by service users."

Graham Bailey, Residential Care Officer

"Most relevant course ever attended."

Lucy Walker, Residential Care Officer

"In my four years working as a residential care officer I have been on many a course. The RAID® Course is by far the best I have attended in this time. It has given me a bright new outlook to the way I work and I look forward to implementing this when I return to work. Also some aspects I can use at home with my own family. And thank you to the tutor, who explained things very well and expanded on things when asked."

Andy Priestley, Residential Care Officer

"This is the best course I have ever attended! I have served 16 years in the army and 22 years as a police officer. I wish all our staff were trained in RAID."

Gilly Gilbert (Feedback taken 4 months after completing the course)

"Really practical course we can take back to the ward and make a difference in people's lives."

Stuart Kenny, DCN

"Very positive and has provided me with a new burst of motivation after a very draining few months at work."

Gemma Fellows, Staff Nurse

"Very interesting course, educative. I feel empowered."

Sarah Makahane, Staff Nurse

"Superb course and deeply relevant to all aspects of my care approach. Much to ponder upon and utilise directly as well. Finest course I have attended."

Course Delegate

"I have been hugely impressed with the way the training was delivered and the content inspires a different way of working for the benefit of all and a way of life. Thank you."

Megan Fawkes, RMN

"It was well enjoyed and the benefits are immense ... Everyone who works directly with the service users needs this course."

Samuel Ileso, Band 3

"RAID is one of the best training courses I have had ... I think all staff should have the course because it will enhance the staff performance in the ward."

Chinyere Ede, HCA

"This course has been one of the best courses I have attended. It fully explains and demonstrates the role of all nursing staff in reinforcing good behaviour amongst service users. It equips the staff with communication skills and above all it helps staff to know how to transform red behaviour or bad behaviour into green behaviour all of which is directed towards recovery of service users."

Margaret Hone, Healthcare Assistant

"I enjoyed the course immensely. It gave me great insight into working in my environment with our service users and I hope to put into place some of the things we talked about. It will make me think in future how I will engage with service users."

Sonia Roberts, HCSW

"This course has been an inspiration. It has equipped us with skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the environments we work in and plenty of opportunities for self-reflection, both clinically and personally."

Dawn Baker, Assistant Psychologist

"Very relevant to my job role. Can be easily implemented at work. Everybody needs to do this course."

Carly Leaning, RSSO

"The course was excellent. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three days. The material was well presented by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor and I can see how this approach will help me at work and home. I am really looking forward to applying the approach in practice. Thank you."

Michelle Laird, RMN

"Approach is empowering for individuals."

Christine Stonehewer, OT

"Very influential ... Would recommend to all healthcare personnel."

Scott Griffin, HCA

"Extremely refreshing, rewarding and benefiting course ... Thank you. It gives me a new positive focus that will benefit patients and staff."

Raewyn Beale, HCA

"Excellent course, very relevant to our day to day practice. Well presented. Looking forward to the homes using this as their behavioural management philosophy. Has recharged my enthusiasm for the work we do."

Kevan Jupp, Manager

"Looking forward to implementing this approach myself and look forward to seeing it in place on the wards. Can't wait to see the effects."

Jane Clowes, Educational OT


Daniel Mamra, HCW

"The course has been extremely enjoyable and will benefit my future practice. I am eager to find out what impact and improvements the patients will experience with my new RAID approach to nursing and care planning."

Claire Cosgrove, Staff Nurse

"This course is simply great - relevant to my work/job roles, well packaged, brilliantly delivered by our two tutors."

Precious Ojo, HCW

"The training provided was delivered to a very high standard. Both tutors are very knowledgeable and this added to the high standard of the course. I feel the RAID training will be very beneficial in the secure setting in which I work. Looking forward to working with a more positive approach."

Emma Truswell, MVA Tutor

"This course was possibly the best and most informative that I have attended. Most enjoyable!!"

Sam Wall, Charge Nurse

"This was one of the best courses I have ever attended both in terms of presentation and usefulness. I will definitely be using the material in my work place."

Val Mowat, DCO

"This course was the most useful course I have attended to this date."

Francis Kouadio, HCA

"I will apply every single thing I have learnt from this in my working environment."

Course Delegate

"The best course I have ever been on. Thank you."

Robbie Modson, HCA

"This was one of the best courses I've attended ever since I started working. The content is very valuable. The facilitator was fantastic. Excellent course."

Elton Musekiwa, HCA

"Best course ever."

Jose Rodrigues, HCA

"Best three days training in a long time and should make a massive impact in practice."

Paula Forber, Unit Manager

"The tutor was outstanding in her presentation and held my interest throughout. Feel I have come away with a positive experience which will greatly increase my ability to do my job."

Rosemary Abrey, Team Leader

"Fantastic. Really enjoyed the course. The tutor was really interesting. 10/10."

Georgine Smithwick, Staff Nurse

"An excellent course that should be integrated into all systems and processes within the hospital. The pace and content was excellent and aided the learning process."

Simon Smith, Head of Social Work

"I have enjoyed this course immensely. There is so much to bring back to the ward that I can do to improve my interactions with both service users and staff."

Margaret O'Connor. HCA

"Should be the philosophy of everything we do!"

Kathryn Swindell, Occupational Therapist

"I would recommend all front line staff to come on The RAID® Course in order to positively support our service users."

Ellaine Williams, Social Worker

"The course was excellent, well presented and not at all anxiety provoking. It confirmed my own 'green' way of nursing which I have sometimes doubted. Spread the word!"

Jane Kwiatkowski, Staff Nurse

"I would like to say out of the courses that I have done with this hospital, RAID training was my best so far. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was well presented and very educating."

Becky Ndiweni, Health Care Assistant

"The best course I have ever attended since I've been in the care setting."

Margaret Olatokun, HCA

"I am now empowered and educated to enable my team to develop the RAID approach to maximise the potential of service users."

Alex Warmington, DUM

"All staff should have RAID training, i.e. make the the course mandatory as part of secure service induction. RAID principles should be included in all care planning and used in discussions regarding patient care, i.e. CPAs, clinical reviews. Very worthwhile course - wish had done it 3 years ago."

Course Delegate

"If I could do more in this, I would jump at the chance."

Philip Richardson, Health care Worker

"Thought provoking and immensely enjoyable. Well structured course. Clear notes, theory related well to the practical situation. I'd recommend anyone who has the opportunity to attend this course but be prepared to turn some of your thinking upside down!"

Linda Hallows, Local Area Coordinator

"I very much enjoyed the whole course, found it interesting, relevant and very well presented. I came to find out more about the RAID approach and my expectations were met completely. I hope there will be more opportunities for my other colleagues to attend this course in the future. Thank you very much."

Anna Srsnova, Clinical Support Worker

"An excellent course from start to finish that will help me adopt the same approach as fellow ward members of staff who have already completed The RAID® Course. Nice and relaxed throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

James Courtney, Nursing Assistant

"I feel that I benefited immensely attending this course. It has equipped me with the relevant RAIDing skills for my area of practice. Has enlightened me on the importance of the course, particularly with the client group I work with."

Felistas Mareverwa, Staff Nurse

"This was a brilliant course, extremely well presented and invaluable to the setting in which I work. I am looking forward to incorporating this approach in my day to day work."

Vincent Harding, Psychology

"I have had to sit on hundreds of courses, compulsory and voluntarily and this was by far one of the most enjoyable and well presented courses so far."

Andrew Broughton, Social Care Assistant

"If only this had been delivered much earlier … very relevant to my work area and I hope this will make a big difference in my work area."

Cecilia Moyanah, Staff Nurse

"One of the most enjoyable courses I have attended. It was very well presented and easily understood. All staff should attend compulsorily. It has re-motivated, reassured and enlivened me. I am looking forward to using the RAID approach as I'm sure it will be rewarding for both clients and staff. It might actually make a difference."

Cath Morgan, Community Practitioner (Mental Health Nurse)

"Really enjoyed the course … Best training I have been on since working here. Very thought provoking and gives hope for future of vulnerable adults!"

Kate Davies, IMCA/ Generic Advocate

"Excellent course! Has left the team feeling genuinely interested and equipped with the RAID principles. We are all looking forward to putting the principles into practice."

Kieran Bourke, Ward Manager

"Would recommend the course to anyone. I will certainly use it in my workplace."

Brilliant Maswela, Ward Manager

"Rare to find a course which proved to have direct relevance to all participants."

Bryan Gray, Ward Manager

"Excellent course. The entire content was relevant to our work on a PD unit. Participation work was good with first class feedback from the whole group. All participants showed a willingness to contribute. The 3-day presentation was as always totally professional and enjoyable."

Jeff Williams, Health Care Worker

"Best run course I have been on in years. Very informative and fun. Can't wait to see the whole team implement this new way of thinking and working."

Rachel Williams, Activities Co-ordinator

"The best course I have ever been on. It was delivered to a very high standard. Very enjoyable."

Course Delegate

"One of the best courses I have done in nursing and I'm looking forward to applying RAID skills on the ward. I has also broadened my skills and knowledge base and equipped me with the necessary tools to work with any challenging behaviour."

Phindiswa Kebengeshe, RMN

"Belting course, well run and very well presented."

Mark Burrows, Prison Officer

"This has been the best course I have ever been on."

Course Delegate

"This is by far the most interesting and thought-provoking course I have ever attended. Everyone working with clients that have aggressive or violent behaviour should definitely attend this course. The course tutor was excellent"

Laura Maclellan, Day Care Officer

"Very interesting, after working for 28 years at a Special Hospital it has opened my eyes."

Mark Aisthorpe, Nursing

"This course has been an eye opener for me. I will no doubt try to incorporate and utilize RAID from a personal and professional level."

Peter Roberts, Staff Nurse

"The most interesting course I have been on in the 4 years working with the NHS."

Lee Corrigan, Course Delegate

"I believe this course will really benefit all nurses on the ward."

Course Delegate

"Very useful to my workplace and both educational and enjoyable. Thanks! Will definitely use this in my personal life and workplace. Very transferable skills."

Careen Glidden, BMN

"I would like to thank you for initialising the rebirth of my motivation - you can't improve on perfection. Very well presented - well done."

Sara Hillier, Occupational Therapist

"I feel that this is a vital course that will help me develop as a newly qualified practitioner. This will also help me in dealing with and helping the people that I look after."

Graham Glass, Staff Nurse

"This is one of the best courses I have ever attended. I can honestly say I will use RAID in my work and I will pass positive comments to my colleagues."

Dave Dickson, Staff Nurse

"I found the course brilliant. Very positive and uplifting. It will help me immensely in my day to day job and hopefully help others on the way. A breath of fresh ideas."

Helena Gois, Support Worker

"Very good course, should be compulsory for all staff."

Ewen Meldrum, Technical Instructor

"A wonderful course which will help all who took part work with a more positive frame of mind. This will promote good practice to the young people."

Margaret Leyland, RSW

"Excellent material, excellently delivered. Can't fault it! Highly recommended!!"

Elly Okonedo, Deputy Manager

"One of the best training sessions I have ever done in the 30 years of nursing/carer."

Mairi McCulloch, Residential Worker

"One of the most enjoyable training courses I have attended. Really well presented and of direct clinical relevance. Look forward to applying RAID skills on the ward. Thank you."

Kay Brewster, Support Worker

"Brilliant, a new era of fantastic therapy! In with the new, out with the old!"

Staff Nurse

"I think this course should be mandatory training for staff working in mental health settings"

Jurgita Kairiene, Social Worker

"This course was inspiring as it confirmed good practice already in place and motivated us as professionals to focus on the potentials of our clients."

Claudia Sonaglio, Assistant Practitioner

"Fantastic course which I really enjoyed and benefited from … a good positive experience."

Katy Holden, Health Care Worker

"An excellent course. Very uplifting and has brought a real positively to our tem … I feel that if our team implement the RAID values and principles it will have a positive effect on the outcomes for our clients."

Susan Macleod, Social Worker

"Can't improve on perfection."

Keith Coleman, RSW

"Informative, exciting, stimulating, interesting, very relevant to job. The course has broadened my skill and knowledge base and equipped me with the necessary tools to work with any challenging behaviour."

Gams Tennyson, Clinical Team Leader

"I have worked for a number of years in the prisons and this course will give me the tools needed to do the job better. This course should be presented to prison staff during their initial training. I think it would make them better officers."

Fitz Haylette, Prison Officer

"These 3 days were the best spent time and money ever in all the twenty one years I have worked at Rampton. I feel it should be used more often."

Course Delegate

"This course has reminded me why I work in mental health and the importance of looking way beyond the medical model."

Julie Burchill, Ward Manager

"This course should be made part of all nurses training."

Mark Miller, Staff Nurse

"Most enjoyable course I have been on in recent years … inspiring and invigorating."

Liz O'Malley, Staff Nurse RMN

"Excellent presentation, thought-provoking material, which I hope to use in my clinical practice to enhance and improve team performance that will ultimately cascade to patients within our care."

Jean Dollar, S/N

"I absolutely loved this course and found it very refreshing. I loved how positive it was and how it motivated me so much to actually implement this on my new ward. I felt it would be very achievable to implement the 'philosophy' on the ward and really I am really looking forward to doing this. I would actually say this has been the most enjoyable course I have ever attended. Thank you so much."

Anna Williamson, Deputy Unit Nurse Manager

"Hugely enjoyable course, well presented and relevant to my working environment. Made me feel more positive about my relationships with my patients and will improve the care I give."

Matt Berridge, DWM Foster

"I found this course very interesting and useful (one of the most interesting and well presented courses I have been on). I feel the whole of my work team should attend and make our unit a RAID unit. I was constantly engaged over the three days. I will take new skills which I have been taught and do my best to take them back to my unit and put them into place. Thank you very much!"

Aimee Pritchett, Behavioral Support Worker

"Excellent course that all staff should attend."

Sharon Buckmaster, Course Delegate

"I have attended many courses - this is by far one of the best."

Ann Gallagher, Staff Nurse

"Came away from the course feeling motivated armed with new ideas to implement on the ward. Empowered."

Sarah Humphrey, HCA A-Grade

"I have attended a great number of presentations and training courses in the commercial sector and none have been presented with as much skills and dedication."

Steve Kirwin, HCA

"A fantastic course. It will prove to be a positive direction for patients and staff. This will help me at home as well as at work. I wish more staff would attend. It should be part of the induction."

Sharon Fricker, HCA

"I was told before the training that I would enjoy the course and I wasn't disappointed. It was at a pace which was easy to follow and very well presented."

Tony Hill, Support Worker

"Extremely important and invaluable training!! Will only enhance my interactions with patients and will assist service users in their recovery. Teaches you a more positive way of thinking."

Amy Jewell, Occupational Therapist

"I have had this course recommended to me already by colleagues who have previously attended and it did not disappoint."

Anthony Boyle, RMN

"I will remember all aspects of it. It is the best course I have been on and look forward to putting it into practice."

Claire Walsh, H.C.A.

"A course that would benefit all members of staff at any level or position."

J. Jassel, Senior Officer

"I felt that this is the most relevant course I have ever attended in my professional career."

Dr Inga Stewart, Clinical Psychologist

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. The facilities were excellent. The course cemented positive work currently being carried out and new ways to improve good practice."

Linda Hoskins, Deputy Charge Nurse

"In an ideal world - all teachers, social workers, youth workers, probation officers and health workers (top to bottom) would be RAIDers!! In fact everyone with their friends, partners, families and children!"

Ann-Marie Clifford, Volunteer Coordinator

"Excellent course, well presented. Have attended APT courses in the past and they only get better and better."

June Pirie, SSN

"This is an excellent course that should be mandatory for all staff in forensic settings. Very well thought out course, clear and precise. Great facilitator."

Course Delegate

"Everything that I have heard and learned is 100% relevant to my work. I am inspired and look forward to "RAIDing" at work. I would recommend that all members of staff should attend."

Joy Millar, Social Worker

"The course was both motivating and inspiring ... all those who work in such a setting should attend this course. Thank you."

Nichola Waywell, Health Care Support Worker

"This course should be made mandatory for all staff across all disciplines."

Rhona McLaren, Staff Nurse

"An excellent course – completely relevant to my work with families and young people. Well presented with lots of opportunities for group participation. One of the best courses I have been on. Thank you"

Karen Parkinson, Family Intervention Project

"This course is one of the best training days I have been on. The philosophy of RAID is a crucial and invaluable framework to use in our everyday work with families, carers, staff etc. I found myself reflecting constantly on clients and cases throughout the 3 days, and brainstorming ways in which I shall adopt RAID into my approach. Paul as a facilitator was wonderful, he encompassed personal experiences relevant to topics and also welcomed questions and case examples."

Michelle McCormack, Child Care Leader

"Overall the course will be beneficial to me in both my personal and professional life."

Louise Burke, Basic Grade Psychologist

"Very informative and enjoyable course. Extremely well presented. Tutor very flexible to discuss work related issues. Excellent course. Thank you and well done!"

Aisling Stewart, Social Care Worker

"I have learned much from the interactive/anecdotal style of presentation and also the question and answer time available."

Anita Hegarty, Psychologist

"Real life examples from tutor – their own experience helped bring ideas alive and it definitely is more meaningful coming from someone working in the field currently and having success with the principles being taught. There was plenty of room for participants to bring in own work experience and process them in relation to the principle taught too."

Sadhbh Dromey, Psychologist in Community Care

"Tutor did a wonderful job in presenting the course. The days went very quickly – time flies when you're having fun! Well done!"

Samantha Ryan, Unit Manager

"Very well organised and presented. Tutor very approachable, friendly and professional. The content was relevant and very useful. Good group discussions and interactions."

Jennifer Hayes, Senior Clinical Psychologist

"Extremely fantastic. More than what I anticipated. Very informative, educational, refreshing. Worth attending."

Surgery Daniel, Nurse

"The course content was highly relevant to my field of work. It was well presented with ample opportunity to give feedback or have discussion. The pace of the delivery was timed perfectly to take into account different learning styles ... I look forward to returning to my clinical area and applying RAID."

Stuart Harding, Registered Nurse

"The course was both valuable and informative and equips the participants with perhaps a different view of 'behaviour', it was presented extremely well and in a manageable way, this was reflected in the test results. I hope that I can now implement RAID at ward level, well done (think green)."

E. Hughes, Staff Nurse

"I found this course extremely beneficial towards my work with patients suffering mental illnesses. RAID can be used in everyday life to ease situations and hopefully make life a little easier. I feel that I now will have a more confident approach to interacting with my patients."

Ruth Barron, Nursing

"I found the course content very interesting and relevant to my job. A lot of what it involved were things/ideas I would not have thought of prior to attending the course. It was very helpful and will definitely improve the quality of care delivery. I will definitely be implementing what I have learnt from this course into practice."

Juliet Moyo, Senior Staff Nurse

"The course has been of great value to me, especially when thinking about my line of work … Gives a lot of positive ideas as to how best to tackle situations and made the work worthwhile."

Lungakzi Hlebo, Staff Nurse

"I enjoyed the course and will be looking forward to any others."

J. Wright. Nursing Assistant

"The course was very exciting, educating and interesting. The presentation was very good. This particular course will greatly help me in the performance of my duty, most especially dealing with the extreme behaviour."

Kudirat Kusimo, Staff Nurse

"I think the course was extremely interesting and has boosted my confidence in doing my job, I feel more equipped to face the ward and I'm glad that we did this as a team, I think our knowledge and skills will help us work better together."

Viki Jones, Health Care Assistant

"Before the training there were a lot of talks about ignoring, down playing behaviours which appeared very dangerous bearing in mind the client group we care for. But after the training, the application of the RAID approach and framework made a lot of sense to me. The teaching style, knowledge of the subject, application to work and relevance to our client group is excellent."

Ken Ejezie, Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist

"The course is very appropriate to the needs of staff on the unit who are faced daily with challenging behaviours from our client group. I have really benefited from this course as it has helped to share my perspectives on how to deal with challenging behaviour."

Josh Ezeilo, Clinical Nurse Therapist

"I found it a very worthwhile course … The course has provided me with different views and positive approaches that I could apply in all situations in life and will particularly help me in working with the client group that I currently teach."

Richard Debrah, Trainer

"I have really enjoyed the course. I am already doing some RAID work with clients but it has also given me different ways of dealing with client problems in positive ways. The manual is very good."

Simone Reynolds, Project Worker

"The course was extremely useful and relevant to me. Very well presented particularly as relevant (mental health) examples were used to demonstrate points. Was presented in a clear and lively manner throughout which helped to keep audience engaged. I'm looking forward to applying these principles on the ward."

Rebecca Moorhouse, Psycho Social Therapist

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found the content interesting, beneficial to working in mental health settings and particularly relevant to my area working with clients with personality disorder."

Diane Alfageme, Staff Nurse

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found the content totally relevant to my workplace. It was helpful to be able to discuss specific cases. I will leave this course focused and determined to make sure the young in our care are moved on more positively."

Susan Ainscough, Manager

"The course made me think about how I approached difficult behaviour within my workplace. It also showed me that I was not recognising 'green' behaviour enough. RAID has made me use my brain which is something I feel I haven't done in a while."

Helen Devine, Residential Care Worker

"Lots of good ideas that would be easy to implement in the workplace."

Suzanne Dymond, Residential Child Care Worker

"This course was not only informative but extremely enjoyable. It re-affirmed the techniques we use are relevant, appropriate and positive but also gave more opportunity to look at the thought process in detail. Excellent."

Shelagh Lithgow, Residential Child Care Worker

"Very well presented in general. Booklet clear, concise and practical … Presenter had very good communication skills and helped make course very enjoyable and fun! Would certainly recommend course to colleagues. Look forward to its practical application with patients."

Helen O' Neill, Psychiatrist

"Excellent content, very relevant. Mixture of exercises, videos and presentations worked very well. A very enjoyable three days."

Fiona Weldon, Clinical Psychologist

"Useful, beneficial course delivered in a relaxed, informative and humorous style. The course offers a unique and productive approach to dealing with the client group."

Fintan Caddow, Community Nurse

"Very well presented. I enjoyed the group exercises (especially the quiz) by the end I was surprised how much I retained. It would be beneficial if all staff would attend this course. By retaining the manual it should be easy to start implementing the theory on my return to the unit."

Elizabeth Thompson, Staff Nurse

"Really enjoyed the course. I think the course should become all clinical staff compliance training due to the nature of the work we do. As a MVA Trainer it is an area in the trigger and escalation phase I can emphasise to utilise these skills there as I say we are all 'verbal accidents waiting to happen' but this course can help change this – good fun – intense 3 days."

Karen Duckett, Senior Nurse/MVA Tutor

"The green approach is a good way to deal with extreme behaviour and I will try to use it which is sometimes not easy when patients can be very demanding."

Janette Taylor, Social Worker

"Well presented, written in a language that is easily understood. It is educational and once you have practiced and learned its motive, it is easy and practical to implement. Everyone should do it (compulsory). Fun, exciting and much more!"

Sandra Gear, Staff Nurse

"I have really enjoyed the course. Look forward to more APT courses."

Andrew Lomax, Healthcare Worker

"Looking forward to implementing RAID techniques in the working environment. Very interesting course."

Sue Pickup, Healthcare Worker

"A very interesting course, the tutor was excellent and I look forward to being able to implement these ideas on the unit I work on. I did find it hard at first to understand the difference between red and green behaviour but the tutor made it easy with his explanations."

Sue Thompson, Healthcare Worker

"Has provided me with some shinny new tools to use with clients and sharpened old ones! Excellent delivery."

Judith Knott, Occupational Therapist

"Made me review my practice in a positive way. The method of teaching was friendly and you felt at ease to discuss issues."

Katrina Ashworth, Staff Nurse

"I found the course very inspiring and relevant to my job. I can't wait to implement this into practice."

Natalie Carter, RMN

"Thought provoking – very well planned out and enough time to take information in."

Jacqueline Devine, Team Leader

"Enjoyed doing the course. Interesting and useful to put into practice when back on the unit dealing with situations."

Karen Maxwell, Healthcare Worker

"Found the course very beneficial, highly appropriate to my work. Very interesting and was presented excellently. This training has been the most interesting I have attended in a long period of time, it's very realistic and a great approach for the young people – Excellent, well done!"

Edel Blood, Centre Manager

"It was really refreshing to be in an environment which was so positive. It is so necessary in this type of employment to be reminded of how to look at things positively. The course was very relaxed and made for a good learning experience."

Noreen Forde, Child Care Worker

"The course is extremely helpful and the most uplifting that I have undertaken. It refocuses you but in a very positive way. I am really looking forward to putting RAID into practice and to see the benefits of using this model. It is a refreshing model. Had brilliant fun completing the quiz."

Jude Dillon, Social Care Worker

"At the end of this 3 day course felt that this would not only help me become a better practitioner but also in my personal life as a better mother, wife and friend. I now feel extremely up-lifted and hope this attitude will continue, just knowing the difference between green and red is invaluable. Thanks.

Natalie Cosgrave, Child Care Worker

"What a great course! I will find it very useful in my career in mental health and other areas of my life. I thought the presentations were very good with a wide range of teaching techniques used that kept me alert throughout the three days.

Richard George, STR Worker

"Brilliant course, just what we all need. Lots of group work which helped implant the ideas in our minds."

Mandy Barratt, STR Worker

"I feel it is an incredible way to live your life and treat people."

Ray Horne, Support Worker

"Brilliant course, very thought provoking! Common sense brought to life. Very enjoyable; looking forward to a new outlook on my work. Hope this will become mandatory training soon."

Rhonda Ashworth, Senior Support Worker

"I thought this course was extremely interesting. I think all members of staff should do this course as I think it is a real eye opener. The way it was presented was excellent, interesting and easy to understand … I would recommend this course to everyone as it is very enjoyable."

Will Firth, Support Worker

"I must say this is one of the best training courses I have attended in 15 years – it feels as though it will be useful in practice and will actually make a real difference to patients and staff."

Mark Dalgarno, Charge Nurse

"By far the most useful, interesting and funny training I've ever been on!! Can't praise it enough – marvellous."

Sadia Hussain, Youth Offending (Crime Prevention)

"This course was very relevant to my current work practices and I will be using it as of Monday morning (and at home). Thank you."

Claire Nugeni, Restorative Justice Worker

"One of the most enjoyable courses I have attended in years. I am looking forward to using the RAID approach and I'm sure it will bring rewarding results, both for clients and staff."

Sue McGuinness, Senior Support Worker

"I feel that this course will be tremendously beneficial to my job now and my continuous professional development. It will also be useful in my own personal life as it has proved a useful positive strategy for working with people. It was presented very well and the group was open. Absolutely brilliant – the best course I have ever done."

Bethany Alderson, Key Worker

"The course was excellent and thought provoking on an individual as well as service level. The practical work was incredibly useful and already people are looking at ways of implementing this approach."

Helen Meades, Speech and Language Therapist

"I have thoroughly enjoyed The RAID® Course. It's the best course I have been to in the last 10 years. It is very relevant to the work I do and wish I had done this course as part of my RMN training. The presenter was excellent."

Angie Maenzanise, Registered Nurse

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and know that it will benefit me in my line of work. The presentation was brilliant, the best course I have been on."

D. Salmon, Nursing Assistant

"This is the most useful course I have ever attended and I would recommend it to everyone I work with. It has made me think about the way I work and how I can improve my practice to benefit the students I work with. The course was interesting and fun. Thank you for this opportunity."

Helen Wright, Senior Support Worker

"Very interesting, thought provoking and intense. I should have been on the course years ago. Highly recommended."

C. Cotterill, Technical Instructor

"Absolutely Fantastic!! I feel utterly inspired and am going to try my best to change staff and service users' perspectives on empowerment and outcomes. I am now a 'greener' person!"

Abby Gravestock, Occupational Therapist

"Presentation was probably the best I have seen. Knowledge and motivation and belief in approach very evident throughout the three days. Will definitely refer to handbook in the future. An exciting approach for getting the best from patients."

Lorna Wells, Charge Nurse

"Re-motivated me, reassured me, enlivened me: it made my brain work again."

Social Worker

"The most interesting course I've ever been on."

Staff Nurse

"Very well presented, easily understood. Just an excellent course, all members of staff should attend compulsorily."

Clinical Psychologist

"One of the best organised and thought-out courses I have been on. I speak as a course participant but also a trainer of 20 years experience."

Social worker

"I really enjoyed the course. It will inspire me for many years to come. The most valuable course I have been on."

Psychiatric nurse

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the whole RAID® approach like a breath of fresh air."

Care assistant

"I am sure this course was put together just for my needs. I now feel well-equipped to go back to my workplace and make a difference. Congratulations."

Senior care worker

"I feel both motivated and inspired, I can hardly wait to get back to work and put some of the things I have learnt into practice."

Staff nurse

"I have been working in the health service for nearly ten years and this has been the most interesting course I have been on, and I have been on many courses."

Social worker

"The course is extremely useful and the most uplifting that I have undertaken. It refocuses you but in a very positive way. I am really looking forward to putting RAID into practice and to see the benefits of using this model."

Social worker

"This has been a good course. It has highlighted that I am already positive and forward thinking with the clients but gives ideas and solutions for clients that are difficult. I particularly like the future, good RAIDing and ratcheting ideas. I would love to go on more courses to use with clients."

Nicola Genovese, Staff Nurse

"This course was one of the most relaxed and informative courses I've been on. I will make a determined effort to implement it at work. It enables me to see my role with patients more positively. It would be absolutely essential that every professional benefit from this course. Many thanks."

George Guiste, Senior Staff Nurse

"The course gave me the back up or assurance that what we do as a team is on the right track. It is nice to have a model which almost gives you ongoing permission to continue what you are already doing. I have also learnt many new ideas and approaches which will be easy to apply. It has also given me a broader positive outlook at nursing a patient – helping me look at the green not just the red. Course tutor was very good, giving us some other approaches/ideas for thought. Very well worth attending and a benefit for all. Thanks."

Shaun French, Senior Staff Nurse

"What a fantastic approach! The 3 days were full of 'workable' approached that can be put into practice immediately. It has given me a great confidence to work with people who in the past I found too 'red' to cope with. It will be such a positive challenge to go to work every day. The tutor's approach was exceptional, a true professional with a great sense of humour and personality."

Margaret Sheeham, Senior Nurse (Psychiatry)

"I have finally found that I have enjoyed a course and continued to do so for the whole 3 days. I never got bored and I really liked the tutor and his dry sense of humour!!! It was extremely beneficial and I can definitely apply this to my professional life and also socially, not always working in 'the red'. I would love to attend other courses ASAP relating to this subject and have found the content both stimulating and relevant to my area of work."

Victoria Hill, Senior Staff Nurse

"What an enjoyable and useful few days. The Tutor presented the material wonderfully with lots of relevant and interesting stories. I also want to comment on how amazingly humanistic the course was, it was really refreshing to focus on so much positivity."

Kelly Hobbs, Assistant Psychologist

"This course was hugely beneficial and appropriate for the area in which I work. I feel motivated to apply this model on the ward to help improve the behaviours of our patients. Very inspiring course for myself and the most interesting one I have been on."

Rebecca Smith, Technical Instructor

"I have found the RAID training to be very positive and rewarding. It's good to come away and be able to look at what you do with fresh eyes and a new perspective, and I feel this training course has helped in this. I look forward to going away and applying the RAID principles at work and everyday life."

Rachel Hall, Technical Instructor

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very relevant and will enable me to practice better. Has created much greater understanding of challenging behaviour and how to deal with it. Pace and level of course – excellent. Tutor/presenter – very helpful/approachable."

D Poynter, Teacher/Lecturer

"I enjoyed the course, found it very relevant to my work. It also gave me a positive perception about the extreme behaviours that I meet at home and work. It also relates well with any discipline. Well presented!"

Moreblessing Moy, Deputy Unit Nurse Manager

"I thought The RAID® Course was very interesting and I hope to try out techniques at home also at work, which I think will be beneficial to myself and others"

Aileen Young, Nursing Assistant

"Found the course enjoyable, interesting and looking forward to using information in my workplace"

Katie Paterson, Nursing

"Found the course very interesting, it pulled a lot of previous knowledge together to use as one approach. Will actually find it useful to managing staff as well as patients! Found the speed and presentation very good. Great! I will definitely carry it across the whole team."

Paula Nicholson, Nurse Manager

"The most enjoyable course. Gave me support and confidence. The course was well presented. I'm glad I was given a chance to attend as the knowledge I've acquired is going to help me improve the care for patients."

Tozi Motsitsi. Staff Nurse

The RAID<sup>®</sup> Course

The RAID® Course. The positive approach to working with disturbed and challenging behaviour.

A 3-day course.

A relentlessly positive approach to working with disturbed and challenging behaviour.

The 3-day RAID® course is the UK’s leading positive psychology approach for tackling disturbed and challenging behaviour at source: over 20,000 professionals have attended it. It is a comprehensive approach which teaches staff a philosophy and practice not only to deal with disturbed and challenging behaviour when it occurs, but also to prevent it by tackling it at source. Staff feel pleased to share a unified system and to know what they are doing and why they are doing it, while clients delight in a relentlessly positive and empowering approach. The essence of the RAID® approach is to play down disturbed and challenging behaviour as far as safety allows, and to nurture and develop positive behaviour so that it systematically overwhelms and displaces the disturbed and challenging behaviour.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 95%

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Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 98%

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