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The ADDRESS Course feedback

The ADDRESS® Course for working with Personality Disorder, reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews The ADDRESS® Course for working with Personality Disorder has received.

"An excellent course! Well delivered and very relevant!"

Hilde Davy ('Online Live' version)

"I found the content really relevant for my area of work but also gained lots of information from all the other professionals on the course and how they apply it to their areas of work."

Marion English ('Online Live' version)

"Thought the overall content and relevance of the course was excellent the facilitator was superb."

Kevan Mailey ('Online Live' version)

"It has been an excellent three day course ... The course manual is a brilliant resource and will remain useful as a point of reference in the future. There wasn't an aspect that wasn't informative and I have come away feeling energised from the learning I have gained."

David Hollingsworth ('Online Live' version)

"Great course, very informative and relevant to my work practice. Great trainer, very well informed on the topic."

Karen Power ('Online Live' version)

"Best training I have had for a long time, the delivery was perfect and the pace was just right."

Michael Davies ('Online Live' version)

"Great content and excellent engaging delivery by somebody who is very experienced in the field."

Sarah Forshaw ('Online Live' version)

"Thought the overall content and relevance of the course was excellent - the facilitator was superb."

Kevan Mailey ('Online Live' version)

"I found this course very relevant to my role and I will be able to apply a lot of what I learnt from it to work with my clients."

Ana Alves ('Online Live' version)

"Overall, I really enjoyed the training. I found it to be very informative, detailed, and reflective. Real life examples and videos were very helpful to help us understand the theore tical component and consolidate the information. In addition, I found break out rooms very useful and helpful as its easier to express your thoughts in smaller groups, compared to the whole training group ... The tutor was brilliant at explaining the content."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"I think the tutor did an amazing job of making the training interactive and engaging! She's clearly extremely knowledgeable about personality disorders and therefore was able to offer practical advise and examples on top of those detailed on the slides."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"It was an excellent course, loved the psychological framework of it and elments. As someone who finds it hard to stay focussed, I found this course really engaging, interactive and helped me actively learn and reinfoce the knowledge. The tutor was enthusasitc and validating which made it even better, and I really appreciate having the opportunity to attend this training."

Amy Knighton ('Online Live' version)

"The course was very beneficial considering that nursing has become more psychological in its approaches than ever before. The course will enable me to improve my practice and interactions with my patients."

Sithokozile Hadebe ('Online Live' version)

"The course was fantastic, it was so interesting and relevant to the service users I work with. The tutor was brilliant at presenting and delivering the course, so knowledgeable in the topic and being able to explain to us in a way we could understand. The tutor also gave time for discussion between the group and was very supportive when giving advice."

Gordon Samson ('Online Live' version)

"Brilliant course. Very informative and I have learnt many useful tools to use within my role."

Jenny Thomas ('Online Live' version)

"An excellent course that all staff should attend. Very informative and the tutor was engaging and knowledgeable about the subject."

Russell Bocock ('Online Live' version)

"I really enjoyed the course and felt that it translated well to Zoom delivery. The tutor was knowledgable and responsive to the individual needs/experiences of a wide range of professionals. I learned a lot of new skills/techniques that I will certainly apply in my future practice."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"This course was very interesting and will be of great benefit to me in my ongoing practice. The tutor delivered the training brilliantly."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Training was excellent. The tutor did a superb job of presenting the information to us, and gave us an opportunity to self-reflect along the way. Has helped to support my current role and expand my knowledge base on the subject."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Fab training course, found the tutor really engaging and supportive of people's comments/discussions. Found him to be understanding around the topics which I think was great to see someone high up demonstrate compassion towards people with PD's. Highly reccomend the course."

Amy Knighton ('Online Live' version)

"I really enjoyed the course. The tutor was fantastic. I have learned a lot of skills that I will use in my practice."

Course delegate ('Online Live' version)

"The facilitator was a really knowlegeable and insightful tutor, and made online learning really positive and was motivating throughout the course."

Rebecca Mathers ('Online Live' version)

"I found the course to be interesting and very relevant to my role. It has been inspiring and has made me consider ways to bring elements of the training into my day to day work. The interactive style and the workbooks and handouts allow for the training to really be carried through into practice. This is the second APT course I have attended and some of the best training I have been on."

Megan Farrant, CPN

"Probably the best training I have received in the past 20 years."

Richard Vine, Community MH Nurse

"Everyone should do this training."

Scarlett Williams, Lead Nurse

"Invaluable training which I think should be rolled out to all professionals working with people with a personality disorder."

Claire Smith, CPN

"Probably the best training I have received in the past 20 years."

Richard Vine, Community MH Nurse

"Thought I knew a lot about personality disorder but I have learnt so much more doing this course. Very informative."

Tracy Neal, Support Worker

"I have never been on training that has left me so interested and keen to learn, so thank you!"

Kelly-Anne Neale, Community MH Nurse

"This training was inspiring and excellent … Of all my years nursing, this is one of the best courses I have been on."

Karon O' Flanagan, Community MH Nurse

"I loved this course and the Tutor was fantastic at his presentation and I felt that everyone engaged so well. I am refreshed and enlightened by this course and it has confirmed lots of things for me."

Geraldine Donoghue, Nursing

"Excellent training which I feel will have a significant, positive impact on my practice."

Kerri Hammond, Early Help Worker

"This has been fantastic training, it has made me look at working with clients with PD in a different way. I fully recommend all staff to attend."

Marcus Kennard, Social Worker

"Once of the best courses I’ve been on."

H Taylor, Senior Community Mental Health Practitioner

"The course was very enjoyable and will benefit me greatly within my role. I would recommend others to attend this course."

Sharon Forel, Quality and Governance Lead

"Very informative, really enjoyed the training and would attend APT training again. This will really inform my practice."

Amy Heppenstall, Community Mental Health Nurse

"Extremely good course. Found all aspects interesting and has given me a foundation to improve my practice as well as having ideas to take back to the ward."

Course Delegate

"This course really boosted my confidence in working as part of a team to implement relevant strategies and engage with service users better."

Emma Galley, HCSW

"Really enjoyed the course. I thought the tutor delivered the course perfectly. All the content was relevant to our ward and I will be able to use so many more techniques in my job role."

Clare Gawin, HCA


JMargaret Addo, Social Worker

"Thoroughly enjoyed course, would highly recommend, extremely informative, gained much better understanding of PD."

Grace Jack, Chef

"Excellent course – good interaction between all of the participants. Learnt a lot from tutor examples of work experience and from the others on the course. I’m looking forward to accessing the online information to enhance my work practice."

Joan MacDonald, Support Worker

"Excellent, relevant and inspiring."

V.A Selman, Team Lead

"Very useful and productive training. Tutor adaptable to group’s wishes. Highly recommended."

Alice Mine, Social Worker

"An excellent treatment of a complex subject. Provided some useful tools which will definitely find a use. A most valuable two days."

Charlie Carpenter, Senior Recovery College Co-ordinator

"I found the course to be extremely well presented and relevant to my role. The facilitator (Lulu) was very knowledgeable and delivered the course material in an accessible and professional manner. I would recommend anyone working in the mental health care sector to attend this course, very enjoyable."

Paul Stewart, Mental Health Advisor

"Loved this course, so useful in work with PD clients but more than that, it was very transferable to all clients and my own working practice. Good mix of theory and practice."

Anne Sutherland, Substance Misuse Social Worker

"This was an excellent course delivered with professionalism, enthusiasm, insight and sufficient light-heartedness to balance this challenging topic without distracting from the central theme. I am keen to undertake further studies with APT."

Caron Westmorland, Social Worker

"Really enjoyed the course, very informative, good pace and relevant to my role. Tutor created a very safe environment and managed the group well. Would definitely do another APT course in the future."

Course delegate

"Excellently presented and very practical information for the clinical environment. I feel I have learnt skills and gained practical advice to implement into practice. Hugely beneficial course!"

Margaret Bourke, Nurse

"Excellent three day course. The knowledge and skills developed will have a significant improvement on practice. Would highly recommend the course to other professionals in mental health."

Tom Cotteril, Social Worker

"Well structured course, well presented with useful written and audio visual materials. The tutor was well informed and encouraged interactive discussions throughout the course. Overall, a very pleasant, informative and useful training course."

Dr N Sandhu, Associate Specialist

"I enjoyed the training and found it very relevant to my practice in secondary care services and have taken away useful information and skills to use with my clients who have a diagnosis of PD."

Alison Seymour, AMHP/Social Worker

"Very enjoyable, well presented and good materials. Brilliant model for use with complex patients. Will provide great way of focusing on care in a person-centred, structured way. Looking forward to this being implemented within our service. Thanks."

Fiona Gibney, Senior Charge Nurse

"Thought the course was well presented and written. Good anecdotal evidence used throughout. Makes the diagnosis easier to understand. Thank you, thoroughly enjoyed the course."

Deborah Windle, Specialist Support Worker

"Very interesting and informative. Felt it gave me a good understanding of PD as well as providing food for thought for all aspects of my professional interactions. The exercises seemed well structured and really helped reinforce the subject matter."

Matt Jones, Support Worker

"I found the course very useful. I will be able to take away skills and knowledge learnt. Thank you!"

Sophie Doyle, Specialist Support Worker

"Extremely enjoyable and informative course ... I would highly recommend this course for anyone working within mental health."

Rebecca McGrath, Staff Nurse

"Such an interesting course! So refreshing to find a training course so interesting and engaging. Thank you! ... Really enjoyed it and would like to go on another APT course."

Katy Gibson, Nursing Assistant

"Recently been feeling very burnt out but this course has given me a breath of fresh air. Thank you."

Laura Doyle, Staff Nurse

"Good to be on a course where you can take actual skills into everyday practice. Would recommend to others!"

Rachel Kitchen Ward Manager

"Before the course my thoughts were that after working for 20 years with patients who had PD "what will I learn that I don't already know?" The answer is A LOT. The course has been very helpful and the teaching style that the tutor has is brilliant. Very engaging, well-paced and very well presented."

Jo Davies, Nursing Assistant

"This course was excellent thank you. It will certainly change my practice and enhance the outcomes for my clients. The tutor was wonderful."

Pauline Hughes, Mental Health Support

"I have enjoyed this course and have gained a wealth of knowledge that I will be able to take back and deliver to the patients that I work with. I believe that this will empower the patients that I work with, and with the knowledge gained from this course I will be able to fully support the patients that I work with."

Rebecca Cole, Health Care Assistant

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and is probably one of the best presented courses I have attended to date."

Linda Rogers, Arch Initiatives Team Manager

"The course far exceeded my expectations. Through the expert tutoring I have been able to take with me multiple ideas of how I can use what I have learned. I believe the content of the course will be invaluable to my attempts to engage with some very difficult prisoners within the segregation setting."

Graeme Ross, Acting Residential Manager

"Excellent course, liked how practical the course was and the opportunity to think about how it can be applied to work almost immediately."

Laura Somerville, Social Worker

"Extremely useful and relevant training. The tutor was very competent and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed the training."

Susanne Beyers, Social Worker

"I found the course to be wonderfully presented and so relevant to my current work practice ... I feel so much more confident in my ability to work with PD clients."

Jacqui Smith, Course Delegate

"The course has been extremely useful to me, it has opened up my eyes and taught me many tips in improving the care I provide to service users suffering with personality disorders of all types. I really enjoyed the 3 days and will ensure other staff in my team have the opportunity to attend this course."

Sarah Farooq, Ward Manager

"I have really enjoyed the course ... all the material is applicable to my daily work and I will certainly implement it when working with individuals with personality disorder or personality issues."

Cathy Parkin, Forensic Psychologist

"I really enjoyed the course. I particularly enjoyed the way in which the tutor responded to individual learning styles, the use of multimodal learning methods and her sharing of her own experiences and knowledge. I believe that the skills I have learnt from this course will be invaluable for my future as a forensic psychologist."

Rachael Dagnall, Forensic Psychiatrist

"Best course I have ever attended. Excellent tutor."

Joan Love, SW Assistant

"Most well delivered, informative course I have attended in years - and I do several each year!"

Traci Ullah-Santosh, Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

"12 years working in Mental Health with severe and ensuring mental illness and the only training I've had in personality disorder - well worth the wait!"

Jude Norman, Wellbeing Nurse Practitioner

"Really useful course. I feel I have really benefited from all of what has been said. I feel quite positive about working with personality disorders."

Patricia Cooke, SSN

"I enjoyed the overall approach of the training and would recommend this course to all practitioners in mental health at all levels."

David Walters, Staff Nurse

"Very informative in both enhancing my understanding of personality disorder as well as informing my practice. I feel more confident and able to go back into the workplace and support service users."

Naomi Hadfield, Social Worker

"This course has been amazing, very stimulating. The tutor has superb skills of delivery and engagement. I feel I have been equipped to work for more effectively with people who live with personality disorder. I will be keen to book more APT courses."

Martin Wigg, Social Worker

"Thank you, I feel ready to go back and face my clients with personality disorder with a clearer idea of how to help."

Louise Corbett, CMHN

"I thoroughly enjoyed the three days. The enthusiasm and extensive knowledge-base that the tutor shared with us was rejuvenating. I have definite ideas that I will utilise and share with my colleagues and I will recommend this course to everyone who works with this client group. Thank you."

Melanie Wade, CPN

"After this course I see a new dawn, I am so encouraged; I feel I will never again be terrified by a person with personality disorder."

Gertrude Goma, Staff Nurse

"Excellent course, has fuelled my passion and interest for working with this client group and had given me fantastic strategies to use within my own practice area. I really like the workbook and materials. The facilitator was excellent."

Fiona MacInnes, Mental Health Practitioner

"The tutor was fantastic and presented the course very well, it was very clear the amazing extent of knowledge she has. Course should be mandatory, it has supplied me with many new skills that I will use in daily practice."

Course Delegate

"Enjoyable, informative and empowering. Will take many aspects into my current practice. Thanks to the tutor who's enthusiasm and commitment to a difficult (problematic) client group was infectious (in a good way!)."

Alison Rouse, CMHN

"Best training I've been on in a long time."

Diane Woodhead, CMHN

"Renewed my feeling of 'something can be done' for someone with personality disorder. It can be a label that causes people to think 'hopeless case'. I feel able to change attitudes by leading by example."

Fiona Rudkin, Staff Nurse

"Really enjoyed the content which was very relevant to individuals I am working with. As expected from APT the delivery by a clearly knowledgeable and experienced tutor was excellent and application to case experience supported learning. Excellent and exceeded expectations."

Jacqueline Ashcroft, Social Worker

"I had limited understanding of PD before the course but this has given me good understanding and many helpful strategies that I can use in my everyday contact with clients. Great course - thank you."

Alison Ellis, Social Worker

"The course was excellent and hugely beneficial for my work as a social worker. The tutor made each day very interesting and was excellent in motivating us all to engage with the course material. I will take what I have learnt and use it in my future work with clients. Thank you."

Debra Bonnar, Social Worker

"An excellent course which went a long way to de-mystifying the personality disorders. The tutor delivered a course which was thorough and gave good examples of how the ADDRESS model could be applied in everyday practice in ward and community settings. I would highly recommend this course to others."

Kenneth Hunter, CPN

"Fascinating 3 days, enjoyed it immensely. Hopefully will inform and assist my work for many years. Thank you very much indeed."

Matthew Coman, Probation Officer

"I feel it was an excellent course which all people working in probation should partake in."

Andrew Perrett, Probation Officer

"This has been a brilliant course with a brilliant presenter. The course material has been very interesting and helpful and I also intend to use and share with my colleagues at work. I would recommend my colleagues to do this course."

Pacival Mupemhi, Charger Nurse

"Fantastic course! Very interesting and informative. Has brought new ideas and ways of working with this client group. Challenged previous ideas, negativity etc brought a positive approach to working with a challenging yet rewarding client group."

Emma Wright, CMHN

"Best course I have attended. The tutor was exceptional. His knowledge of the subject was remarkable and evident. The course will definitely benefit my practice in working with clients with personality disorder. Thank you."

Jacqui Nicholls, Social Worker

"I am a newly qualified social worker and have only been in the post 2 weeks. The information and training I received on this course will enhance my practice, benefit my clients and prove invaluable in my future career."

Course Delegate

"Brilliant presentation! Simply perfect."

Rocio Calero, Psychiatrist

"I have found the whole course a fantastic way not only to increase my awareness and knowledge of personality disorder, but to think practically about techniques that can help improve my practice and the service which I offer to service users."

Jemma Greenbank, Activity Coordinator

"The course surpassed my expectations and I am keen to put into practice what I've learnt over the 3 days."

Vanessa Bailey, Primary Care Liaison Nurse

"Waited for years for a course like this. Thank you."

Isabel Eddy, CPN

"Excellent course. The facilitator managed to make challenging subject area an interesting, stimulating and fun 3-days. Will definitely be recommending it to colleagues to enable the team to present a consistent and productive approach. Thank you!"

Tilda Dowden, CBT Therapist/Link Worker

"The course was recommended and I would recommend it!"

Denise Howes, Social Worker

"Excellent course, very high standard in all aspects … I would recommend these courses to others."

Sarah Price, CMHN

"This course has been very valuable … the tutor could not be praised more – very structured, friendly and easy to understand. Enjoyed the discussion. Will recommend to others!"

Ross Chernin, Clinical Psychologist

"A three day course which flew by, interesting, interactive and relevant, mainly due to the way in which it was presented by the tutor. Thank you."

Matthew Watkins, RNMH

"I would recommend this course as it is one of the most guidance based training programs I have been on."

Jonathan Morris, Course Delegate

"I am sorry to say – I thought it was brilliant! I have learnt so much that I feel I can use."

Leah Bruer, Psychologist

"Well structured and varied delivery in a language that enabled learning development of practice ideas … I am leaving the course with lots of tools to apply to practice and renewed ideas to adapt my practice approach to enable a focused approach to interventions."

Ann Hiller, Social Worker

"An excellent interactive learning experience … I am inspired to try out some of the strategies and tool kit with clients. Thank you."

Ann Aslett, Care Manager

"Presented in an excellent way. A must-do course for all staff."

Course Delegate

"A very enjoyable, informative course containing very relevant information. Very well presented and in a way that was easily understood and well explained. Learning made enjoyable and effortless."

Roisin McNelis, Staff Nurse

"Really enjoyed the course, extremely relevant to my setting. Gave me inspiration to keep working with personality disorders."

Anne Baxter, Staff Nurse

"Enjoyed this course very much. I feel I've learned many useful tips which I can use regularly and remember easily."

Ruth McNaul, Staff Nurse

"Very useful, feel I can go away and work with people suffering from personality disorder with more confidence and in a clearer and effective way. Really enjoyed the course."

Lynne Woodhouse, Staff Nurse

"Very informative, all material relevant. Can be easily used in ward settings."

Fiona Randall, Social Worker

"Brilliant, excellent. Waited 10½ years for this course."

Patrick O'Brien, CST Manager

"Educative and excellent use of visual aids which actually matched the handout contents which is one of the best, if not the best handout booklet I have received."

A Subratty, Staff Nurse

"Excellent teaching style – very interactive and stimulating. Good relating back to practice and giving examples used in real life situations. Thank you very much."

Vanessa Wragg, CPN Active Outreach

"Riveting and extremely professionally presented. Would recommend others to do this course, definitely."

Glynis Thomas, Day Services Manager

"I found the course content was very stimulating and excellent and very helpful, it has enlightened my knowledge and skills and most of all my thinking has changed."

Sara Atchamah, CPN

"I have a particular interest in personality disorders and how professionals receive those clients. The course helped me to understand the core concepts of diagnosis and treatment process, which before attending was a bit of a grey area. The information will hopefully help me in delivering a more appropriate level of care to this particular client group."

Mary Quirke, Support Worker

"The best three day course, relevant to my work place as a nurse, good use of OHP and useful handbook to refer to in the future. I now have a better understanding of patients diagnosed with personality disorders."

T Tshabangu, RMN

"This course has definitely changed my view on personality disorders. I believe I can now use what I have learnt over the past 3 days to help me be more understanding of personality disorder and what works with this type of client. The tutor was excellent, the use of group work is so beneficial and the 3 quizzes were an excellent way of retaining information from the course."

Debra Allin, Senior Staff Nurse

"Excellent course. Broadened my knowledge base considerably. Interesting content, good teaching style and very well presented."

Phil Spencer, Clinical Nurse (Substance Misuse)

"No criticisms, excellent in content and delivery. Relevant to current and future practice."

H Cowburn, Senior Social Worker

"A very interesting, thought provoking course, excellent presentation. It also gave relevant approaches to deal with a difficult client group and encouraged me to read further."

Tessa Norgate, Mental Health Practitioner

"This was an excellent course, very well presented, informative and useful. Both the theory and practical sessions were interesting and useful and the opportunity to revise information for quizzes helped to consolidate learning."

Marie Ansell, Mental Health Practitioner

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and particularly the experiential aspect. It was very useful to reflect upon my own work with this client group and to hear about others' experiences. The theoretical input during the course has also been gratefully received in terms of applying certain elements of the varying approaches presented to practice."

Vicky Edwards-Johnson, Counselling Psychologist in Training

"Clear, concise material presented extremely well – provided a great deal of clarification to issues that I previously only had a little knowledge on. Useful info on management and approaches to clients with personality disorder."

Amanda Baillie, Social Worker

"It is very rewarding to gain all the information you gave so as to improve myself when it comes to dealing with such clients at work. Thanks a lot."

Steve Shelukindo, Support Worker

"The course is very beneficial and has provided me with more ways of confidently supporting people with personality disorder and a better understanding of the disorder."

Lucy Kionga, Behaviour Support Worker

"Excellent presentation, information and new insight and metaphors to use. Very good thanks."

Michael Bates, Mental Health Therapist

"I have really enjoyed this course – it will enhance my practice and something to share with colleagues – and encourage them to attend their valuable course in the future."

George Luximin, CPN

"Very good presentation with humour, easy to listen to and I remembered a lot because the important details were repeated and the quiz was a very good idea. Wish more of our course presentations were this good!"

Karen Bromley, Mental Health Social Worker

"Very enjoyable course. Informative, relevant, practical and well presented."

Clare Wright, Clinical Psychologist

"I enjoyed the course very much and appreciated the opportunity to reflect on issues, the bound overheads to take away, good exercises and non stressful atmosphere. The right mix of information and practical exercises and reflection/discussion."

Mary Reilly, Head of Learning Disability

"Put at ease right from the start. Thoroughly engrossed throughout the course, would have liked even more days!"

Jane Ross, CPN

"Educative and excellent use of visual aids which actually matched the handout contents, which if one of the, if not the best I have ever received. I felt valued and never felt 'stupid' when faced with new terminologies, as clear and simple explanation was given."

A.Subratty, Staff Nurse

"Excellent teaching style - very interactive and stimulating. Good relating back to practice and giving examples used in real life situations. Thank you very much"

Vanessa Wragg, CPN Active Outreach

"I really appreciated the presenting style of the presenter. Open, informed, knowledgeable and obviously very skilled. As a practitioner it was valuable for me to understand what treatments are available to people with personality disorder and how these can be incorporated into my current working style. A really worthwhile course that both enhances practice and knowledge."

David Bailey, Systemic Psychotherapist

"Really useful balance between listening, working in small groups and participating with the role plays. Quiz at the end of the course was really helpful just to see how much I could remember."

Sarah Jay, Activity Coordinator

"This course has presented me with theoretical background and systems approach to work with personality disorders. Group work was interesting. Handbook is very useful for future reference. I am going to use it as a guide to start devising plans for approaches to treatment for my clients … It was a very interesting course for me. The facilitator was fantastic."

Mala Seenauth, Community MH Nurse

"Extremely informative, thought provoking and enjoyable day. A lot to be gained from this training … Tutor's presentation was excellent."

Elaine Luke, Senior Social Work Practitioner

"Very informative and well presented – delivered in a way that kept me interested and able to take it all in. I normally 'shut down' at seminars/presentations where you are talked at all day. This never happened at all. The trainer kept my interest throughout by using his knowledge in an interesting and humorous way."

Louise Couper, Social Worker

"Very well presented and informative training day … Helped classify a definition of 'what is personality disorder' for me, thanks."

Colin Thomson, Team Leader

"Excellent day, good mix of slides/exercises, even the quiz was enjoyable … Real opportunity to learn and presenter very well able indeed to take questions, expand and explore the issues."

Lesley Campbell, Team Leader

"Course was excellent from beginning to end. Difficult topic was explained extremely clearly and able to understand. The presentation style held the groups attention 100%. Very relevant to be helped to view this service user group in a more positive light. Left the day feeling energised."

Marianne Kilgour, Community Care

"The course material and tutor presentation was clear, concise and understandable. It has opened a broader understanding of this much used term and held with it a thread to the notion of treatability."

Norma Bell, Mental Health Officer

"Very well presented course. Gave a lot of food for thought. Humorously presented."

Frances Fullarton, Social Worker

"Excellent and informative course. Presented in a way which made constructive use of the input by participants. The fun element made this enjoyable and helped the learning. Provided some clarity to an otherwise confusing area."

Eileen Fleming, Social Worker

"I found the course to be very informative and I certainly learned more about personality disorder and issues surrounding the treatment and diagnosis. I liked the learning methods and the combination of factual information and discussion in small groups/quiz at the end of the day. The workbook is a great reference for the future and also contains further reading material."

Margaret Hall, Senior Practitioner

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and believe it has benefited myself particularly in regards to my role of Mental Health Officer. The course was presented in a professional manner but in a relaxed atmosphere which allowed for discussion and participation. I believe I have benefited from the course."

Ian Short, Team Leader

"The material was very informative and will be used as reference in the future. The presentation was first class and will be able to impart the information that met the needs of the group as a whole. Very refreshing and stimulating."

Linda Currie, Social Worker

"Excellent presentation with total contribution of all in attendance. Thought provoking, provided a good base for work with clients. Certainly not boring."

Ann McDill, Senior Practitioner

"I enjoyed the course and it fulfilled my expectations. I feel it will benefit clinical practice … I would recommend all staff working with personality disorder to attend this course."

Eileen Lee, Ward Manager

"I thought the course was excellent. Very well presented and very clear. The workbook was great to have, the tutor was excellent and I enjoyed every day."

Sharon Molinaro, Community Support Worker

"I found the course very useful, the course as a whole changed my perceptions about work with people with personality disorder. I have gained some skills and cannot wait to apply them."

Silvia Chimuchere, CPN

"The course was well presented and well documented. Very useful in my work. It has changed my attitude towards personality disorder. It has given me more insight into the vulnerability and presentation of personality disorder. More confident in approaching personality disordered group of clients."

Permal Ramen, Staff Nurse

"The course was very well presented and provided an excellent insight into the treatments of working with personality disorders. Clear and non-complicated explanations with plenty of time for discussions. I will recommend, 'a must' for all professionals working with this type of client."

Mandy Watson, Staff Nurse

"Clear and well presented, good workbook. Presented a positive approach to a difficult caseload, encouraged optimism. Useful concepts which can be applied. Some points of course validated action/approaches already in use. Hope to implement some and feedback to our team to change practice and generate enthusiasm."

Suzan Gadsby, Senior Nurse/Manager

"I really really enjoyed the course. I've learnt an awful lot … It makes me feel more positive about working with this challenging client group. The presenter was excellent, informative, interesting and knowledgeable. Thank you."

Alison Ashton, RMN

The ADDRESS Course

The ADDRESS® Course for working with Personality Disorder.

A 3-day course.

A powerful integrated package for working effectively with personality disorder.

This course combines relevant aspects of Cognitive Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Motivational Interviewing to form a powerful and systematic intervention for personality disorder. It highlights the problem behaviours associated with personality disorder, how to conceptualise those behaviours in specific cases, how to facilitate insight and motivation in the patient, and how to generate change strategies. Importantly it also gives participants a chance to practise applying them to prepared scenarios.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 93%

Online Live*

Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 95%

*This online live ratings are taken from the last eight runnings of the course in this format.

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