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Realising Recovery course feedback

Realising Recovery and Social Inclusion™, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Realising Recovery and Social Inclusion course has received.

"Really enjoyed the course, the tutor was very knowledgeable and charismatic despite being taken over Zoom. Will definitely look to continue this training in future."

Jacob Wood (Online Live Course)

"Very informative and I will 100% be using this in my day-to-day life and within my role."

Ryan Tourle (Online Live Course)

"Well organised and structured topics with lots to learn. I thought the course was well delivered and planned out with time to absorb the teaching. The course-book was very helpful alongside the online course and I will use this in the future."

Laura Oughton-Auker (Online Live Course)

"Fantastic course and so well presented."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the program which has provided me with lots of tools to use with my clients."

Maureen Smith (Online Live Course)

"Fantastic course, thank you so much and excellent resource to keep."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"Great course, great trainer - really enjoyed it."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"Fantastic course and so well presented."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the two day program which has provided me with lots of tools to use with my clients."

Maureen Smith (Online Live Course)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"I have found this course to be hugely beneficial. The delivery was excellent and I am looking forward to utilizing the skills and supporting my team to use the skills that the past 2 days have provided me with. Thank you."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"I have found this course to be hugely beneficial. The delivery was excellent and I am looking forward to utilizing the skills and supporting my team to use the skills that the past 2 days have provided me with. Thank you."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"I have found this course to be hugely beneficial. The delivery was excellent and I am looking forward to utilizing the skills and supporting my team to use the skills that the past 2 days have provided me with. Thank you."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"I found this course very easy to follow and extremely important in terms of the way we work with people in the present and in the future. People are not defined as their illness and all have a story to tell. Lets never forget whatever role we play in terms of supporting people they are all important key moments in terms of someone's recovery journey. Brilliant course and great facilitation!"

Sonja Chilvers (Online Live Course)

"Brilliant course, great pace, great instructor."

Mark Wymer (Online Live Course)

"Thoroughly enjoyed it! Insightful, informative and incredibly interesting. Would recommend across the trust and other mental health services. 10/10."

Tanya Malcolm, Social Therapist

"I think the course and trainer were amazing. It has been one of the best training courses I have been to."

Course Delegate

"Tutor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject. Was able to give lots of examples and lots of reference points."

Susan Purkis, CPN

"The course has made me want to look at the bigger picture, find out more about the person, to help them move forward."

Lisa Smith, Assistant Practitioner

"I think the course and trainer were amazing. It has been one of the best training courses I have been to."

Sabha, PCAS

"This course was excellent, very positive with some fantastic strategies. It was made more brilliant by the rich resources that the tutor included – especially his personal experiences and direct links with service users. This really underpinned the course well and gave me further confidence and belief in the recovery model. Engaging, passionate and so interesting. Thank you so much, incredibly inspiring."

Nicola Rogers, Wellbeing and Recovery Worker

"Amazing course and such a knowledgeable presenter. So engaging and interesting to listen to and very inspiring. Just wish course was even longer!"

Laura Charleton, OT/EIP Lead

"As ever, an extremely informative and very useful training module. All very well presented and delivered at a pace suited to our needs. Thoroughly recommended!"*

Alan Beattie, Support Worker (*Studied as part of the APT Diploma for Working with Psychosis)

"Amazing, the best training I have ever received in the NHS. A passionate presenter who has inspired me. Thank you."

Jennifer Marillat, Recovery Worker

"I have to say the last 3 days have been excellent. The course has been well presented and the content relevant ... the accompanying book will be great to reference."

Stuart Finlay, CMHN

"An excellently presented and highly practical and relevant course. The first course I've had in a long time where I feel I will actually use the majority of the information I learnt. The trainer was really engaging and I didn't feel the time drag at all."

Lynn Campbell, Support Worker

"An amazing, motivating course, with personal insight from the tutor."

Andrew Hughes, CMH Practitioner

"Informative and helpful, especially having real life experiences of recovery - inspirational and encouraging."

Beth Underwood

"The tutors made the course totally inspirational for me. They have a warm and fantastic way of teaching which made learning a lot easier. I feel so much more confident in my ability to recover to a brighter future."

Donna Smith

"Excellent course. Brilliant mix of information, discussion, exercises, further reading and evidence-based HOPE. I really value having the (in my experience) unique model of having people with significant experience of mental health issues leading the course - they shared first-hand knowledge, ideas and techniques with such wisdom and compassion. This alone was extremely valuable, brilliantly complemented by an excellently researched, referenced and presented handbook. I have done a lot of courses - this is really one of the very best I have ever done. Please please continue to fund this, it will not only prevent illness in the individuals who do it and speed up wellness but also to others in society. Many thanks to all involved."

Chris Keppie

"Absolutely fantastic training with a perfect mix of presentation, talking and exercises."

Deborah Regan Staff Nurse

"It was training good enough beyond my expectation. I am really impressed of the knowledge base of the presenter and the collaborative way of presenting topics. The audio visual aids really contributed in moving the new learning from short term to long term memory."

Zakir Shuaib, Substance Misuse Specialist

"Absolutely fantastic training with perfect mix of presentations, talking and exercises."

Deborah Regan, Staff Nurse

"The sessions were very well presented and inspirational! I feel I have gained lots of new skills and knowledge that will be useful to me and to clients I work with."

Eva Urbankova, Staff Nurse

"Really enjoyed this course, learnt loads! Looking forward to applying this with my work."

Course Delegate

"A subject that I thought could be difficult to digest was presented in such a way that it was down to earth, refreshing and engaging for everyone on the course. Many thanks."

Course Delegate

"I have really enjoyed the course. It has given me a lot of tools that I can use within my workplace to help with clients I deal with. The trainer was great and very helpful in answering questions if unsure about a subject on the course. I have really learnt a lot from it. Thank you."

Jazmine Bonneu, Caseworker

"The tutor was professional, engaging, entertaining and informative. They had an infectious energy and we can take that enthusiasm back to our workplace. I am looking forward to trying it all out on our service users, and hoping for some positive results for them."

Sue Whelan, Substance Misuse Outreach Worker

"Excellent course - really made me think about my day to day practice and interaction with clients. Will definitely be introducing this Recovery Model into my working day."

Amanda Jones, Substance Misuse Worker

"An excellent course with welcome attention to application to practice. Very knowledgeable and inspiring tutor with excellent teaching skills ... overall a fantastic course which I will recommend to others."

Blue Bailey-Hunt, RNMH

"This has been a fantastic course. It is very informative and really helped me to challenge and hopefully improve my skills. It was very well presented."

Claire Attwood, STR Worker

"Good interactive content throughout ... A privilege to be involved and I don't say that of all training. Thank you."

Stephen McDonald, Drug and Alcohol Worker

"Exceptional course - really enjoyed it. Felt re-enthused about the recovery agenda and how this can practically be implemented within our service. Thank you!"

Kath Livsey, Team Leader

"Brilliant materials and really good mix of presentation ... I have learned so much from the course - I work with people experiencing mental health issues and I can directly use what I have learned with them to pass on recovery skills."

Tamina Harvey, Mental Health Support Coordinator

"I really enjoyed the course, I found it inspirational and moving at times. The tutors were great, they made everyone feel valued and welcome. The resources are top notch."

Angie Kelly, IPS

"I cannot speak highly enough of all those involved in this project ... Attending the course validated my own experience. I was able to identify elements of my own journey, link theory to the practices I had employed and expand my own knowledge and understanding. I now feel better equipped to continue on my own journey and more able to support others on their journey to recovery."

Phil Reid, Staff Nurse

"I have volunteered for various charities and organisations over the years and I can honestly say that this has been the most satisfying thing I have ever done. It has been a real privilege to be amongst such special people and to share in their thoughts and feelings."

Julie Stanley, Volunteer

"Both affirming and inspirational. Very evidence and research based. Useful practice based skill reinforcement. Cannot recommend this enough as a confirmative use of recovery as a client/service journey. Very good service of 'togetherness' with service user/client tools and insight. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"An inspiring workshop that reinvigorated my belief in the recovery approach. All three days were an amazing opportunity to not only recognise how much of our practice current accords with the model but also to draw upon the presenter's impressive knowledge and enthusiasm. Thank you."

John Davies, Clinical Psychologist

"This course was brilliant. The tutor was great! Very interesting and relevant to my role and current climate in mental health services, feel I am taking away loads more tools for my toolkit. Thanks to Keith for sharing all his knowledge, personal experience and expertise. Have really enjoyed this course as well as learning loads. Thanks."

Mandy Warne, CSW

"I felt very satisfied about the whole course. It was well presented and left with the required skills to implement in providing a better knowledge base. Many thanks."

Donna McCarthy, HCA

"I really enjoyed this course. One of the best presented I have ever attended. A lot o relevant material delivered in a memorable fashion. The presenter had a wealth of experience and knowledge and excellent presentation skills."

Steven Welsh, Consultant Psychiatrist

"Excellent course, lots of ideas to bring forward and introduce to our area of work. Well presented, excellent content. Great to share ideas with staff from all levels and areas of expertise."

Frances Robertson, SCN

"Course was presented in a non-patronising, non-threatening (or anxiety provoking) way which was interesting, relevant and informative. I found it very enjoyable and thought provoking. Best course I have been on in a long time! Thank you."

Alison Evans, CPN

"I really enjoyed the presentation and relevance of this course to my practice. The course has highlighted useful tools to use in evidencing a successful recovery for my patients. Overall this course will easily be adaptable in my own practice. Thanks."

Sian Davis, RMN

"Excellent course with good provision of materials. Tutors was excellent, very informative and helpful."

Wendy Coy, Substance Misuse Care Coordinator

"The course was just what I needed to move forward with a recovery approach. Excellently presented to reach and be understood by the different fractions of the group. A very practical and insightful course which I will be able to truly use in my work setup. Thank you."

Phyllis King, Support time and Recovery Worker

"I enjoyed the course immensely and found the tutor incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject he was delivering. I already believe that I work in a highly recovery focused fashion but feel that I have learnt several new methods and techniques that I will be able to incorporate into my daily therapeutic work."

James Deakin, Criminal Justice SMW

"This was an excellent course that provided interesting background and underpinning academic research and evidence for the Recovery agenda. How wonderful to spend 2 days with a tutor who not only had a bottomless wealth of experience and knowledge in working in mental health but has also experienced mental illness and his own 'recovering'. Powerful material and useful exercises that enabled me to see that the things I do because they "feel right" actually have relevant roots in recovery."

Sarah Flynn, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"Fantastic, informative and enjoyable training course. Good use of literature within presentation and for handouts. Good use of humour, case studies, videos, audios to illustrate 'recovery'. Group work and role play actually useful and thought provoking. Thank you very much."

Anna Jones, CPN, Substance Misuse Worker

"Excellent course, extremely refreshing, informative and focused upon the people we work with rather than the service/system. I have learnt much that I can use in my daily practice and I have left each day inspired and motivated."

Sharon Roberts, CPN

"I really enjoyed the 'story telling' aspect of this course and felt it was a powerful facilitation of learning and developing a better understanding of how to help people who are experiencing (often) an array of problems. I really enjoyed the videos."

Grace Kelsey, CPN (Substance Misuse)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the two days. I'm inspired. I plan to spend time visiting the evidence based information I need to build my own strength and confidence which will hopefully make me a more effective provider/coach."

Lorraine Devereux, CPN

"I was astounded by the knowledge/expertise and personal experience that the tutor brought to the course. The content of the course was exceptional – it greatly reassured me that my work practice is recovery orientated … I am completely satisfied and happy with the course. It was two days of pure learning in an environment that the tutor created the conditions around. Thank you!"

Peter Moorhouse, Corporate Recovery Manager

"Refreshment for a recovering burnt out nurse! … Only course that I can recall which really will improve client experience and quality of care. Should be delivered to all student nurses."

Course Delegate, CPN

"The enthusiasm and energy of the tutor was infectious, making the training highly enjoyable."

Lynnbritt Brown, Locality Manager

"Excellent, thank you - this has been the kick-start for our service to be more recovery focused."

Richard Franklin (feedback taken 4 months after the course)

"An excellent course, which was relevant to my area of work. It was interactive and very enjoyable. Full of useful ideas which I can take into practice."

Yvette Strudwick, SS/N

"This was an amazing and beneficial 3 days. It ticks all the boxes that I had placed in my mind when commissioning this course. It was attended by a great diversity of practitioners and was very well received by everybody! This course will be the acorn that grows into a Recovery Oak that will be the shelter and support for our Mental Health Service user group."

Graham Duerden, Manager (Day Services)

"I enjoyed the course greatly. It was excellently presented in an open and un-pressured atmosphere. It helped me reflect on my current practice and gave me skills and knowledge that I believe will enhance my practice and improve the quality of the care I deliver."

Brian Prendergast, Clinical Nurse Manager

"While I was already in the mind-frame for engaging in recovery orientated practise and aware of the concepts, I have been exposed to new methods of delivering on this concept in my field of practise. It has also validated my thoughts and feelings on the way in which I have chosen to engage with service users."

Imelda Maguire, Acting Clinical Nurse Manager

"Enjoyable learning experience. Good balance of information giving, supported by exceptional learning exercises."

Martin Doolan, Psychologist

"I loved every aspect of the course - very relevant to my work and how I wish to see it progress - it's an exciting time for mental health practitioners - promoting a new way to address "healing". Thank you very much for your energy, inspiration and workforce presentation. Please arrange a review course soon!"

Eve Bellis, Social Worker (MH Service)

"I feel the course was of great benefit to me and I will consciously endeavour to apply it in the hostel where I work. The tutor was an excellent and exemplary facilitator. He made huge efforts to make sure we understood each and every aspect. He was very professional in his presentation and he had a very friendly warm and helpful approach. I've learned so much over the past few days and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. Overall it was a wonderful and rewarding course."

Mary Fairhurst, Staff Nurse

"The tutor was ideal in every way to deliver this wonderful course which I will use in my practice and my personal life. Thank you."

Libby Carew-Eichholz, Staff Nurse

"I really enjoyed the course and cannot wait to apply it in my relationships with patients."

Chioma Ene, Junior Doctor

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Content excellent and relevant, delivery was excellent, facilitator was excellent, helpful and pleasant and the group was great fun."

Kay Coburn, Acting Assistant Director of Nursing

"Beneficial to current practice."

Kevin Kissane, Course Delegate

"Enjoyed, benefited and hope to put it into practice on a regular basis."

Bernie Lynch, Course Delegate

"The reading material was very clearly and well presented ... very well paced, ethically sound. Good dynamics in group. Respectful of the experiences and knowledge already in the group."

Anne Barrett, Social Work Team Leader

"Course very well presented in a clear and understanding way. A lot of what I have learned over the last three days will be of great benefit to me in the future when dealing with clients."

Elizabeth McDonald, CNS Rehabilitation Psychiatry

"Course was informative and reinforced what we have been doing loosely for years - but will now be to formalise and implement on a more structured basis in our work practices. It will hopefully benefit both staff and patients."

Maria Dunne, Clinical Nurse Manager

"I found the course excellent."

Course Delegate

Realising Recovery course

Realising Recovery and Social Inclusion.™

A 3-day course. (2-day version also available.)

"The redefinition of recovery as a process of personal discovery, of how to live well with enduring symptoms and vulnerabilities opens the possibility of recovery to all …." (Roberts, G & Wolfson, P.). This course aims to present you with a similarly inspiring presentation that educates, develops skills, and motivates you to use them.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 96%

Online Live*

Presentation: 93%

Relevance: 93%

*This online live ratings are taken from the last eight runnings of the course in this format.