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Motivational Interviewing course feedback

Motivational Interviewing and how to use it effectively, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Motivational Interviewing, and how to use it effectively course has received.

"I have improved my knowledge and skills in attending this Motivational Interviewing course. I will be using the three stages to help give advice, as I feel this will illicit the best response from the service user. I will be implementing Motivation Interviewing techniques into my professional practice. Course was very well presented, covering all aspects of Motivational Interviewing techniques and underpinning with best practice, and research."

Maria Williams ('Online Live' version)

"The course was really interesting and valuable. I liked the use of role-plays, alongside the slides. The tutor was a brilliant course facilitator, who provided the right balance of taught content alongside experiential learning. It was an informative and fun 3 days, and I learnt skills I will utilise throughout my career!"

Emma Thompson ('Online Live' version)

"Really good course, I feel I have learnt so much from it."

Courteney Mellin-Close ('Online Live' version)

"Really enjoyed the course, the tutor explained the format and recapped regularly. Gave us chance to ask questions and if we were struggling would recap. She had a wide range of knowledge and experience in this field which was interesting how she adapted to different situations."

Jayne Moss ('Online Live' version)

"An excellent course. Thank you to our tutor ... I highly recommend this course."

Course delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Thank you so much, it was a wonderful course and I've learnt a lot."

Gill Moore ('Online Live' version)

"The tutor was fantastic at facilitating some great discussions in the group, and it was a wonderful place to reflect on how to use this theory in practice and how we may already be using it."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"I found this course to be very insightful and it has provided me with information and skills that I will be able to apply to my everyday work. Before starting the course I thought that Motivational Interviewing was something I had never done, however, as the course went along, I realised that I do apply some of the content I had learn subconsciously. The lecturer was fab! ... I definitely recommend this course!"

Eliza Gomez ('Online Live' version)

"The course was very interesting and kept us engaged at all times. The tutor was very good at explaining the theories and how we can apply them to our roles."

Opal Warner ('Online Live' version)

"I really enjoyed the last few days and just want to say a big thank you for all the knowledge and learning you have facilitated ... Everything was relevant to my current post and I am very hopeful I will put everything to good use."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Fantastic course and exactly what is needed for my organisation. I will be taking and implementing a lot back to work."

Christian Robinson ('Online Live' version)

"I very much enjoyed the course and found the material very helpful. The course was extremely well presented and I feel that I learnt alot. Keen to put the skills into practice."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Excellent printed material, presentation, and tutor! I learned a great deal and it will help me as a clinician and improve service delivery for patients."

Dr Claire Frampton ('Online Live' version)

"The tutor was fantastic, made the content really relevant and understandable through use of lots of real life examples, his delivery was natural and inclusive. Really enjoyed this course!"

Martina Doherty ('Online Live' version)

"I found the course very engaging. I have benefitted from the tutor's extensive experience with a wide range of clients in various settings. I have definitely improved my skills and feel more confident to support clients with making changes in their lives."

Amanda Kenny ('Online Live' version)

"This was a very relevant course, delivered in a efficient and engaging way. Laura was great and it felt like the right mix of group and breakout room content throughout. The course was delivered with great professionalism. This was great for the various roles of the participants and the discussion surrounding each of the modules was excellent for gaining experience."

Becky Bowles ('Online Live' version)

"I genuinely think this was the best course I've ever been on. The facilitator kept everyone engaged and the balance between slides, roleplay and group discussions was perfect."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"I really enjoyed this course - I was so engaged - the person delivering it was so knowledgeable and great at making it relevant to each person. Could not recommend enough."

Sasha Eyre ('Online Live' version)

"This training has been so interesting and helpful ... This has made me think differently about my role as a Care Coordinator. I feel like this will give me a better structure t o help patients and improve my practise. I wouldn't change a thing about the training. You kept us so engaged. It was the perfect balance of sharing your knowledge, your own experiences and humour to educate us. Thank you."

Lynsey Marsh ('Online Live' version)

"So pleased with the course and the delivery of it. It flowed so well as a virtual course and I got a lot from it. The tutor was a calm, knowledgeable and encouraging facilitator who presented the content superbly."

Samantha Weaver ('Online Live' version)

"I was worried about a 3 day online course. I shouldn't have been. It was excellent. Presentation made it very enjoyable and thorough."

Lauren Kerby ('Online Live' version)

"I found this course very interesting and very well presented. With it being on Zoom it worked very well and the breakout rooms were good for small group discussions!"

Lauren Kerby ('Online Live' version)

"Excellent course, excellent presenter, throughly enjoyable and relevant . The most engaged I have been on a training course for a long, long time."

Philip McNally ('Online Live' version)

"This was an excellent course. The content was extremely relevant for our work area, the pace was perfect throughout and I was really interested in the content. Most importantly, the tutor presented the course perfectly. She has a very good presenting style, excellent depth of knowledge, brings in relevant and useful examples, metaphors and info, I felt engaged throughout."

Iain Pearson ('Online Live' version)

"The training has been both informative and entertaining. All of the course content is relevant to the teams, and my own, way of working and I am proud to see them trying it out with clients already! I'm looking forward to integrating this in to my practice with both staff and students."

Adele Jackson ('Online Live' version)

"I've really enjoyed this course. I found it, interesting and thought provoking and I think I will find it useful in practice. It was also very well delivered. Thank you!"

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"The tutor facilitated a great learning experience and environment through Zoom ... Great Course!"

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"I enjoyed the course and found the tutor to be incredibly engaging and insightful. She held my interest all the way through. I've come away with some new skills, as well as revisiting ones I had already."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Really enjoyed the course which was wonderfully presented and enhanced by the tutor - she really brought it to life! It was a thoroughly practical course and looking forward to practicing and learning more."

Elaine McMahon ('Online Live' version)

"The best and most inspirational training I’ve completed."

Sammy Quinn, Family Support Worker

"Wow, what an amazing course this was! Trainer made the 3-day training interactive, funny and so adaptive to different groups of professionals in the room. There are so many tools/aspects of MI that I hope I will carry on to everyday practice. Highly recommend course for social care professionals."

Gosia Gladys, Operational Manager

"Fantastic course, very useful. Very well presented and delivered. Content relevant to our role and will definitely change how I practice. All tools were helpful. Course was most interesting I have been on."

Wendy McCann, Family Support Worker

"A very useful and powerful course and allowed me to really reflect on my practice and work towards better outcomes for my clients. Thank you!"

Cheryl Kermode, Family Support Worker

"Very interesting, thought provoking and essential to all clinical staff irrespective of discipline."

Sally Li, PWP

"This is my favourite course of all training I have ever completed! The tutor was very engaging and her passion was evident through her delivery. I feel motivated to try to implement this into my practice and believe that it will be really beneficial to my client group – so many useful techniques discussed!"

Sharon Murphy, Assessing Social Worker

"The tutor is an exceptional presenter – very knowledgeable, experienced and personable. The venue was excellent, very comfortable and accessible. Training materials were logical, detailed and thorough. Best training I’ve attended, would definitely recommend to others.."

Eleanor Tomlinson, Educational Psychologist

"I came to this 3-day course thinking what could I possibly learn. I was amazed to understand and attain a lot more knowledge I had about it. I thoroughly recommend this to senior managers and junior clinical staff alike."

Sandeep Singh, Consultant Psychiatrist

"Enjoyed every second of this training, recommend to all staff."

Course Delegate

"The course was absolutely amazing and will be beneficial and relevant to my wok. It came exactly at the moment I needed it."

Alexandra Buzian, Family Support Worker

"I would definitely recommend this course to others and have found it very relevant to take back to my own practice."

Deborah Hodges, Intensive Family Support Worker

"I would definitely recommend this course to others and have found it very relevant to take back to my own practice."

Deborah Hodges, Intensive Family Support Worker

"This was excellent training that was enlivened by the tutor giving many examples of real life examples of practice, and also other examples of theory and practice linked to other psychotherapies which build the knowledge base of the group as a whole. There was an excellent balance of hands on role play and theory."

Family Support Worker / Early Help Advisor

"One of the most useful courses I have ever attended in terms of how to facilitate change for clients. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable, very experienced in psychology and presented the material at a perfect pace, constantly demonstrating how to use techniques to help move clients forward."

Donna Emsley, Intensive Family Support Practitioner

"This course has been stimulating and thought provoking and will undoubtedly change my practice and that of my colleagues."

Elizabeth Taylor, Specialist MH Clinical Pharmacist

"Very stimulating, interesting and highly relevant to my work. Motivational interviewing will definitely enhance the professional quality of my client work, to maximise client support."

Paul Stewart, Mental Health Advisor

"Very inspiring and I am looking forward to further developing my skills while working with people."

Celine Chies, Mental Health Advisor

"A high quality course that far exceeded expectation, both in terms of thoroughness and richness of the content and skills and qualification of the trainer."

Intensive Family Support Keyworker

"I thought the course was brilliant! So well delivered."

Alma Shield, Intensive Family Support Keyworker

"The best training I have done in a long time that I think is going to be useful for my job and will enable me to do my job more effectively and hopefully achieve good outcomes and make positive changes in my families."

Intensive Family Support Worker

"Absolutely wonderful, insightful course. Learnt a huge amount of new information and how to apply it in practice. Very thought provoking for personal and professional practice. Thank you."

Denise Arnott-Rooney Nurse Education Consultant

"Simply a wonderful experience with lots to take home and use in my life as a GP."

Ramesh Mehay, GP

"Really positive and reflective course. Well-presented and very knowledgeable about the subject. Would recommend to peers."

R. Arnold Health and Wellbeing

"Very good, there's no more I can say. The best course I have been on in a long time!"

Project Worker

"The tutor was fascinating - full of knowledge and vast experience in many fields - I would recommend this course to all employees in health and social care."

Support Worker

"I have new confidence, not only that I have refreshed and updated, but also that my team have gotten so much from the course."

Amanda Jones, Head of Physiotherapist

"I was pleasantly surprised how evocative/thought provoking this course was. There were at least 3 'golden nuggets' which I felt I could take away and utilise in practice."

Zena Olney, Community Learning Disability Nurse

"A highly enjoyable, interactive and meaningful 2-day course; am looking forward to implementing and incorporating into my clinical practice. Very engaging teaching format with good relevant examples that could be easily related to."

Zena Olney, Community Learning Disability Nurse

"Outstanding course. Should be mandatory for all professionals in education and children’s services to promote an increase in reflective practice."

Harry Ainscough, Virtual School Head, Redcar & Cleveland

"Really well presented and informative course. The tutor was exceptionally knowledgeable and happy to share experiences and knowledge. The course has given me the tools to assess where clients are with the stages of change and the confidence to implement and challenge."

Joanne Churms, Senior Early help Keyworker

"Fantastic training and very well presented. I feel validated in my skills and learnt so much."

Louisa Gourham, Substance Misuse Nurse

"This was an excellent course, very well presented. I am going to be able to put many of the ideas discussed here into my practice immediately. I would be very keen to attend further courses of this calibre."

Helen Gould, Clinical Psychologist

"One of the best training courses I have been on, very interesting topic and different methods of learning! I will definitely use this in my day to day role."

Michelle De Sousa, PWP

"I really enjoyed the course. It has renewed my enthusiasm for my work."

Martina Conway, Substance Misuse Practitioner

"Very well presented, easily understood and beneficial to future practice."

Victoria Vautier, Community Mental Health Nurse

"Well delivered training, relaxed atmosphere which enabled me to learn and feel comfortable to ask questions. The course covered all expectations and feel that I have benefited from it and can confidently take it back into the workplace."

Sam Edwards, Deputy Service Manager

"Very good course and would highly recommend to other professionals."

Course Delegate

"Fantastic course, much needed missing element of my training and interventions will now be positively impacted."

Course Delegate

"Excellent training and trainer! The most enjoyable one I’ve been on for years! It was all very relevant to my work and I feel it will benefit my practice greatly."

Course Delegate

"I have wanted to attend this course for years and it should be offered as mandatory training."

Course Delegate

"Exceptionally valuable training and the best I’ve been on in a long time."

Course Delegate

"Absolutely amazing and thoroughly enjoyable course. A must for all professionals in mental health. Well presented by the tutor, sharing personal stories and experiences helped me to make sense of it. Loads of skills to take away and implement with patients to improve their journey through services and their wellbeing. Booklet is fabulous for reference and gentle reminders. Thank you."

Judi Pitman, Deputy Ward Sister

"This was an excellent course, one of the most practical and useful I’ve had in some time. Useful examples of practice used throughout to explain all aspect of motivational interviewing. I would definitely recommend the course to others as I feel it will have a positive impact on my practice in community mental health. Thank you very much."

Donna, Occupational Therapist

"Excellent presentation throughout. I thought it was immaculately structured and presented with a perfect balance of lecturing/groupwork. The group clearly felt at ease due to the tutor’s easy and friendly manner."

Daniel Aston, Employment Specialist

"Really impressed with both content and presentation of course. Presentation was outstanding – engaging, interesting and obvious wealth of experience, skill and knowledge behind this. Thank you!"

Leigh Ann Corcoran, Senior Mental Health Practitioner

"This was fun and very informative. Enjoyed it immensely. I can envisage using this in practice."

Dr Dianne Phillips, Speciality Dr.

"I found it amazing to watch people convert into the MI way of thinking. Andre was patient and kept the optimism and energy high throughout."

Rebecca Tooth, Mental Health Nurse

"Very relevant to role. Will be invaluable when working productively with families. Tutor style very good in keeping me focused and enjoying the course. Good group experience due to this."

Maria Turner, Social Worker

"The training was well presented and relevant to my work. It was very interactive and offered a lot of examples. The trainer was very knowledgeable in different areas."

Sharon Phiri, Advanced Practitioner

"I feel that I have benefited enormously from this course and have identified numerous actions to implement at work straightaway."

Jane, Complex Case Manager – Weight Management

"Course full of relevant information. Good mix of learning styles through presentations, small and whole group exercises. Very well delivered and knowledgeable course tutor."

Adam Frost, Fitness Development Co-ordinator

"Very enjoyable and well-presented course, full of great ideas and metaphors J Tutor was very motivating to all participants making all feel involved."

Emma, Staff Nurse

"I found the course delivered in a very professional manner, with the tutor showing a high level of content knowledge throughout, thus instilling confidence within my learning. Thank you."

D Johnson, course delegate

"Great work … I would recommend this to everyone who wants it. Absolutely amazing!"

Matthew Nyambi, Drug & Alcohol Worker

"I found the course really interesting. The way it was put/presented was fantastic. I feel everything was covered, our tutor was fantastic. I also feel the course has nothing to improve on as it is brilliant."

Felicity Collins, Edge of Care

"Excellent training and trainer! The most enjoyable one I’ve been on for years! It was all very relevant to my work and I feel it will benefit my practice greatly."

Wendy Roberts, Team Coordinator

"Exceptionally valuable training and the best I’ve been on in a long time."

Donna Easton, Midwife

"I thought this course was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed it. Mike was an amazing trainer, his real life experiences brought the training to life. I would highly recommend this course to others."

Family Support Worker

"Best training I have been on."

Josie Shinn, Probation Officer

"Fantastic course, much needed missing element of my training and interventions will now be positively impacted."

Ruth Taylor, Nutritional Therapist

"I feel that I have benefited enormously from this course and have identified numerous actions to implement at work straightaway."

Course Delegate

"I feel that this course has taught me a lot and I am looking forward to putting this into practice in my day to day job. I feel that it has had or will have such a huge impact in my role and my ability to get more out of our clients and save so much time."

Case Coordinator – Weight Management

"This is the most useful and relevant course I have attended for a long time. Well-presented and delivered in a thoughtful and interesting way. Thoroughly recommend to other services."

Jo Bradley, Outreach Worker

"I now feel much more informed on the Stages of Change and Motivational Interviewing. I have thought of several of my cases which may benefit from this approach. I am looking forward to using this in my practice. Many thanks, really very enjoyable."

Maria Fleming, School Social Worker

"Thank you, most useful training I have done."

Course delegate, Motivational Interviewing

"Great material that really came alive because of the presentation and engagement skills of the tutor. I’m going back to work with many things that will aid and enhance my approach and my practice."

Terry McCutcheon, Director

"Exceptional course taught with passion and an impressive background level of experience."

Neil Brandon, CTL

"The most relevant bit of CPD I’ve had since I graduated."

Louise Hawkins, Pysiotherapist/Research Assistant

"Excellent mix of presenting and group work, very interactive. The tutor has a very nice and engaging presentation style, very knowledgeable. I will definitely read more about motivational interviewing and will use it in my work and private life. Overall – fantastic course. Will highly recommend it to anyone who is working with people."

Course Delegate

"The course was fantastic. The whole points covered were on point!! The trainer has a wealth of knowledge and is very skilled. Everything covered was applicable to my work and I will definitely be reflecting on them regularly."

Rebecca Arinze, Parenting Coordinator

"Experienced facilitator who brings a wealth of professional knowledge both historical and current to the training and the wider learning experience."

Lovemore Kombo, Social Worker

"This is one of the most effective professional courses I have done and the tutor was absolutely brilliant. We could not wish for a better tutor - down to earth, knowledgeable, approachable and a lot of good examples."

Francess Bendu, Senior Practitioner

"A brilliantly informative course that has changed how I will view our role, and how we should approach conversations with service users. Our tutor was engaging, knowledgeable and interesting. Would highly recommend the course to colleagues. Many thanks."

Mike Riley, Project Coordinator

"This course is a must for all qualified staff."

Dave Beeharry, Staff Nurse

"Excellent course, highly recommended. I feel it was well pitched and suited my expectations. I feel I have learnt a lot, have acknowledged some good work I already do in this area and have developed my skills to further enhance my ability to support and motivate others to take ownership of their lives. Very empowering!"

Rhiannon Bennett, Participation Officer

"This course was excellent and very informative. It will inform my future practice as it fits perfectly within my current role as a youth worker. I have been on many courses and this rates very high, one of the best courses I have been on in a long while. Many thanks."

John Allan, Youth Worker

"I found the course interesting, rewarding and relevant to my practice. It's excited me about using this approach with clients and trying to apply it in all aspects of my life. The tutor presented things in an understandable and memorable way. I'd love to attend another APT course in the future and can see myself reviewing the material regularly."

Ruth Pacey, OT

"Fantastic training, the tutor was an an amazing facilitator. I learnt a lot that I can use both professionally and personally. The book that goes with it is brilliant to help jog my memory in the weeks to come. Thank you."

Kimberley Fuller, FIP Keyworker

"Brilliant course. Comprehensively covered and well delivered. Will be taking all aspects into my working environment and will also continue to study the subject in more detail. Was a refreshing, inspiring way of working with clients that has their issues held in mind and not focusing on organisational outcomes. Was a course I would recommend every support type worker in both the statutory and voluntary sector attend."

Trae Sheahan, Family Support Worker

"Will definitely recommend this course. Very applicable in personal and professional life."

Evelyne Jackman, Adoption Social Worker

"I found the course interesting, rewarding and relevant to my practice. It's excited me about using this approach with clients and trying to apply it in all aspects of my life. The tutor presented things in an understandable and memorable way. I'd love to attend another APT course in the future and can see myself reviewing the material regularly."

Ruth Pacey, OT

"I loved this course, it was hugely informative. I feel much more knowledgeable and confident about the skills I have been taught. I feel certain I will continue to consolidate my learning into practice."

Nicola Thomas, Ward Manager

"I would highly recommend this course to any professional working in mental health."

Ian Chesterson, Staff Nurse

"An excellent course, refreshingly strengths-based and future focused. I can't wait to start implementing it into my clinical work."

Benjamin Hoskins, Clinical Practitioner

"I feel my knowledge on using motivational interviewing as an intervention has greatly increased. I feel more confident in this area of work."

Juliet Iroegbu, YOS Officer

"Best Motivational Interviewing course I have attended."

Linda Hardy, Outreach Worker

"The course was delivered brilliantly ... I am inspired to use Motivational Interviewing within my practice and place the Stages of Change at the core of my work. Excellent and inspiring."

Kim Kyle, Youth Worker

"Fantastic course delivered to a high standard ... Overall, one of the best courses I have been on. Thank you."

Gemma Cameron, Social Worker

"I would recommend this course to anyone working in mental health services."

Alistair Brown, Staff Nurse

"This course should be compulsory for anyone working in the field of social care. Interesting content, highly relevant and very well delivered."

Joel Kendrick, Children and Families Worker

"Has re-energised me and made me more positive and enthusiastic to face the challenges to come."

Lee Montague, YOS Officer

"A highly enjoyable and relevant course ... Extremely helpful with regards to the role of the Educational Psychologist. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"I wish I could have done this much sooner! Will have a profound effect on my work from now on."

Jon Fulcher, PSO

"I really enjoyed the whole experience and felt re-motivated."

Arthur Paterek, Support Worker

"Totally relevant and will enhance my working practice. Brilliantly presented and easily understandable."

Kevin Bryson, Course Delegate

"Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it. Will definitely implement in practice."

Lisa Hart, CPN

"Excellent presentation and teaching. Enjoyed all aspects of learning about motivational interviewing. Maintained engagement and I would definitely implement skills learnt in future practice."

Crystle Clarke, Nurse

"I found the information most relevant, helping me to work more proactively with patients in the future. The two days were well thought out, constantly uplifting."

Gillian Hall, Staff Nurse

"I think that the course was delivered brilliantly. I honestly have no criticisms, a fantastic course."

Francesca Riggen, Social Worker

"This course has been excellent in helping me have a clearer insight into how to look at what stage the client/service user is at and how to help them move forward. I truly enjoyed taking part in this course and I found the trainer's teaching style excellent and of a very high standard. I will certainly recommend this course to all of my colleagues."

Marina Zamfir, Social Worker

"Super, I enjoyed it and can't wait to use this in my work."

Samantha Daniels, Support Worker

"Again another great course from APT. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot that I will reflect upon when working with my clients, and examine more closely how directive I am being, as this course has made me realise the therapeutic value in allowing the clients time to find their own situations."

Kathryn Kuemmerle, Substance Misuse Practitioner

"As usual very high standard course both with materials and presenting."

Jim Fletcher, Senior Drug Worker

"Thoroughly enjoyable training event. The course has raised my awareness with regards to working with offenders during supervision. In enabling them to engage, the skills and methods explored in this training will go a long way in helping me work with offenders to address their issues and formulate objectives with them. I look forward to implementing the skills and techniques identified during this 2-day training event."

Steve Smith, Probation Service Officer

"Very useful, information packed. In past four years probably the most relevant training undertaken. Thank you."

Stephen Taylor, Offender Supervisor

"I have found these days very interesting and thought provoking. Our tutor is very knowledgeable. He has a good understanding of Educational Psychology practice but was also able to illuminate the course materials with examples from his clinical psychological therapeutic work with youngsters. Whilst the materials include lots of approaches and strategies I already use, the course has provided a structure for thinking and supporting the change process."

Jo Ward, Educational Psychologist

"An excellent experience, not only well presented, but well evidenced by many examples of personal use of the strategies. An open style of presentation, inviting and responding enthusiastically to questions and challenges from the audience."

Graham Beck, Educational Psychologist

"Excellent training as always from APT."

Andrew Maddison, Substance Misuse Practitioner

"Absolutely fantastic - well delivered, pace appropriate and wholly relevant. Thank you."

Chris Royal, Probation Service Officer

"I found it to be the most interesting and beneficial training that I have ever attended. The tutor was very skilled and engaging, I can see how I can put it into practice."

Natalie Cloarec, Social Worker

"This was an excellent course. Very interesting to discuss the Stages of Change and how this can be put into practice. Really enjoyed the role play covering various scenarios as it was an opportunity to participate and learn some new techniques which gives me additional knowledge and guidance. Overall, really useful to reflect and refresh my practice."

Nicola Prescod, Social Worker

"Brilliant. Approachable, clear, kept me motivated for 3 days (an impossibility!). Best course I've been on in 18 years on the job."

Susan Christie, Social Worker

"Amazing, thank you. Time flew and I learned a lot I didn't know. It fits in well with the Family Partnership model which is something I trained to facilitate, so it has been so useful to learn Motivational Interviewing to use alongside."

Claire Fisher, Assistant Social Worker

"Very relevant and interesting course. The use of very illustrative and comprehensive slides together with videos and a very skillful and enthusiastic speaker. Thank you very much for making it possible for us to have this excellent course in Oman."

Abdul Aziz Al-Mahrezi, Senior Consultant, Family Medicine

"Did this course for the first time in my 30 years of clinical practice and found it very relevant. Well structured and executed. Excellent facilitator."

Kamlesh Bhargava, Senior Consultant, Family Medicine

"Exceptional training – engaging, inspiring, relevant and useful. I found the concepts were presented in a way which was very easy to follow. Not only will I use the skills I have learnt in my job but will apply to my own life! Best training I have ever been on."

Nicole Riley, Probation Service Officer

"Excellent training and excellent tutor. I have really enjoyed the course. I have been really engaged for the whole 3-days. I have learnt not only how to improve my own practice here in probation but how I can also transfer this into my own life. I feel that I have revived my own enthusiasm for my role and that I can use many different things that I have learned on this course. Thank you very much, best training I have received whilst in probation."

Amanda Murphy, Probation Service Officer

"I would recommend to the rest of our service to attend the course to continue to raise the standards we deliver."

Clair Evans, Substance Misuse Worker

"Fantastic. The best course I have ever attended. The trainer was very knowledgeable and presented it in a very fun way. The workbook will be fantastic as a reference and also to share with my colleagues."

Georgina Bempah, CPN

"Really great course … One of the best training days I've ever had."

Abbie Jones, Mental Health Worker

"Very well presented, well structured, excellent resources, good facilitation (usual standard for APT courses)."

Julien Orthall, OT

"The tutor was an exceptionally good trainer who made the training interesting, relevant and fun. I would recommend him as a trainer."

Lynn Graham (4 month feedback)

"This was an amazing course … the best course I have ever attended within my organisation so far. Thank you!!"

Claire Bevon, Social Worker

"I would highly recommend the training to practitioners of all levels to gain a fresh understanding of alternative ways of working with people who might not be motivated at all and through their circle of change."

Tsungai Ngundu, Charge Nurse

"One of the best training days I have done, definitely recommend."

Nikki Hobbs, Staff Nurse

"Outstanding delivery of an excellent course. Very relevant to practice. Uniquely presented/delivered in a friendly atmosphere."

Tim Mellard, Senior Community Mental Health Practitioner

"Great tools to put into my growing tool box and ones which I feel I can use in my everyday practice. One of the best, if not the best course I have been on so far. Thank you."

Maria Gueli, Occupational Therapist

"Very inspiring course delivered very effectively."

Sinead Bonniger, Social Worker

"An excellent course, relevant to anyone in health and social care."

Trevor McDougall, CBT Therapist

"Really, really excellent course. Aspects of Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change have come up multiple times throughout my clinical psychology training but have never been presented in such a clear and relevant way. Thank you."

Dr Inga Stewart, Senior Clinical Psychologist

"Enjoyable, informative and I would recommend this course to anyone working with Substance Misuse."

Ann Russell, CPN

"Much better than previous Motivational Interviewing training I had been on."

Course Delegate

"I enjoyed the course greatly and will implement a lot of what I have learned into my daily work."

Sheena Brawn, Pre-Treatment Work

"Empowering and motivating!"

Bev Clarke, Harm Minimisation Nurse

"Essential training for social workers, family support workers and other professionals."

Eleni Prodromou, Assistant Team Manager

"A fantastic course … I will definitely use motivational interviewing in my work … it is totally relevant to my practice."

Tracy Maloney, Dementia Nurse Specialist

"Feeling enthused and eager to return to work and use my new skills … Best course since joining the NHS."

Kirsten Cronan, Social Worker

"The course content was very useful and I can clearly see how I will use it in my work … I would recommend this course to all my colleagues."

Kirsten Cronan, Social Worker

"An extremely enjoyable and relevant course which was so well presented and engaging. All topic areas were geared towards 'elderly care' which made it feel 'tailor made' to our specialist field. A smashing session."

Donna Watson, CPN

"Hope everyone gets the chance to come on this course. Loved it."

Fiona Bennett, Staff Nurse

"A well presented, relevant course. One of the most productive 3 days I have spent in 12 years of working in mental health services."

Mathew Murphy, Staff Nurse

"Of all of the 'therapy' type courses I have done it is the one I think I will actually be able to implement into my sessions with clients."

Ashleigh Sitt, Social Worker

"I feel that this has been the best training course I have been on so far in my professional career, in terms of its relevance to my current practice and enhancement of my existing skills."

Hilary Lees, Primary Care Vocational Advisor

"This was an expertly presented course - it was dynamic, interesting, refreshing and full of relevant information. The combination of lecture, workshops, exercises and role play was balanced very well. The handout booklet was extremely welcome for future reference."

Clare Friel, Care Manager/Social Worker

"I found the course stimulating, interesting and very thought-provoking. I found the pace just right and the videos were a chance to see the concepts in action - this put the principles in context for me."

Coleen Langton, Head of Service

"First class course."

Roger Deane, Course Participant

"Excellent throughout ... probably the most useful course I have ever been on."

Phil Hays, Team Leader

"I have enjoyed the course very much. It has given me a great insight on how to move clients from one stage to the other. It has been good and the tutor has been a good teacher and presented it all very well and also explained well all important strategies."

Kammini Chauhan. CARAT Worker

"Very enjoyable course. The content and delivery was excellent and very relevant to me."

Emma Rimell. Prison In-reach Worker

"I thought the course was excellent – the way it was presented and also the content. I feel our tutor was extremely knowledgeable and brought so much more into the programme from his own experiences – which were/are vast. I am finding it difficult to think of anything that I would have liked to seen done differently."

Penny Johnson. Prison In-reach Worker

"The course was very interesting. Reinforced a lot of the techniques I already use with clients – it's good to know that I am using these appropriately! The theory behind it is interesting and I am planning to work my way through the reading list provided!"

Sarah Bowater. CARAT Worker

"The course was very informative and gave me a very good basis to do some more in-depth reading. The length of the course was adequate and it did inspire me to learn more."

Tracey Till. Drug Worker – CARAT Worker

"I very much enjoyed this three day course. It was good to learn about the theory behind Motivational Interviewing and how it links with the stages of change. It was also useful to do the practical exercises and relate the theory to practice."

Jenika Patel. Prison Drug Worker

"An enjoyable course that was well presented. It was clearly lead and constructive. Motivational Interviewing will be useful in my day to day working patterns and will prove to be a worthwhile course."

Marvin Wallace. Drug Worker

"Brilliant. I feel I have learnt loads that I can relay to my clients. Also found lots of techniques that I am already using without knowing it. Very transferable to my daily routine."

Jo Waller. Drug Worker

"One of the best courses I have been on. Excellent presenter/tutor."

Ramez Aziz, Speciality Doctor in Psychiatry

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I wish I had learnt the skills a lot earlier. It has given me a great understanding of a different approach I can use in my place of work. The tutor was very good in their approach to teaching."

Natalie Holland. Carat Worker

"Excellent course and very well facilitated. Learnt so much that I know I will use, even in my first session tomorrow."

Rachel Baker. Social Worker

"This course was very inspirational. I feel it has consolidated my beliefs and views about my practice. Thank you very much."

Yvonne Headley. Social Worker

"Excellent course. Best I've been on for ages. Excellent tutor – couldn't have been better. Enjoyed practical component of course … Content was at a good pitch and adapted to be relevant to my area of practice. Thanks, much enjoyed!"

Karen Helbig. Occupational Therapist

"Excellent course. The course administrator kept group motivated and interested at all times using practice based role plays and small group work … Thank you very much, I really hope to use the skills learnt in the course. It's been food for thought."

Dawn Peerbhoy. Assistant Psychologist

"This course has been the most relevant and best presented continuing professional development event I have attended. It provided useful time for active reflection on my work and the information presented was well adapted to our workplace and experience. The facilitator was knowledgeable and gave helpful and supportive feedback related to our role play and questions. The speed of presentation was spot on and the facilitator's calm approach supported discussion. Cheers!"

Darren Lumbard, Senior Clinical Psychologist

"The course was excellent. It is a skill that is necessary to possess on a Rehabilitation Ward. It was refreshing, interesting and is of enormous value."

Michael Seecharam. Staff Nurse

"I found this course extremely interesting, thought provoking and educational. Not only with regards to its content but by working in a group where different opinions could be shared. I do feel that my practice will benefit from what I have taken away. I will also be enthusiastic to share this and to put it into practice."

Gayna Hughes. Staff Nurse

"The course was interesting, relevant and useful. As ever, it was very well presented and paced and included a good mix of theory and practical exercises. I feel that I have learned some useful skills which can be used in my assessment and crisis work."

Marie Ansell. Mental Health Practitioner

"It was an excellent course and certainly lived up to its reputation. I feel I have learnt a lot about my practice and will take valuable knowledge and techniques away with me. This was my third APT course and I have enjoyed everyone of them and look forward to the next one!!"

Lesley Choppen. CPN

"Very well presented by a skilled facilitator, drawing on a wide range of other therapeutic models. Excellent use of personal experiences, material adapted to make it relevant to different disciplines and services. A thought provoking course – with lots of potential applications in practice."

David Swain. Mental Health Nurse

"I found this course enlightening. The content was extremely relevant to me and motivational interviewing is something that I believe will prove invaluable to me … I have enjoyed the course a lot, and this from someone who is normally terrified of role play!! Thanks."

R. Bleach. Support Worker

"Really refreshing to get a course that you feel you can go away and use with an increase on feelings of knowledge and skill. The handouts are invaluable as they will definitely help for practice and refreshing … I'll probably start using the techniques from now!"

Sarah Donald. Occupational Therapist

"Excellent course – really stimulating and thought provoking and could relate to my client group. The tutor was excellent – very calm and well paced and obviously very experienced. Booklet and slides great – good teaching methods as was the role play and the last presentation. Will definitely recommend."

Joanne King. Head Occupational Therapist

"I thought this course was fantastic. The tutor was incredibly well informed and taught at a level I could understand and relate to … This course has given me so much to think about in relation to my patients and I look forward to going back to my ward and trying to put some of it into practice with some patients. I think it has given me fresh ideas of how I could engage them. Thank you so much, I feel totally inspired!"

Katherine Howell. Senior Occupational Therapist

"My objectives were well met. I thoroughly enjoyed the course – I have gained knowledge and developed skills and I am looking forward to applying the training in my work."

R. Dhunnookchand. Community Mental Health Nurse

"I feel confident and enthused about using motivational interviewing techniques within my work settings and being experimental about my approach and even changing the way I practice in certain situations. Thank you for a thought-provoking and inspiring course."

Rachel Parish. Occupational Therapist

"An excellent and well presented course that used real life situations and clients. It will help me greatly in my work."

Lesley Rogers. Senior Clinical Nurse Therapist

"The whole programme was perfect and useful. We need to have more of these courses. The presenter was also excellent. I really enjoyed the course. To the presenter I say thank you and keep it up."

Alex Bruce Papafio - Health care assistant

"This course was excellent. It is a skill that is necessary to possess in a rehabilitation ward. It was refreshing, interesting and is of enormous value."

Michael Seecharan - Staff Nurse

"Thank you very much, I really hope to use my skills learnt in the course. Has been food for thought."

Dawn Peebing - Assistant Psychologist

"A fabulous three days of learning! Thank you – this will definitely help to inform my practice and build my confidence when working with the children and families that we support. Thank you again!?"

Claire Charlesworth. Social Worker

"I had previously seen motivational interviewing being used and had been impressed by the effectiveness and power of the work done. Attending this course has confirmed my views and has allowed me to know that much of what I do is motivational interviewing … The skills and knowledge developed over the past three days will be directly transferable to my current work."

Brian Robertson. Social Worker

"At first I dreaded three days of training in a subject I thought I knew! I'm much clearer about how to use it and where I was going wrong before. I'll certainly use motivational interviewing in practice."

Katherine Denny. Probation Officer

"The trainer had a very engaging style, which helped to relax the group at the same time as encourage learning. Overall, an excellent course. Thank you."

Karen Meadows. Probation Officer

"This course was by far the best training I have been on, since working in the drugs field. I felt I learned a great deal and I feel there is an appropriate mix of lecture and group work to the course."

Lee Woodward. CARAT Service Worker

"This was a course I needed to come on to develop my skills as a CARAT worker (another tool for my tool-box) it has given me lots of ideas and help to conduct my interviews, especially with different clients, I might not remember it all, but it's a good start and I'm sure as I become more experienced and confident – what I have learnt on the course will come more into play."

Hazel Connolly. CARAT Service Worker

"The 3 day course was fun, while a very informative learning experience, presented nicely to our group."

Jennifer Pziurzynski. CARAT

"I found the course very interesting and learnt a lot of new techniques."

T Donaldson. Drug Worker

"The tutor had a very easy natural approach which I felt was helpful to me and others – included all parts of the course. Very good."

Susanne Stanley. CARAT Worker

"I found the course to be well thought out and well delivered, I now feel better equipped to help my clients and more confident that I will be able to help them lead more positive and fulfilled lives."

Lee Yalden. CARAT Worker

"Very thorough, excellent knowledge, well presented to the group."

Rik Stalker. CARAT Worker

"I found this training incredibly rewarding both professionally and academically. It involved a range of interesting activities and was led in a friendly, entertaining and focused manner. I particularly enjoyed the role plays."

Louis Boyd. Drugs Worker

"I thought that the course was excellent and very well presented. The tutor certainly knew his subject matter and presented it to us in an excellent manner."

Saf Hamid. CARATS Worker

"Extremely interesting course presented in a fun and lively manner. It was a pleasure to be on the course and look forward to putting the skills I have learnt into practice. Many thanks."

Kate Raleigh. CARATS Worker

"As I've only been in the job for 3 weeks, I think I will find this a good tool for interviewing my clients."

S Arman. CARAT Worker

"Really enjoyed it. Entertaining presenter … Very applicable to my work place, plan to establish a peer group support session regularly."

Julie Hakin. Occupational Therapist

"Fantastic course. Extremely well presented. By far the best course I have attended in a long time. Very relevant to my client group (adolescents) and very motivated to apply my skills to my clinical practice. Definitely recommend to my fellow colleagues. Thank you very much. Very relevant for occupational therapists in all fields of work."

Lauren Davitt. Occupational Therapist

"Found course thought provoking, feel it has provided me with further tools to use within work and a more helpful perspective on how to encourage change for the better and with my client group. Have enjoyed the non-threatening manner of the course and the focus on maintaining it's relevance to our area of work. Very stimulating and enjoyable!"

Alison Jenkins. Senior OT

"Very well paced. Good use of different mediums. Quiz helped to recap and summarise. Good illustrations and case examples."

Claire Underwood. Head OT

"Very well organised and presented, paced appropriately, encouraged different learning styles and sincerely listened to audience participants. Well done! Thank you."

M Terry Bowman. Senior Occupational Therapist

"Valuable learning as it is highly relevant to current work setting … Nicely set out over the 3 days, well balanced with breaks and lunch."

Wonita McDougall. Senior Occupational Therapist

"The course was very helpful and was presented in a way that does not limit application. I came with an open mind but also with the hope that the skills I gained could be added to my took box and used with either patients or staff that I supervise, I feel this course has done just that. It was very helpful to have the handouts in a book to make notes in."

Emma Shears. Occupational Therapy

"The pace of the course was right for me. Good delivery of material using a wide range of techniques. I particularly enjoyed the role play scenarios. Thank you for empathising with my learning style – it was so good to be able to observe if I needed to and for once, not made to join in."

Tracy Whitley. Occupational Therapy

"The content and pace of the course were excellent. I enjoyed the interaction without pressure of having to role play etc. Having a prescribed tool with which no-one can argue is a powerful argument when planning treatment programmes."

Karen Wood. Senior Occupational Therapist

"A very useful course that I will definitely be applying to my work. The learning environment was also very relaxed and there was no pressure to participate in anything one did not feel comfortable with. BRILLIANT!"

Yvette Chishiri. Staff Nurse

"The course was presented in an easy, relaxed manner that facilitated optimum learning. I valued learning through role play tasks. I was motivated to return to work and implement techniques straightaway to see what results occurred."

Sarah Cavendish. Therapy and Practice Development OT

"Excellent – has helped me feel enthused about what I do."

Zoe Dovarton. Occupational Therapist

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing and how to use it effectively.

A 3-day course.

Based on Miller and Rollnick's latest book, this course describes an organised way of helping people to recognise their problems and to do something about them. Principally it addresses behaviour about which the client has mixed feelings: drinking and substance misuse for example, but a suprising array of common mental and physical health problems as well. Issues from taking psychoactive medication through to eating more healthily can all be addressed using motivational interviewing.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 96%

Online Live

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 97%

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