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Mindfulness course feedback

Teaching Mindfulness in Clinical Practice, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Teaching Mindfulness in Clinical Practice course has received.

"Fantastic course! I have enjoyed it very much over the last couple of days."

Lowri Williams (Online Live Course)s

"I really enjoyed the couse,and will recomend to co-workers."

Mari Wyn (Online Live Course)s

"Very enjoyable course, cant wait to start implementing it into my work and introducing it to families."

Wenna Aindow (Online Live Course)s

"Brill course, have a much better understanding of Mindfulness and how I can implement it into my work."

Course delegate (Online Live Course)s

"Excellent course, very well presented. Good materials supplied and easy to follow format. Excellent facilitator, very helpful. Answered all questions well. Very easy to follow. I felt very relaxed over the two days and look forward to using mindfulness in everyday life and in work."

Aisling Luke, Staff Nurse

"Excellently delivered course. Giving me a thirst to develop my own mindfulness use and to introduce it to my client group. I was pleasantly surprised by how relevant and beneficial it was to me on a personal basis. The tutor was fantastic!"

Mary Corrigan, Clinical Nurse Manager

"Fantastic course for personal and professional use. Course facilitators were very interactive with the class and engaged us well. Fantastic teachers. Very inspiring. Thank you very much."

Macaylla Keating, RMHN

"Thoroughly enjoyed this training. The course content was interesting with a good balance between theory and practice. The tutors were very knowledgeable and explained information in a way that was easy to understand. Thank you."

Donna Green, CPN

"This is a great introduction to the concepts of Mindfulness. I feel enthusiastic regarding further research and learning regarding this thought process. I hope I can successfully introduce this to my clients."

Nichola Wheeler, CPN

"This knowledge will aid my practice. The 2 day course is fantastic. Both tutors have fully engaged me and have inspired my future practice."

Course Delegate

"At the start of the course I was not sure was Mindfulness was, by the end of the two days I feel confident to enter into this with a range of clients I work with."

Course Delegate

"This training has been a breath of fresh air. As well as giving a wonderful model to use with clients, on a personal level l feel Mindfulness is the thing I have been looking for to help ground myself and achieve a greater sense of inner peace. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"By the second day I was really enthralled by the whole concept of utilising mindfulness on a daily basis and I can’t wait to use it within my working environment."

Denise Phillips, Senior Social Worker

"I feel that the course is going to be far more beneficial than I anticipated and I will use my learning in my personal life as well as in my practice. I found the course matter very interesting."

Denise Wood, Social Worker

"I thought the course was fantastic. Not only did it give me the tools to manage my own stresses and anxieties, it also gave me the opportunity to consider times when I can use Mindfulness with my client group."

Diane Jerem, Senior Social Worker

"This training has been a breath of fresh air. As well as giving a wonderful model to use with clients, on a personal level l feel Mindfulness is the thing I have been looking for to help ground myself and achieve a greater sense of inner peace. Thank you."

M.S., Fostering Link Worker

"I feel that this course will be extremely useful in my role and I will be encouraging all my staff team to attend. It fits very well with Signs of Safety (our model of practice)."

Annie Farrow-Smith, Team Manager

"I definitely feel more confident using Mindfulness in practice moving forwards and will definitely be introducing lots of the exercises to my clients."

Laura Edwards, Assistant Psychologist

"I enjoyed this two day course, it was one of the best I have ever attended. Extremely engaging and gifted presenter."

Chris Murray, Staff Nurse

"I have done a few courses over the years which covered a topic and how to deliver it to clients. No course I have done has been so clear as to how to carry this out, as this one has. I feel I learned what Mindfulness was and I am confident that with practice I could pass it on to others."

Liz Dwyer, Nurse

"Excellent course. Presented in a manner which participants felt comfortable to engage and practise skills. Will be able to apply learning on a personal and professional level with patients and staff. Presentations, practical sessions and literature totally applicable and content easily transferred with practice to work with clients."

Elaine McBroom, Ward Manager

"The course was very enjoyable and I found that all the aspects covered can be utilised in my field of employment. The tutor was very enthusiastic and this then encouraged myself and the rest of the group to participate fully."

Fiona Donnelly, Staff Nurse

"I felt that this training really benefited me. I can relate it to myself in all aspects of my life as well as developing groups within my place of work. I found it will be an excellent way to work with clients who are experiencing mental health difficulties."

Olivia Donnelly, Mental Health Practitioner

"Extremely well presented. Very informative. Relevant to self and practice. Excellent tool to use both in illness period and recovery. Would recommend the course to my colleagues."

Daphne Armstrong, Senior Practitioner HTCT (Mental Health)

"Wonderful course, very beneficial for myself and will be for my clients. Facilitator very knowledgeable and approachable, well delivered course. Course well laid out and easy to understand. Very interesting. Would recommend this course highly."

Melissa McMurray, Occupational Therapist

"Having arrived with little awareness of Mindfulness I am leaving with a solid practical understanding of Mindfulness at work for both myself and my clients. The tutor delivered the course content eloquently and engaged me fully in each part. She was very respectful of our individual experiences and guided us on our own journey to discover Mindfulness. I’m looking forward to using the skills I have learned."

Cheryl Graham (Senior Practitioner)

"The two days were very enjoyable. It has awakened a desire to develop these skills further for myself but also for the team I work with in managing our hectic days giving time to ourselves. Again very enjoyable and enlightening."

Course Delegate (Resource Centre Manager)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I plan to use it both personally and professionally. Am delighted that APT are now providing training for the Trust and hope they continue to do so. Very professional courses which are both interesting and interactive. Thank you to the tutor, have enjoyed meeting you and have benefited from your wisdom and experience."

Sonia Flynn, Senior Nurse Practitioner

"I feel I have greatly benefited from the course and am very motivated to apply my learning to practice and also to continue to further my education and own personal experience of Mindfulness. The tutor has been a fantastic, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable and informative and it was a pleasure to be part of her class."

Catherine McBroom, Staff Nurse

"As a Mental Health Nurse of many years, I felt this course has given me the tools to start a journey of ‘self-awareness’ in its simplest form. Not only will I benefit but my personal relationships, work relationships and the people I meet in my line of work. Thank you."

Course Delegate (Practitioner, Home Treatment Team)

"Thanks, really enjoyed this course. The tutor was an excellent facilitator. The experience based learning made great impact on me and I intend to use it with my patients and with myself. First course I’ve ever been on that really addressed ‘filling’ the professional’s ‘jug’."

Sinead Rainey, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

"Thoroughly enjoyable course, it is extremely beneficial to me as a professional to use in my own life and also now have a basic knowledge of essential skills to use with my patient group. The tutor helped my understanding with her use of examples."

Lynsey Erskine, Ward Sister

"Loved it. Got so much out of this course compared to others."

Course Delegate (Staff Nurse, RMN)

"Thoroughly enjoyable. Found the course very beneficial, not only in how I will use mindfulness with clients to benefit them but also on a personal level."

Jane Johnson, Cardiac Rehab Nurse

"A really useful course which covered mindfulness on both personal and professional levels. Amazing food and a lovely venue. A well-structured course."

Sheena Hardwick, Occupational Therapist

"I think this course was very well paced and I feel like I now have the tools to introduce mindfulness to the clients I work with, as well as resuming my own personal practice."

Julie Everill, Service Manager

"I greatly enjoyed the course and found it very relevant to myself. I plan to continue using Mindfulness with myself as well as clients."

Kirk Robinson, Prison Officer

"Before the course I had very little knowledge of Mindfulness. The tutor was an extremely good facilitator. The level of the group work was spot on and was one of the best courses I have been on. I am looking forward to taking the Level 2 Mindfulness course and thank you for starting me on my journey."

Darren Moore, Prison Officer

"I have really enjoyed the course and feel confident enough to start to apply my new learning to improve my life and my professional practice."

Emma Pitt, Occupational Therapist

"I really enjoyed this course ... the content is useful both personally and professionally. It is well presented, introduces concepts at the right time and has the perfect balance of practical and theoretical."

Chris Jones, Prison Officer

"Another great course from APT - concise nuggets of knowledge and practical application that can be used immediately on leaving the venue. The tutor was extremely knowledgeable and warm, getting the best from all the delegates ... Thank you!"

Caroline Knight, Lead Psychologist

"This was probably one of the best courses I have been on in recent years. The course material was really interesting and the methods of presentation excellent. The days passed quickly and enjoyably because I was totally focused."

Sue Stoten, Brain Injury Case Manager

"I found the tutor's delivery very interactive and inspiring. I feel that I have benefitted a lot by attending this course which will enable me to use these skills and make a difference to people who use our service."

Nagheena Qamar, Recovery Activities Manager

"A really excellent introduction to Mindfulness which has spurred me to learn more. Frankly I achieved more in these two days than on any of the previous courses on Mindfulness that I have previously attended. I shall sign up to the Level 2 course and try to integrate some of the ideas into my own practice as my skills and understanding develop. Thank you for teaching me so much."

Maz Mohamedali, Psychologist

"The tutor was amazing! The most relevant course I have done EVER both for my life and for others."

Tracey Price, Director

"The two day course was extremely well presented and relevant to me personally and professionally. I really enjoyed cementing the theory and knowledge with practical, as it makes it feel 'real'. The tutor was excellent and was able to answer any questions, presented in a clear way. I am looking forward to developing my skills, looking to the future when I could use it with my client group."

Maxine Bell, Occupational Therapist

"I totally enjoyed this two day course and rate it as first class CPD with the added bonus of making me want to do more ... a great two days."

Carole Seheult, Clinical Sport Psychologist

"This has been one of the best training events I have ever been on in many, many years of work and attending training. I have been particularly impressed by the tutors flexibility in approach in the way she responded to the a) knowledge and experience of the group and b) the individual and group requests for application of the learning to specific area of work. I have attended many mindfulness courses in the past but none have left me feeling so empowered and motivated to commence my own personal practice. Thank you."

Anita Johnston, Operations Manager

"This has been a fantastic experience for me. The tutor made the subject alive and her style really brought the essence of what being mindful is to life in a very practical way. I can see real tangible ways in which I can use this both for myself and my clients on an everyday basis ... Going home I feel energized and empowered!"

Diane Peebles, Director (The Development Exchange)

"This course has invigorated and nourished my inner being."

Jane Mansfield, Educational Psychologist

"Inspirational experience from the tutor. Well prepared and executed with attention to detail and empathy with delegates."

Ann McCracken, Managing Director

"I found the course excellent. The tutor was able to ensure that a very mixed group of students benefitted and experienced the range of techniques. It will be useful both professionally and personally."

Deborah Roberts, Managing Director

"An excellent and fun filled course that I really enjoyed. It will help me both professionally and personally to become a better person."

Stuart Miller, Prison Officer

"Thank you very much for an interesting, in-depth and enjoyable 2-days. I found the style of teaching motivating and inspirational and look forward to learning more and developing mindfulness personally and professionally. Worth every penny. Thank you."

Jane O'Connell, Psychiatric Nurse

"The most engaging course I have been on, the tutor was second to none in not only keeping the material fresh and thought provoking, but in using humour, a personal touch and an openness to perfection. This was infectious and was adopted throughout the group as a result."

Joseph Salerno, Senior Support Worker

"The most relevant course I have done EVER both for my life and for others."

Tracey Price, Director

Mindfulness, Level 1

Teaching Mindfulness in Clinical Practice.

A 2-day course.

Mindfulness is a psychological intervention that we dream of: it works both for clients/patients and us, and its effectiveness is demonstrated not just by clinical studies but by the unusual number of people testifying to its benefit. Moreover it is a quick, simple concept with obvious validity and relevance. It fits with the thinking of those who maintain that "To live effectively and well cannot be a complicated thing, so any intervention to help people do so should not itself be complicated".

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 99%

Relevance: 98%

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