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Crisis Counselling course feedback

Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Intervention, in Crisis Situations, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the 'Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Intervention, in Crisis Situations' course has received.

"The tutor was extremely knowledgable and informative while keeping the content flowing nicely. At no point did the training feel slow or irrelevant. I have worked in mental health nursing for 11 years and am months away from completing my nursing degree and this has been probably the most informative and useful training I have had."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"I have found the course to be both informative and enjoyable and will look forward to implementing my learning within my area of practice. Thank you for such an interesting few days!"

Emily Bowdren (Online Live Course)

"I found this course the best that I have ever been on - so interesting and informative."

Kate Williams (Online Live Course)

"I really enjoyed this course. I think it has been the most enjoyable course that I have completed, and my first ever Webinar. Tutor was amazing. Thank you very much. Regular breaks, great pace and I really liked how participation was optional. I definitely respond better than being put on the spot! So that was a great skill there from the Tutor. I would recommended this course to my colleagues. Have learnt so much in a few days. Much more than I was expecting."

Matthew Richardson, Registered Mental Health Nurse (Online Live Course)

"The tutor was an extremely knowledgable, patient and compassionate teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed attending this course and feel that my clinical skills will be strongly supported by the knowledge I have gained from this course. Many thanks!"

Lara Cole (Online Live Course)

"Always thoroughly enjoy (and benefit) from an APT course. Thank you."

Lara Cole (Online Live Course)

"Great training, I have previously attended DICES risk training so was looking forward to this one ... The training has defiantly given me more to think about when completing crisis assessments."

Lucy Sumpter (Online Live Course)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was insightful, useful and delivered in a meaningful way with a good sense of humour."

Holly Read (Online Live Course)

"This was my first Zoom course and I really enjoyed this new way of learing."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"I really must say that the course was one of the best I have ever attended in my career. It was well structured and delivered well by the tutor. It allowed a lot of reflection as well as giving great techniques, ideas and things to use in practice."

Anthony Parker (Online Live Course)

"I thoroughly enjoyed all aspect of the course presentation, the slides, presentation, quiz exercise. And this course has given me better skills in my role in dealing with various crisis interventions, early treatment and diagnosis, risk assessment/management."

Course Delegate (Online Live Course)

"This was a brilliant course - I now have a time to re-evaluate my clinical and empathetic approach to crisis situations - I feel that much of it I do naturally but it is really good to have a solid, evidence based framework to inform and enhance my practice. Validation being the key to every assessment."

Isobel Hirst (Online Live Course)

"Best course I’ve had the pleasure to attend in a long while."

Deborah Kirk, MH Liaison Nurse

"I found this Counselling People in Crisis course educational and intuitive. I will recommend it to my colleagues at work. I will be applying the skills acquired in my work."

Comfort Nkemakolam, Social Worker

"Excellent course and facilitator. Really enjoyed and learnt a great deal. Feel much more positive with regards to being a more effective practitioner, intend to make changes to how I practice. The most effective course I have attended in a long time!!"

Nina Lilley, Social Worker

"The course is almost like doing Psychiatric training again, albeit in 3 days, "fantastic"."

Abraham Victor, CPN

"Very informative and interactive - lots of examples and strategies to put into practice. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"I have found this course very interesting/informative. I has made me think about my practice. I feel all members of HTT and CRT Teams would benefit from attendance."

Stuart Thomson, SCN

"Very inspiring and empowering to have techniques to use – feel I should have gone on training a long time ago."

Clare John, CPN

"I found the course very useful and informative. I learnt a variety of new skills and tools that I will now introduce at work, I also developed the counselling skills, I already have."

Tracey Morton, Senior Social Worker

"Extremely beneficial .. I will recommend to all my colleagues."

Rosni Prajapati

"Would recommend this course to other authorities."

Faruque Qureishi, AMHP

"A well presented course which I have thoroughly enjoyed."

Kim Jaumbocus, Course Delegate

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I would recommend it to everybody working in Crisis Teams anywhere in the country. The course is tailor-made to the needs of those working in Crisis Teams and other areas like Duty CMHT's. Thank you very much for such an excellent course."

Rajay Herkanaidu, Services Manager

"The course has been well presented and I enjoyed it. Very relevant to what I do on a daily basis. It is actually the way forward."

Peter Toffah, Mental Health Practitioner

Crisis Counselliing

Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Intervention, in Crisis Situations.

A 3-day course. (2-day version also available.)

This course is designed for people who have predominantly short term contact with clients, either by phone or face to face. Typically those clients will be in or approaching a psychotic episode, suffering with a personality disorder, or so distressed that they may harm themselves or attempt suicide. The key aspects of these disorders are therefore covered, and, in particular, major effective strategies for effective brief intervention. Additionally the principles behind these interventions are covered, to facilitate long term beneficial impact, along with risk assessment in such high stress situations.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 93%

Online Live

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 94%