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Substance Misuse course feedback

CBT Plus, with Alcohol and Substance Misuse, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the CBT Plus, with Alcohol and Substance Misuse course has received.

"I felt the trainer was very knowledgeable and not only delivered the course well but provided me with solutions that I can use with my own clients. Very interactive."

Vicki Clarkson, Prescription Manager

"I hardly knew anything about CBT before the start of the course, now I feel very much confident and competent enough that I feel excited about delivering and using this therapy and all the exercises within it with my patients."

Kirsten McGloin, Recovery Co-ordinator

"Tutor delivered all aspects of the course with an expert knowledge of the subject by using personal professional experience to enhance personal learning. Enjoyed all aspects of the course and now feel CBT will play a big part in my professional practice."

Simon Milner, Care Co-ordinator

"It has been a very informative and rewarding three days. I’ve already learned a lot and hope to introduce a lot of new things within my practice."

Mustapha Hocine, Substance Misuse Coordinator

"Excellent 3 day CBT training. I am aware all members of the team took a lot from the training and enjoyed the 3 days."

Daniel Willingale, Service Manager

"Brilliant course. Brilliant presenter who made the content and subject easy to understand, was light and fun when appropriate. Highly recommend to others."

Una Ball, Substance Misuse Worker

"Having been on many courses in my professional life (25 years plus), this was the best I have ever attended. My hope is that others are given the opportunity."

K Sheeden, Substance Misuse Nurse

"Excellent well presented course with very good learning materials, relevant case studies and a top class presenter."

Gerard Langford, Addiction Counsellor

"This is, without doubt, one of the most comprehensive and informative courses I have ever attended. It is certainly a practice I shall be utilising in my regular position. It was beautifully and openly presented and I feel will be something I shall not forget in a hurry. I would very much appreciate receiving another course should it come up."

Cathy Walton, Substance Misuse Worker

"I enjoyed the training and found it very useful. It enhanced my skills and I will be using the new skills I learnt in my current job."

Idriis Elmi, Project Worker

"Enjoyed the course immensely, feel it will benefit my practice in substance misuse. I feel the course was well presented, very informative."

Jacqueline Davies, Staff Nurse

"Great 3 days yet again! Learnt so much knowledge and well presented by the tutors. Great pace, supportive - with humour thrown in appropriately. The group supervision was very useful and worthwhile and I found it very supportive."

Sue Bagnall, Project Worker (A Module for the APT Diploma in CBT)

"This has been a great opportunity to practise skills and build confidence in putting CBT into practice. Particularly useful was the guidance and format suggested for establishing peer discussion groups ... Really enjoyed it and leave enthusiastic and motivated to put it into practice."

Kathryn Kuemmerle, Substance Misuse Practitioner (A Module for the APT Diploma in CBT)

"Very good sessions as always. Lots to get through but managed very well. Excellent and informative with very good interaction. First class."

Course Delegate, Senior Drug Worker (A Module for the APT Diploma in CBT)

"This is exactly what I was hoping the team would receive. Good practical application throughout the course."

Terry Orr, Service Manager

"An enjoyable, relevant, and challenging course. I will be trying quite a few of the concepts taught in my clinical work."

Cathy Smith, Specialist Substance Misuse Nurse

Enjoyed attending both days as it was a very interesting and interactive course. Very relevant tips for my current job."

Dr T Saravanappa, Speciality Doctor in Addiction Psychiatry

"A good presentation which was delivered at an appropriate level. Also the facilitator was able to discuss all issues raised by the group around the area of substance misuse."

Neil Abbotts, Alcohol Liaison Nurse

"A very interesting, interactive and well presented course. I found the tutor very knowledgeable and informed. He made this training session very enjoyable."

Dr Rosana McAuley, Associate Specialist

"Excellent course, presented well."

Julie Bradbury, Team Manager (Community Addiction Service)

"Wonderful course, very interesting. Really feel like this course will benefit my practice and the care of my patients. Couldn't praise this course enough. Thank you."

Emma Plant, Mental Health Nurse

"Very good course. Very useful to me in my role as a practitioner."

Helen Kirk, Senior Shared Care Practitioner

"I have really enjoyed the course, I have found it very interesting and beneficial as a practitioner."

Mel Evison, Drug and Alcohol Practitioner

"Very good course ... Would recommend the course to others."

Liz Gray, Alcohol Practitioner

"Overall the course has met my expectations and I have gained a greater understanding of the positive impact of using CBT in my work practice."

Robert Donald, Project Worker

"The course was presented in a very engaging way with extra information added as appropriate. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will continue studying CBT and MI and BC further. Thank you. I am thirsty for more of this, and will enjoy using the resources."

Kay Stewart, Care Manager

"I found this training very informative and liked the structure and style of how it was presented. I particularly enjoyed the video/dvd documentary as it illustrated the harsh reality if illicit drug use and the effects it can have on the lives of the users and their families … thank you for the opportunity to attend this course."

Row Bird, Family Literacy Worker

"Excellent. Very informative – really enjoyed it. Really enjoy understanding new approaches for challenging clients cognitive thinking."

Michele Platts, Course Delegate

"Really enjoyed material and natural style of presentation. Will be very helpful in my further training and work. Thanks."

Dan Eastop, YMCA (PPA)

CBT Plus, with Alcohol and Substance Misuse

CBT Plus, with Alcohol and Substance Misuse.

A 3-day course.

When use of mood altering substances gets out of control it ruins the person's life - until we help them regain control.

The maladaptive use of mood altering substances (importantly, including alcohol) may easily devastate the life of the user and of those around them. Although onset may be insidious the effect can be far reaching and difficult to reverse without skilled and determined intervention. This course covers the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy solutions.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 93%

Online Live*

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 96%

*This online live ratings are taken from the last four runnings of the course in this format.