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Attachment Disorder course feedback

Attachment in Practice™, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Attachment in Practice™ course has received.

"Fantastic course. Very engaging with an appropriate amount of information shared each day. Very interesting and extremely useful to take into practice. Amazing tutor!"

Meghan Galt, Family Practitioner

"I rarely score as high as this. A genuinely engaging experience. Well structured, thoughtfully paced and artfully delivered. Top marks for an informative and skilled trainer."

Ronnie Stockton, Team Manager

"I thought the training was really excellent put together and the tutor is clearly an expert in his field. He led interesting, thought provoking and relevant discussion with examples of real case work that enhanced it no end. Very relevant to my job and providing counselling work. Thank you."

Carla Witcombe, Women’s Practitioner

"Enjoyed the delivery of the course. Gained exceptional knowledge of attachment and an understanding of this."

Rhian Barrett, Nurse

"The tutor was an excellent presenter and covered the information in a professional and enjoyable way. This training has highlighted the importance of attachments in my professional life and also my personal life."

A Kennedy, CNMZ

"Very insightful and beneficial to my job role. Trainer was great and kept everyone engaged. I felt I learnt a lot about how to ‘parent a child with attachment disorder’. The days were structured well, group work was fun."

Course Delegate

"I really enjoyed the course. The facilitator was a brilliant teacher and clearly knows his subject. He gave excellent examples and quotes on all areas and some I know I will be using on a regular basis from now on. I have been inspired to do more and do better."

Theresa Brown, Family Hub Advisor

"Really informative training session which kept me engaged throughout … Will definitely inform my future practice with children and families."

Lois Joyce, Family Support Advisor

"Brilliant course. Learned a lot about attachment and the issues that can arise from it. It will definitely benefit me in work when coming across attachment issues in young people. Very interesting and informative."

Kerri Conlon

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The delivery of the course was very engaging, coherent and interesting. It was very relevant to my practice and I feel it will greatly benefit my practice."

Leanne Walker, RPN

"Very insightful and beneficial to my job role. Trainer was great and kept everyone engaged. I felt I learnt a lot about how to ‘parent a child with attachment disorder’. The days were structured well, group work was fun. Great trainer!"

Lauren Fenton, Senior Residential Care Worker

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Incredibly interesting and informative. Workbook is invaluable as can be used for future reference and was useful for making notes throughout the course."

Suzanne Gravina, Public Health Nurse/Health Visitor

"Fully enjoyed and found the course fascinating. Easily the best training course I have been on in my 2 years of working for the group. Brilliantly presented and very interesting. The tutor was great and held the group’s attention."

Connor Moris, RCW

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, came in with limited knowledge now leaving with a strong understanding of attachment. Will take the information back and implement it. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"I have really enjoyed this course and it has been very informative and delivered with great execution. I will definitely be using what I have learnt and will pass on information and let people know how important attachment is. And will recommend the course fully."

S Edwards, RCW

"I really enjoyed this course and have learnt a lot to take back to my colleagues. I will be highly recommending this course to them! The tutor was the best trainer I have ever had! Really engaging and felt as though everything anyone said was taken on board by her and fantastic responses given."

Alice Seddon, RCW

"A brilliant training course, have really enjoyed and will use this knowledge to support my role."

Kathleen Bowen, Play Officer

"A very enjoyable course – will certainly implement what I have learnt into my practice with families."

Nia Williams, Project Manager

"I really enjoyed the course and think it is essential information for our work. Loved the presenter!"

Julie Bezait, Counsellor/Stress Practitioner

"I really enjoyed the three-day course, there was a lot I will take with me into my working career. It was presented really well with humour and laughter which balanced discussing tough and raw back stories. Thank you."

Amy Collins, Playworker

"Excellent 3 days of training. Thank you so much for keeping it light, relevant and enjoyable."

Ceri-Ann Hunt, Child and Adult Therapist

"Fantastic training, well delivered, informative and enjoyable."

Course Delegate

"Great training, very good presentation. Very relevant to my workplace and client group I deal with."

Robert Bilik, Head of Care

"This course is extremely important for professionals working with families, children, young people etc."

Francis Bendu, Family Support Worker

"Excellent course - well presented. A must for all Mental Health workers (and parents)."

Susan McCready, CAMHS Nurse

"Vital training on a topic that is fundamental to child and adolescent work."

Maria Gaffey, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Really enjoyed all three days and I feel I have learnt a lot that I can use. Lots of information but presented in an accessible way with lots of consolidation."

Ruth Alderson, Speech and Language Therapist

"Extremely useful and relevant to my work both as a teacher and as part of the Autism Assessment Team. I think that it will support work with families as well as direct work with children. I really enjoyed the course and the opportunity to think about attachment and gain strategies to use."

Carol Shiret, Specialist Teacher

"This has been a really well organised and presented course. It's been a luxury to have time to consider and reflect on how attachment issues impact on our daily work. I found the group tasks to be useful as it enabled me to gain an insight into working practices of colleagues. I've learned a huge amount and feel motivated to do further research."

Karen Thewlis, Head Autism Spectrum Team

"Excellent training, excellent tutor. Good balance between theory and clinical examples to help relate it to practice. Videos and group discussions were very good. I feel I have a much better understanding of attachment and the impact on the mother/child relationship. I feel I understand presentations that may be present in practice - attachment disorders. Would like to do more training with this style of delivery."

Orla McLoughlin, Psychiatric Nurse (CAMHS)

"Attachment theories training, I feel, is relevant to all areas of working with mental health and having this focused training has been enlightening. The way the training was presented by the tutor was particularly helpful in a very understandable way. Thank you."

Cora Raymond, CNS

"Excellent course, both delivery and content. Never lost my attention for one minute from start of 1st day to end of last day. Well done. Thank you."

Martha Walsh, CNS

"Very interesting to learn about attachment disorder from an expert. Excellent course resources (handbook)."

Sylvie Poulton, Teacher

"This was a special one day course for our school. The presenter delivered an excellent course and helped me to understand attachment disorder in greater depth."

Chloe Johnson, AEN Assistant

"I found the course very informative and helped me to recognise symptoms in some people I work with. It has also given me ideas and a greater understanding of attachment disorder."

Natalie Finch, Learning Support Assistant

"A very well delivered and thought provoking course. Thank you."

Jane Richmond, Teaching Assistant

"A very informative and interesting course presented in a supportive and relaxed way so that everyone felt comfortable to contribute. Lots of practical ideas to use in the classroom and valuable discussions of scenarios. I hope that this will make a real difference to the children that we teach."

Sally Coppen, Teacher

"I really enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot from it which is relevant to my position at school."

Simone Smith, LSA 1:1

"Really fantastic, one of the most useful courses I have been to. Organised, relevant and well structured. Really impressed!!"

Emma Platts, Training Teacher

"The course was well presented, clear and concise. Very relevant to our field of work. The tutor had an extensive knowledge of the subject which supported the delivery of the course. This was one of the best courses I have been on and one of the most beneficial. This should be a mandatory course for all staff."

Adrian Knowles, House Manager

"The best, most relevant training I have done whilst working at my service. I really enjoyed it."

David Morgan, Senior RLW

"Totally relevant to every young person in our unit."

Glyn Belsher, Staff Nurse

"An excellent course and very relevant to current practice. So relevant that I intend to explore further training and recommend training to our whole work unit."

Trudi Dowson, Nurse Specialist (CAMHS)

"Very informative. I will take back ideas and information to use in practice. It has helped me to understand more fully the importance and implications of attachment for children and adults."

Karin Owen, Learning Mentor

"Fantastic course, well worth attending."

Linda Mason, Deputy Manager

"I enjoyed the course as it was informal and interactive. I felt at ease to talk to the group and presenter. I found the information very helpful. I will use the knowledge I have learnt from the course back in my work place."

Jeanette Wakefield, KS3 Student Support

"Very enjoyable course, informative, useful and relevant to my practice."

Mike Dodd, Project Worker

"Course was very relevant to my job and I feel I will take a lot from the course."

Charlotte Griffiths, Project Worker

"I enjoyed the course very much. It was very relevant to my work … I will be able to use the tools given to me from this course and develop my skills in doing this."

Donna Leyland, Project Worker

"Very beneficial and useful – will certainly be incorporating it into my practice and feel better informed in my understanding of young people I am working with."

Course Delegate

"An excellent well presented course which will be of direct benefit to me in my everyday work with children and parents. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"Very informative and well presented ... would be excellent for more people to be able to attend in the future."

Suzanne McLoughlin, Health Visitor

"Excellent, most enjoyable and informative."

Una Doherty, Residential Social Worker

"I think it would be hugely beneficial for this course to be given to the entire residential team."

Jonny Sloan, Social Worker

"I have found this course informative, useful and enjoyable. It has provided me with valuable ideas in which to enhance my current practice."

Course Delegate

Attachment in Practice

Attachment in Practice.™

A 3-day course (2-day version also available).

How to intervene effectively to help children with attachment disorder, and their parents or carers.

This course aims to teach you about Attachment Disorder, where it comes from, what effects it may have on children and young people, and how to work to reduce those effects and underlying attachment disorder. It therefore covers parenting for attachment and working with foster carers, and also gives you the chance to conceptualise your own caseload in relation to these concepts.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 97%

Relevance: 97%

Online Live*

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 92%

*This online live ratings are taken from the last three runnings of the course in this format.