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The APT Awards for Excellence

The APT-DICES® Award for Excellence in Risk Assessment and Management.

These annual awards were established to help keep people enthusiastic about applying great risk assessment and management.

Application is simple: just 2,000 words, and the preparedness to present your submission online via Zoom on the 30th September 2021, if you are selected as a finalist.

Entry is free and the closing date for submissions is 31st July 2021. The application may be on your own behalf or on behalf of your service, and each successful submission will be published on our website. The main motivator is the status of winning the award itself as well as presenting in the finals if you are selected.

The benefit of receiving such an award is primarily in satisfaction and status. The tangible benefit is in the form of a certificate, which states your receipt of the award. You will also be able to put the award winner logo and words “Recipient of the APT Award for Excellence in Risk Assessment and Management 2021” on your letters / emails, if you wish.

What the award looks for is:

A) a description of risk assessment and management with a patient or group of patients,

B) the intervention may feature the DICES system, although not necessarily,

C) what you describe should “inspire” other people who read it – they should have ideas they want to implement in their practice too.

How to apply

To apply, there is a simple procedure and it is free of charge:

1. Write the project of up to 2,000 words.

2. Send it off to us to get to us by the end of July (email submissions to office@apt.ac).

3. If you are shortlisted for an award, present your project online via Zoom, where other professionals will also present their submissions. 10-15 minutes per paper. It’s free to attend for presenters and other mental health professionals and you can register here.

4. Sit back and hope yours is the winner. The winner will be announced and awarded that day. Being a finalist itself is something you can put on their emails, letterheads or whatever, and we’re hoping that people will be proud to do so!

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