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The APT Awards for Excellence

APT Awards for Excellence 2020.

The Association for Psychological Therapies (APT) are pleased to announce the winners for The APT Awards for Excellence 2020. We again received many excellent entries this year so being shortlisted was a great achievement in itself.

Finalists and Award Winners

The APT-RAID Award for Excellence in Working with Challenging Behaviour.

The APT Award for Excellence in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

The APT Award for Fostering Good Mental Health in the Workplace.

The APT-DICES® Award for Excellence in Risk Assessment and Management.

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The APT Award for Excellence in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy  ❯

The APT-DICES® Award for Excellence in Risk Assessment and Management  ❯

The APT-RAID® Award for Excellence in Working with Challenging Behaviour  ❯

The APT Award for Fostering Good Mental Health in the Workplace  ❯

Live Webinars

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DBT Essentials 

18 hours, APT accreditation Level 2

Instruction in the key components of DBT for those who want to add them to their repertoire without necessarily becoming 'a DBT therapist', and for those thinking of taking the first step in becoming a specialised DBT therapist.

"Really good course, very informative with lots of practical implications, not just the theory. Very well narrated."

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CBT Essentials 

18 hours, APT accreditation Level 2

Now in its latest form this course has introduced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to thousands of people in the UK ever since 1983. It addresses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in a way that you can use after the course. It covers: the history and meaning of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, conceptualising cases in CBT terms, the format of a standard CBT session, and the most important CBT techniques. All in a way that applies it constantly to practical examples.

"I have really enjoyed this course, it has given me a really good introduction to the principles of CBT and started me on a journey of feeling much more confident to use these principles in my clinical practice. I have been able to easily fit the course around my work and family commitments and this flexibility is really important to me when choosing which courses to do."

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ACT Essentials 

18 hours, APT accreditation Level 2

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) moves away from focusing too closely on ‘symptom reduction’ towards teaching how to live in a stable and rewarding way. So it teaches how to get in touch with your values, how to act in accordance with them, how to be aware of ‘the you that is always there’, how to see your passing thoughts and feelings for just that, how to accept thoughts and feelings you don’t like without over-struggling with them, and so how to live mainly in the present.

"Brilliant course. Very engaging and accessible. Complex information was presented in a very easily to understand way. I completed this course online and found I got more out of it than in-person courses - there were less distractions. I would highly recommend this course to any professional working in mental health."

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Motivational Interviewing, and how to use it effectively 

18 hours, APT accreditation Level 2

Based on Miller and Rollnick's latest book, this course describes an organised way of helping people to recognise their problems and to do something about them. Principally it addresses behaviour about which the client has mixed feelings: drinking and substance misuse for example, but a surprising array of common mental and physical health problems as well. Issues from taking psychoactive medication through to eating more healthily can all be addressed using motivational interviewing.

"I want to genuinely thank you for such an interesting, interacting and clearly-explained course. I found I was able to really engage with the learning and used your suggestions from the master plan to really reflect on how to apply it afterwards in my practice. So THANK YOU for the most useful CPD I have probably ever done."

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SFT Essentials

18 hours, APT accreditation Level 2

Another of APT's top courses, this aims to introduce you to the principles of SFT / SFBT in a way that gives you a firm grasp of them and enables you to use them in a safe and helpful way. You should become at home with the approach which is often seen as a 'breath of fresh air' both to client and professional, looking for and finding effective solutions for problems, rather than being sucked further and further into the problem itself.

"Have loved completing this course. So easy to follow and engaging. I have learnt so much to use in my own coaching. Would highly recommend it."

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CBT with Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: There Must Be A Better Way®

12 hours, APT accreditation Level 2

The title of this course captures the philosophy behind it. Self-harm, though inexplicable to anyone who has never felt the urge to harm themselves, normally serves a very clear purpose. The secret of success is, therefore, to identify that purpose and achieve it in a less traumatic way. Simple in theory, far from simple in practice, this course examines exactly how to achieve it successfully.

"Amazing course - thank you. Very informative and I am feeling much more confident to work with my patients who self-harm."

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The RAID® Course: The positive approach to working with disturbed and challenging behaviour

18 hours, APT accreditation Level 2

The UK’s leading positive psychology approach for tackling disturbed and challenging behaviour at source: well over 20,000 professionals have attended this course. It is a comprehensive approach which teaches not only how to deal with disturbed and challenging behaviour when it occurs, but also to prevent it by tackling it at source. Professionals feel pleased to share a unified system and to know what they are doing and why they are doing it, while clients delight in a relentlessly positive and empowering approach.

"I really enjoyed the presentation of this course, it has truly open my eyes up to a totally different approach to positive reinforcement of extreme behaviours. Taking this course puts me at ease dealing with extreme behaviours from here on out."

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The DICES® System for Risk Assessment and Management

18 hours, APT accreditation Level 2

This exciting Risk Assessment and Management System is designed for use by whole services and organisations, and is used by over 6,000 mental health professionals.

"An informative and well structured course. I have taken a great deal of learning from its completion, that I believe will support my future practice."

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Higher Order Therapy

1 hour modules

A series of one hour 'online anytime' modules, each consisting of an audio lasting 15-30 minutes, plus an exercise and resources for you to you use and practice with afterwards. The series is so named because it features all the 'higher order' factors that make therapy successful.

"Fantastic course and really brings ideas of practice to life. Many things we, as clinicians, should be considering to improve the quality of lives of the people we care for."

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