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CBT for Eating Disorders course feedback

CBT for Eating Disorders, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the CBT for Eating Disorders course has received.

"The training was great and the facilitator was great as well."

Kyle Crowe ('Online Live' Version)

"Brilliant course ... Very interactive and supportive training environment."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' Version)

"Brilliant course, very informative and engaging. Felt that I have learnt so much and will be able to put it all into practice."

Harriet Gaze ('Online Live' Version)

"The tutor was a consummate professional, delivering the content of the course with clarity and efficiency showing great adaptability due to unforeseen circumstances. The content of the course was excellent giving me a good, robust, approach to use with my patients and families."

James Hughes ('Online Live' Version)

"I thought it was a really helpful and engaging course. I will take a lot from the training and will be able to use a lot of the techniques within core CAMHS and youth justice, as well as being a lot more equipped to manage those young people with an eating disorder."

Eleanor Heele ('Online Live' Version)

"Really good course, well presented which enabled greater understanding and group participation."

Kate Comerford ('Online Live' Version)

"I really enjoyed this course and I feel it has helped improve my confidence with supporting and understanding young people with eating disorders. In particular, I found it helpful to discuss case scenarios in groups and hear about real examples from the tutor. The booklet and slides were informative and covered a lot of different techniques and skills that I will use in the future. The tutor was engaging and kept the group in good spirits throughout the 3 days."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' Version)

"I feel as though the tutor was an excellent lead for this course. It was very inclusively structured which was nice and allowed for many beneficial discussion. I am grateful I was a part of this!"

Course Delegate ('Online Live' Version)

"I went into this course open-minded, wanting more knowledge surrounding CBT for Eating Disorders and I got more information than I could imagine. I feel confident in the knowledge obtained."

Mitch Simmons ('Online Live' Version)

"Absolutely incredible. The way the tutor was able to present the information in a way that was engaging and relevant made a world of difference to me both personally and professionally. I look forward to the opportunity and the idea of taking more courses associated with APT, and anyone considering career advancement should too."

Mitch Simmons ('Online Live' Version)

"Absolutely amazing training and trainer ... I've been doing training with APT for years and never disappointed. Thank you."

Filipa Dias ('Online Live' Version)

"Absolutely amazing training and trainer ... I've been doing training with APT for years and never disappointed."

Support worker

"Enjoyed the course and I look forward to applying it in my role as a support worker. Excellent tutor, 10/10."

Support worker

"Thank you so much for the training. It’s been educating, eye-opening, horizon-broadening, mind-blowing (in a nice way!). I have really enjoyed it and have taken in a lot. I am definitely going to use it in my practice and in my life."

Senior Healthcare Assistant

"The course has been very beneficial to me. It has empowered me with the best information to utilise myself therapeutically to my service users. I really enjoyed the course, the tutor has been the best teacher and knows her subject very well."

Clinical Team Leader

"Thank you for the opportunity, I learnt so much."

Gene Fe Agno, Healthcare Assistant

"The training was well presented and inspiring. I learnt new and useful ways of working and understanding the service users."

Patrick Aiwerioba, Senior Support Worker

"Very well presented course. Information was invaluable and fully applicable to my current place of work. Very, very impressed with the course. A+++."

Course Delegate

"Presentation of training was good, really engaging delivery. Impressive knowledge of trainer. Really useful thinking through use of role play. Really enjoyable and have gained so much! Thank you."

Vicky Lowden, Out Patient Nurse

"Excellent course. So relevant and applicable to our work."

Bethany Tolley, Community Health Support Worker

"Totally enjoyed the course. Very relevant to my job role. I have gained invaluable knowledge and information to aid me in my role and young people in primary and secondary school settings."

Karen Sheilds, School Nurse

"Very interesting course. I can use it within my schools almost on a daily basis. It complemented the two other CBT courses I have completed."

Sue Wilkinson, School Nurse

"Excellent course. So relevant and applicable to our work."

Bethany Tolley, Community Health Support Worker

"I have enjoyed the learning and look forward to implementing it in my work."

Beth Grimpton, Dietition

"Really enjoyable and have gained so much! Thank you."

Victoria Lowndes, Outpatient Nurse

"I really enjoyed the course and found it relevant to my current area of practice. I found the group discussions and case studies really helpful."

Leanne Nicholson, RMN

"Great course, well facilitated by the tutor who was very engaging and encouraging."

Rhys Jones, Consultant Psychiatrist

"Fantastic course, great delivery, good course content. Very relevant and valuable."

Mark Taylor, Senior Residential Care Worker

"I enjoyed the course a lot, I always enjoy courses run by APT!"

Ben Hancock, Team Manager

"Course was very relevant to my role and will take away new skills to implement."

Caroline Lewis, CAMHS Eating Disorder Nurse

"Very in-depth information, very relevant to practice. Able to take away new information and apply to practice."

Lisa Del La Perrella

"Great course, the tutor made it very fun and interactive yet covered some really important information. It was well presented and I wish I had this training earlier. Thank you."

Emma Litchfield, CPN

"APT courses are extremely thorough and remain to be the best courses in the field!!"

Course Delegate (Support Worker)

"I absolutely loved this course! The tutor was very enthusiastic about the subject. He provided not only his valuable knowledge but examples of how to put it into practice."

Susan Bates, Recovery Worker

"The course was hugely informative for me, and also highly practical for my work. I also appreciated the emphasis on applying and reusing the material we covered. The role play was the most fun."

Course Delegate (Counsellor, Younger Mind)

"I enjoyed the course very much, I would recommend this course to others. The facilitator was very, very helpful and informative as well as knowledgeable and approachable."

Henry Maguire, Counsellor

"Course content was brought to life by the presenter in an excellent way. It was tailored and adjusted throughout to ensure it was relevant to our work context and maximised value. I ended feeling more motivated than when I entered."

Lee Wilkes, Counsellor

"This course has been excellent. Full of information that I will put into practice in my regular work in counselling. Thank you very much."

Deb Shaw, Counsellor

"Excellent course, excellent tutor, very, very informative and I will take from this lots of relevant information to put to use in my work. Tutor very friendly and concerned that we understood every aspect of the course. It has been a pleasure to attend the course."

Kathleen Savoy, Support and Recovery Worker

"Excellent course, well presented. The tutor really knows her stuff and is passionate about the subject. This made all the sessions really informative and enjoyable. I would recommend this course to colleagues as it will help with clinical practice and get better outcomes."

Chris Rick, Nurse Specialist

"The content and delivery of the course has been extremely interesting and useful in terms of application to practice. I very much enjoyed the training."

Rhiannon Munton, Primary Mental Health Worker

"Fantastic course, very well presented and put across. many thanks."

Steve Wright, Nurse

"Every aspect of this course was excellent. The tutor was an excellent teacher. She was so passionate and knowledgeable about her subject that it was very inspiring."

Georgia Church, Specialist Nurse

"Excellent course. The tutor is brilliant. The best course I have been on throughout my career. It will certainly improve my day to day practice. Thank you so much, it was really well delivered."

Carol Grant, Nurse Specialist

"I found the course extremely useful. It provided me with information on eating disorders that will help me in my day to day work. Prior to this course I had limited knowledge on how to work with eating disorders. Now I feel I have a fuller understanding of eating disorders and how to work with them. Especially in where to start and how to understand the core psychopathology."

Hailey Parrott, Staff Nurse

"Best course I have attended since working in the NHS."

Richard Houghton, Nursing Assistance

"The tutor evidently had lots of experience and expertise and it was really useful for her to share this with us. The course provided lots of ideas of ho to structure sessions and explain things to young people and their parents."

Sophia Malin, OT

"Tutor was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. She shared a lot of reading resources and case studies. I could have listened to her more!! Thank you for a great 3 days training."

Course delegate

"Tutor was incredibly knowledgeable about all types of eating disorders and it was evident that she was passionate about the work."

Nicola Emrey, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Extremely well delivered course which was relevant to my area of work. Very knowledgeable tutor who shared their expertise and demonstrated how they had great experience in the topic ... Very informative content and inspiring ideas given."

Rebecca Ezard, Community Mental Health Nurse

"Really good quality training. Trainer had lots of expertise in the area of eating disorders ... I have learnt a lot through the training - need to now reflect on it and integrate into practice."

Sally Miller, Systemic Psychotherapist

"Very useful course which has helped me to consider using different, cognitive approaches in my practice with eating disorders, particularly the use of formulation."

Sarah Childs, Primary Mental Health Worker

"Excellent piece of training. Very informative and well-practised. Very interesting - covered new ideas and concepts to be though about."

Kim Reeves, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Really inspired teaching, very knowledgeable and engaging. Felt like I learned a great deal about ED and CBT work. Great to think about how CBT techniques with ED can be incorporated into my place of work. Presentation and teaching was easy to access and think about how to apply skills etc into the work. Thanks for a really great 3 days training."

Jessie Woods, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

"Very good training. The course de mystified eating disorders, increased my awareness/knowledge on eating disorders, especially signs, symptoms and interventions."

Jan Lewis, Team Manager

"Really enjoyed the course. Relevant and entertaining. The examples that the tutor gave were really helpful. The presenter also matched the level of the course to the group and was sensitive to the skills which we already had. Feel more skilled and equipped to work with this client group."

Jill Vose, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"Brilliant - best training ever! The tutor is very knowledgeable, explained things well and was approachable etc etc. Thoroughly enjoyed it and found it so relevant to my job - increased my confidence. Thank you so much!"

Andrea Robinson, Senior Mental Health Officer

"Excellent training course. I feel so much equipped to treat disorders and really valued the case discussion/ sharing examples of good practice. The tutor did an excellent job in presenting to a diverse audience and making the information accessible to all."

Sheree Powell, CBP

"Great course, highly recommend. Thank you!"

Course Delegate

"The course supplied the underlying knowledge required when engaging in therapy with clients with eating disorders."

Steven Atkinson, Staff Nurse

"Excellent course. Great overview. Fantastic anecdotes. Brilliant presentation."

Laura Passman, Specialist Dietitian

"Thank you so much for a course that was pitched exactly at the right level for out team! Interesting and relevant throughout and in particular, it was possible to imagine delivering the techniques as we went through them. Nothing that I would have wanted to be different!"

Sally Cook, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Very engaging and well presented, made me feel more at ease about the aspect of working in eating disorders and gave me ideas on new approaches to use!"

Stephen Taylor, Nursing Assistant

"Excellent course, delivery perfect in pace and content, jargon free or otherwise well explained. A tutor obviously passionate about the subject and this was projected throughout the course."

Alison Tarling, Staff Nurse

"I felt that the training was excellent. The tutor made the subject interesting by using a variety of different teaching methods and was very knowledgeable about the subject. I enjoyed the two days."

Joanne Kaylor, Occupational Therapist

"Very interesting, useful and informative. The tutor treated the subject and participants with dignity and showed great understanding of the subject matter. He talked to participants at their own level, answering questions as the course progressed, all members of the team found it extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this course."

Kath Cockayne, Team Manager

"Quite and eye opener and it answered a lot of questions, felt validated, encouraged, has taught me valuable ideas for management and relevant disorders. Altogether very helpful."

Sauchan Joorawon, CPN

"Excellent tutor - useful ideas and suggestions. Will be able to put the skills learnt into practice. Feel more confident to carry on working with eating disorders."

Course Delegate

"A really well presented overview of all aspects to consider when working with this client group. Extremely relevant to my practice. Thank you very much."

Sarah Bessey, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"I really enjoyed the personal style with a mix of humour, reflection, good structure, well-paced, relevance to own clinical material and experience was highly relevant and illustrative. I like the open minded and common sense approach to working with people with complex needs. I would like to thank the tutor for helping me clarify my own thinking and what I can do next in terms of developing our service further. It re-ignited my enthusiasm."

Rene' Bosman, Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologists

"Informative with a relaxed and flexible style. Well organised, information clear and well set out. Great cakes!"

Tracy Walker, CBT Therapist

"Liked the enthusiasm and clinical examples that the course gave."

Course Delegate

"Really enjoyable. Interesting presented – enjoyed sharing knowledge, skills etc."

Alison fielding, CPN

CBT with Eating Disorders training course

CBT for Eating Disorders.

A 3-day course (2-day version also available).

Tragically, some eating disorders have a very high mortality rate. And yet there are usually good ways of treating them.

Eating Disorders pose a tremendous threat to an individual's physical and mental well-being and are usually a source of great concern to friends, family and professionals alike. This course looks at the full range of eating disorder presentations, and recognises that many individuals present in ways that don't perfectly fit any of the diagnostic categories. The course addresses the complex causes of an individual's eating disorder alongside validated and evidence-based cognitive behavioural understanding and techniques for successful intervention.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 92%

Online Live*

Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 95%

*This online live ratings are taken from the five runnings of the course in this format.