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MoodMaster Anti-Depression App

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Two new tools you may want to recommend to patients who are depressed. All products share the same key features:

a) They use the latest 5-factor biopsychosocial approaches. So it doesn't matter whether an individual's depression is caused by 'leading a depressing life', or by taking a gloomy perception of their life, or by the people around them, or by poor physical state, all are covered.

b) They are extremely 'accessible'. That is, the content is succinct and to the point, so that the reader can get straight to relevant information for resolving the problem without any 'padding'. This is vitally important in depression, where motivation and attention span may be affected.

c) As well as the tools to work steadily to overcome depression permanently, they cover 'First Aid' measures ('quick fixes') and 'What to do if everything seems hopeless' (suicidal ideation).

d) They are all outstandingly good value and low cost, so that price should not inhibit their use by anybody who needs to access the material.

1. The MoodMaster anti depression app for iPhone and iPad.

Sharing the same advantage as the Kindle, readers can read this on the tube, bus or train, without proclaiming the fact that it is a self-help book on depression. Also includes an interactive section where patient record and learn from their own experience. Cost: £2.99.

MoodMaster Anti-Depression App

2. Concentrated Self-Help for Depression, by William Davies.

Published on Kindle, this book condenses all the key information that a depressed person needs to know into little more than 20,000 words, thereby responding to the fact that many people have limited motivation and attention span when they are depressed. Cost: £3.60.

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