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APT Accreditation

The APT Accreditation system.

The Association for Psychological Therapies offers several levels of accreditation for practitioners, intended to provide a clear and transparent record of your level of competence and to be of high relevance to employers.

The accreditation is given weight by over 100,000 professionals having attended APT courses and thereby gained APT accreditation in their course-subject at levels ranging from 1 to 5, from introductory to advanced.

You might consider APT-accreditation levels 1 to 3 as being where you are developing your knowledge of and expertise in the subject in question. At levels four and five you might reasonably describe yourself as a specialist. So, using DBT as an example, at levels 1 to 3 you are getting to know about the subject, and at levels four and five you might reasonably describe yourself as ‘a DBT therapist‘. Always assuming that you have a relevant underpinning professional qualifications such as psychology, psychiatry, mental health nursing, occupational therapy, or social work.

Click below to see more details of the accreditation we offer in the following subjects.

ACT  ❯

CBT  ❯

DBT  ❯

Compassion-Focused Therapy  ❯

Interpersonal Psychotherapy  ❯

Mindfulness  ❯

Motivational Interviewing  ❯

Positive Behaviour Support  ❯

RAID® Training  ❯

Solution-Focused Therapy  ❯

Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy  ❯

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