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APT Tutor Accreditation

APT's Tutor Accreditation.

Below are the different levels of accreditation that you can achieve.

Assistant Tutor

This is the grade designed to recognise people who, while not consultant psychologists or similar (the default grade for APT tutors) are talented people an organisation would want to have in a teaching role, often for a specific course. Assistant tutors are not permitted to run APT courses on their own, but are licensed to assist and teach alongside an APT-Accredited tutor.

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APT Accredited Tutor

This grade is for senior clinicians (experienced clinical psychologists or similar) with an aptitude for teaching and developing people, and means that you are accredited to run APT courses on subjects you know about. (Although the courses are well-established it's advisable to confine yourself to subjects you know about because there are often question slightly to one side of the course itself.) To gain Level 1 accreditation you need to have the required c.v. and references, and sit and pass APT’s online eLearning course on becoming a tutor. (Free of charge.) At that point you are awarded a provisional license, which is confirmed when you have run three inhouse courses successfully.

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APT Accredited Tutor, Level 2

This is the level of accreditation that an accredited APT tutor might reasonably aim to achieve, and means that you have tutored at least 10 APT courses alone, and have achieved a very high, measured standard, with only occasional 'issues; a significant achievement.

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APT Accredited Tutor, Level 3

This is the most senior level of accreditation, and signifies that the person named has tutored more than 100 APT courses to a remarkably high, measured, standard. It is reasonable to regard this as a significant professional accolade.

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How do APT tutors maintain their accreditation?

In each case, the courses run must be to the required standard.

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The tutor application process.

4 simple steps:

1. Check your eligibility.

2. Apply by submitting your abbreviated c.v.

3. If your brief c.v. is suitable, we will ask you to submit the names of two referees.

4. If your references are suitable, you sit a short online module (free of charge) all about how to present APT courses and the standards required and, when you pass the exam at the end of the module, you become accredited.

You can then run suitable APT courses in your organisation at half the price they would be otherwise, yet still with the same workbooks, APT-accreditation etc for delegates on the courses.

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