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School for Tutor's training

APT's School for Tutors.

A 4-day course from lunch on Monday to lunch on Friday. We bring the training to your own organisation if you have 6-8 people wishing to become tutors.

Executive Summary:

APT courses are recognised as being exemplary, and the School for Tutors is the course that teaches suitably talented people how to achieve the required standard.  The course teaches how to present APT's courses, and uses one such for delegates to practice presenting. It does not teach how to write a course (courses are established APT courses, tutors don't need to write them).

Depending on your level of qualification and experience those who successfully graduate from the course become APT accredited as a Tutor (Level 1) or an Assistant Tutor,

For a full discussion of the benefits associated with becoming a tutor, click here.

Booking options

Who should attend.

The course is suitable for:

What the course covers:

What this course will do for you:

Certain benefits of attending the course are unconditional. Specifically, you will learn how to be as good a tutor as you can be. For other benefits, you need to graduate - to pass the course. If you do – and we do our best to help you do so – then you become accredited as an APT Tutor (Level 1) or an Assistant Tutor.

Benefits of becoming an APT-Accredited tutor are:

You are able to tutor APT courses within your own organisation, which means that your organisation pays just half the standard fee for the course, yet delegates receive the full benefits: certification, accreditation, etc. Additionally, you may be invited to tutor outside of your organisation, although this depends on a number of factors so shouldn't be your prime motivation for attending.

Benefits of becoming accredited as an Assistant Tutor are:

You are able to assist an APT-Accredited tutor to run APT courses as above. Additionally, you may in due course progress to become an accredited tutor, although this will depend on a number of factors so should not be your prime motivation for attending.

If I attend the School for Tutors, what are the chances of me not passing?

We have never yet failed anybody, although we reserve the right to do so. The reason for this success is (a) the course has very clear guidelines which, so long as you are prepared to follow them, are likely to lead to success and (b) we are careful to only select applicants who we think have a good chance of succeeding.

What if I or my organisation send colleagues onto the School for Tutors and they don't pass?

You receive a full refund of the fee. We want you to send people onto the course and to have tutors in your organisation so you can have APT training at half price, so we want to make it risk free for you.

Having said that, we urge you only to propose people who are likely to succeed, because rather like failing your driving test, failing the school for tutors would be traumatic, with or without a refund.

Eligibility for the School for Tutors.

The standard eligibility criteria to become an accredited tutor:

1. A mental health professional with substantial clinical experience.

2. Have an aptitude for teaching and motivating people to learn.

3. Receive good references from two specified referees (current and past line managers) who are asked to rate 10 scales.

The standard eligibility criteria to become accredited as an assistant tutor:

There are no hard and fast criteria for eligibility to become an assistant tutor, but your organisation will recognise you as a person whose experience and views would be valuable in a training situation. For this reason you will need good references from two specified referees (current and past line managers) who are asked to rate 10 scales.

A final observation:

APT operates a measured meritocracy, in that we constantly measure the performance of courses and tutors on two the key scales of presentation quality and relevance, and if a tutor delivers the required performance then they are by definition up to standard. Tutors' professional backgrounds may be in nursing, occupational therapy and social work, but what they all have in common is (a) significant clinical experience, (b) the aptitude for teaching and motivating people, (c) good references from specified referees, as above, and (d) a 'feeling for' Psychological Therapies, as befits anyone accredited by the Association for Psychological Therapies.

So, if your c.v. does not fit the standard criteria you can certainly still apply, but you should not take it amiss if you are not accepted.

Booking this training is easy.

We bring the course to your organisation.

If you have a minimum of 6 people needing training, we can bring this course to you for an all-inclusive fee of £1,000 plus VAT per person, and up to 8 people can attend. Note, each person must apply and be accepted onto the course before they may attend. The fee covers all costs: the tutor, tutor's expenses (travel and accommodation), a workbook for every delegate, course evaluation (evaluation document returned to you), registration of all delegates on the APT database, individual certificates of attendance sent to each delegate after course attendance, certificate sent to you listing all who attended. You provide the teaching room, any refreshments you want to, and the delegates!

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An APT-Accredited Course:

As a bona fide APT event, this course automatically has accreditation from The Association for Psychological Therapies. This means (i) that it contains the right amount of relevant information for its duration, and (ii) the information is presented in an engaging way, and in a way that will make it likely to be used after the course. APT verifies the accreditation by publishing the delegates' average ratings of relevance and presentation-quality for all its accredited courses. The accreditation is given value by over 100,000 professionals having attended APT courses.

Downloadable information sheet:

Click here to download a printable information sheet

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Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course.

Average Presentation rating: 100%

Average Relevance rating: 100%

*These statistics were last updated in October 2018.

Written Feedback.

APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Below are just some of the great comments the APT's School for Tutors course has received.

"It is amazing to me that I've never been taught about running courses in such a clear way before. I feel well prepared to run The RAID® Course (and other courses) and this is perhaps the best indication of how good a course this was."

"I have found this course demanding, challenging and completely worthwhile. I have learnt so much more about presenting skills and I am looking forward to developing these along my personal tutor's journey. Our facilitator was extremely professional and approachable. He definitely set the scene for conductive learning. Thank you so much."

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