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RAID Awards

The RAID® Awards for Excellence in Working with Challenging Behaviour, 2015 winning entries.


Arkwright Ward, Kemple View Hospital.

Judge’s remarks:

Cons: Would have been nice to see some figures attached to the statement: Mr G has made significant progress in terms of his challenging behaviour.

Pros: Demonstrates the all-important empathic understanding of a person with challenging behaviour. Nice talk of the RAID ‘tube’.

Overall: A good clear exposition of the RAID approach as applied to an individual displaying significant levels of challenging behaviour.

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Neuropsychiatry Pathway, St Andrew’s Healthcare.

Judge’s remarks:

Cons: The stats are a bit obscure. 6 months gaps for collecting accounts of green behaviour seems like a long time.

Pros: Very clear grasp and exposition of the RAID principles involved, especially the idea of finding behaviour that the patient enjoys. The statistical evaluation which comes out strong. The determination and energy which went into operationalising the approach.

Overall: An outstanding submission.

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Salisbury Support 4 Autism.

Judge’s remarks:

Cons: A bit jargony.

Pros: A new, simple and effective way of communication for the client, and uses good measures of how effective this is.

Overall: A simple clear strategy which improves the quality of life not only of the client but also those around him. Including the staff.

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The Family Action Support Team (FAST), North East Lincolnshire Council.

Judge’s remarks:

Cons: Weak on providing an illustrative case study.

Pros: Strong on providing a description of positive aims and targets in relation to many of the key problem areas associated with children and families.

Overall: A good descriptive framework for what positive interventions aspire to.

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Wainwright Ward, Kemple View Hospital.

Judge’s remarks:

Cons: We thought initially this was just going to be a copy and paste job from the RAID website. It would be good to see figures attached to the positive results.

Pros: Good to see RAID champions on the ward, RAID care plans, RAID ladders being used, RAID posters, and RAID meetings.

Overall: A heart-warming description of a thoroughgoing application of RAID to a ward.

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Women's Service, St Andrew’s Healthcare.

Judge’s remarks:

Cons: Would have been nice to see some figures attached to the statement: "Results show that an increase in on-ward training and more training time devoted to prevention and de-escalation was reflected in reductions in risk behaviours, seclusions, time spent in restraint and staff injuries".

Pros: A very nice summary of the important components of de-escalation training. And how it can fit in with an overall positive philosophy.

Overall: Gives a good picture of how a thorough positive philosophy can set the scene for other components such as de-escalation training.

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The RAID<sup>®</sup> Course

The RAID® Course.

A 3-day course.

A relentlessly positive approach to working with disturbed and challenging behaviour.

The 3-day RAID® course is the UK’s leading positive psychology approach for tackling disturbed and challenging behaviour at source: over 15,000 professionals have attended it. It is a comprehensive approach which teaches staff a philosophy and practice not only to deal with disturbed and challenging behaviour when it occurs, but also to prevent it by tackling it at source. Staff feel pleased to share a unified system and to know what they are doing and why they are doing it, while clients delight in a relentlessly positive and empowering approach. The essence of the RAID® approach is to play down disturbed and challenging behaviour as far as safety allows, and to nurture and develop positive behaviour so that it systematically overwhelms and displaces the disturbed and challenging behaviour.

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RAID Centres of Excellence

RAID® Centres of Excellence.

This is a major undertaking where organisations seek recognition that they are implementing RAID® principles outstandingly well. It can also be awarded ‘by acclaim’ to organisations that merit it.

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