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Risk Assessment and Management Awards

Previous Winners: The APT-DICES® Award for Excellence in Risk Assessment and Management.


Assessment Consultation Therapy Service (ACTS), Ireland.

Judge’s comments: Good to see The DICES® System tailored to a specific high-risk setting. Particularly like the relationship-led choice of key clinicians, and the provision of risk-oriented clinical workshops and clinical reflection sessions. Also the awareness that things can go wrong and that we need to be able to describe our risk-management thinking on those occasions. Again, well presented, even including a rival acronym!

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Partnerships in Care, East Midlands.

Judge’s Comments: A pity not to see an integrated risk assessment package (like DICES of course) but this submission easily earns its award through its comprehensive approach to risk assessment, its positive approach to risk management incorporating the functional analysis of red behaviour to guide the positivity, and a sensitivity to the role of the professionals involved. Nicely and succinctly presented too.

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Dr Caroline Knight and Prof Nick Alderman.

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The Women's Service, St Andrews Hospital, Northampton.

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Future Focus, Kemple View Psychiatric Hospital, Blackburn.

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The APT-DICES® Award for Excellence in Risk Assessment and Management:

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How to apply

How to apply.

These annual awards were established to keep people 'enthused' and thinking about how they can apply training in risk assessment and management in their practice. Application is simple: just 1,000 words and the preparedness to discuss what you have written. The application may be on your own behalf or on behalf of your service and each successful submission will be published on our website.

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