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Audio Resources for Mindful Meditations

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We offer several recordings free of charge, for clinicians to use with their clients, or clients to use directly. They are intended to be simple clear and easy to use with the advantage of addressing the acceptance of ambient noise and the acceptance of our emotions, both positive and negative.

Mindfulness Introduction

The Mindfulness Introduction Audio gives a 4 minute introduction to the Mindfulness Practice audio.

Mindfulness Practice

The Mindfulness Practice Audio gives an 8 minute Mindfulness Meditation session.

Mark Williams and Danny Penman

In their excellent book Mindfulness, Mark Williams and Danny Penman offer simple and straightforward forms of mindfulness meditation that can be done by anyone. Equally excellently they offer them free of charge on the web. The audio is below.

Meditation 1 – Mindfulness of Body and Breath

Meditation 2 – The Body Scan

Meditation 3 – Mindful Movement

Meditation 4 – Breath And Body

Meditation 5 – Sounds And Thoughts

Meditation 6 – Exploring Difficulty

Meditation 7 – Befriending

Meditation 8 – The Three Minute Breathing Space

Alternatively you can download the app (Mindfulness, finding peace in a frantic world) to your smart device and access exactly the same meditations, free of charge.

Jon Kabat Zinn

Guided Mindfulness Meditation series 1 by Jon Kabat-Zinn has the 45 minute body scan and other meditation and Yoga exercises. Available through iTunes. Go to iTunes, and search for Guided Mindfulness Meditation. Also available as a CD, through Amazon for example. Or see the below video:

Commercially available apps

Headspace and Calm and Mindfulness Daily are good examples of Mindfulness apps, of which there are many. 

Jon Kabat Zinn also has one (you can get the app for nothing but if you want the meditations you pay about £20 per annum).


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What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a helpful technique, but it is perhaps more than this, or most easily understood as an attitude or ‘way of being’.

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