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APT School for Tutors course feedback

APT's School for Tutors, course feedback.

APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Below is just some of the great written feedback APT's School for Tutors course has received.

"Has not only provided me with the training required to become a trainer, but feel it has reinforced and enhanced my practice and will utilise my learning in my management of my team. Thank you – fab course."

Julia Humphries Miles, Team Leader

"Overall, this was an amazing course that has given me the motivation to enthuse my work colleagues to support patients with the RAID approach. The tutor was very knowledgeable around RAID and was able to communicate the RAID philosophy. She also made it an enjoyable experience."

Julia Pearce, Staff Nurse

"A really great course. The course tutor was great, really helpful and positive. All of the feedback was really helpful and positive. Really helpful points and suggestions about how to deliver the training. So looking forward to getting stuck in running training sessions for our Trust."

Joanne Wood,, Acute Care Nurse

"An excellent course in both content and facilitation ... Can’t wait to start training others!"

K Parker, Ward Manager

"I loved it, loved it, loved it. Fantastic week and I mean that."

Lisa Shire-Todd, Patience Experience Lead

"I absolutely loved the course, I have learnt so much and look forward to taking what I have learnt forward. Absolutely fantastic tutor. Brilliant group."

Mandeep Sanghera, Recovery Worker

"Enjoyable course. At the beginning of the week I was unsure what to expect. This course has taught me how to present better to my colleagues. It has given me more confidence to present. It has made me think about my core values that I did not realise I had. Very good course. Thank you."

Steph Lucas, Inpatient Manager

"I feel the course has delivered exactly what it said it would, by Day 5 I feel confident and competent to deliver DICES training. It is nice to complete a training course feeling something very specific has been achieved."

Sara Gracey, Clinical Psychologist

"This was an excellent course that has benefited me in improving my presentation skills to a high standard. It was a friendly and supportive environment and the course was run very well with excellent content and format."

Laura Condon, Research Psychologist

"I really enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot about facilitating training. The tutor was very helpful and knowledgeable as well as supportive. The whole staff team at APT were very welcoming and friendly and the venue was a lovely environment for learning in. I am looking forward to being able to deliver the training in my own organisation."

Course Delegate

"Great few days of training, informative, thought provoking and delivered to a high standard all the way through. Definitely will be taking the information back to the workplace. Enabled me to deliver the content to a high standard and integrate within clinical practice."

Course Delegate (Clinical Psychologist)

"The tutor was fantastic, engaging, informative and made the course fun! The course was well structured and easy to follow. Course material A*. This course has given me more confidence to do the course and to carry out my own courses as a tutor."

Zoe Zmich, Charge Nurse

"It has been a wonderful experience not only to engage in the content of the material, but the process of delivering it, alongside the practical tips. The tutor is marvelous and very inspirational."

Tracey Swaffer, Head of Adult Psychology

"What this course has done is to reinvigorate my enthusiasm for EIP. I'm looking forward to starting and running my first course. This was one of the best courses."

Rob Van Duyn, Team Coordinator

"Experiential and that provided an unexpected bonus of further learning in a new skill base. High quality in every aspect, tutor, material, venue, facilities. The 'relentlessly positive' attitude adopted by APT is revitalising. The course has left me feeling enthusiastic about delivering training."

Lynda Burr, Operations Manager

"I have found this course demanding, challenging and completely worthwhile. I have learnt so much more about presenting skills and I am looking forward to developing these along my personal tutor's journey. Our facilitator was extremely professional and approachable. He definitely set the scene for conductive learning. Thank you so much."

Michelle Pell, CBT Lead

"Extremely useful and enjoyable training. The combination of didactic and experiential learning methods was very powerful. I feel I learned a great deal - even more than anticipated - and I have more confidence in having retained the material than from any other training course. The tutor's style was very engaging, encouraging and empowering with a very positive, well informed, capable and constructive attitude and approach."

Dr Lulu Preston, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course finding it very thought provoking at times but cleverly written too as it included all learning styles and teaching methods. It was very positive and motivating and has given me a "buzz"!! I can't wait to go out and represent APT as an associate tutor."

Rosalyn Dyble, ECT Nurse

"The tutor was amazing: her role modelling was exceptional. I will hold her as an internal supervisor as I go along. The quality of the material is really well thought out and easily presentable. The food and venue and the admin support was above and beyond. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY."

Margot Brink, Psychologist

"Fantastic course with many light bulb moments all week. I feel it has improved my capacity to train immensely. Enjoyed the whole week!"

Lee Fitzpatrick, Clinical Psychologist

"What a great week - tutor is amazing and showed us how it is done! Venue superb. Hospitality - the best. Material (slides etc) incredible quality, making presenting safe and easy. I will use what I have learned here in so many ways. Thank you."

Carole Hirst, Director of Psychological Therapies

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I can really see how many of the concepts discussed could be implemented with my workplace and have a really positive impact. I am sure that the RAID approach will benefit my practice as a professional as well as the patients with whom I work. All tutors presenting were excellent and made the course very enjoyable."

Course Delegate

"Fantastic to get the opportunity for the course to be presented by the delegates ... overall, fantastic course with lots of good ideas presented in a clear and manageable way!"

Course Delegate

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and benefitted from both the information provided as well as, most fortunately, being part of a very dynamic group."

Course Delegate

"Fantastic! Thank you to the tutor and your team. The training delivered what it said it would. I have achieved my outcome of understanding the philosophy and concepts and feel confident to now deliver."

Giselle Cope, Ward Manager

"I really benefitted from being thrown in at the deep end so to speak. It was a wonderful learning experience, made by the fact that others were learning with me; this made it less intimidating. I enjoyed the fact that the course was taken seriously by others and that other facilitators gave examples from their own experiences but did not preach or take over he process of learning."

Course Delegate

"I have found the course highly beneficial to my practice and I will be applying principles both at work and at home."

Rob Harris, Learning Partner Conflict Lead

"Excellent course. Very well delivered ... I felt very relaxed within the group. Great group. Fully engaged in all topics over the 3 days. Thank you!"

Course Delegate

"I have really enjoyed this week. I have learnt a lot about running a course. It is amazing to me that I've never been taught about running courses in such a clear way before. I feel well prepared to run The RAID® Course and other courses and this is perhaps the best indication of how good a course this was."

Andrew Newman, Clinical Psychologist

"The course was very good. Gained a lot of knowledge throughout the course. Tutor was friendly and made the course enjoyable. The venue was nice and the food was very good. Would recommend this course to others."

Karen Mullen, Learning Partner

"Very useful to consolidate and elaborate on current experience and knowledge. It gets you consciously thinking about all you do unconsciously when presenting training to others."

Liz Barkham, Forensic Psychologist

"Course interspersed with great tips and learning as you present is probably the best method. I really felt looked after in terms of comfort, food, breaks etc. Everyone at APT was really friendly and this makes a huge difference. Thank you for a great week."

Martin Horler, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to delivering the training back at work."

Course Delegate

"Fantastic course and methods for teaching and developing teaching / presenting skills. Loved the method of getting each person to take part."

Amy Kirby, Clinical Psychologist

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and content. The week flew along. I will definitely have a lot to take back to my place of work which I hope will improve my own professional practice and my division back at work."

Kevin Nelson, Senior Social Worker

APT's School for Tutors.

A 4-day course.

APT tutors have a reputation second to none, and APT's School for Tutors is the course that teaches the standard.

The course teaches how to present prepared courses, and uses an APT course for delegates to practice presenting. It does not teach how to write a course (courses are pre-written, tutors don't need to write them). Those who successfully graduate from the course become an APT Accredited Tutor (Level 1).

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course.

Average Presentation rating: 100%

Average Relevance rating: 99%

*These statistics were last updated in April 2017.