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Improving School Attendance course feedback

Removing the blocks to good School Attendance, course feedback.

APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Below is just some of the great written feedback the Removing the Blocks to Good School Attendance course has received.

"The information was very relevant to implementing new systems within a new resource for young people with anxiety and school phobia."

Julie Jones, Team Leader

"I enjoyed and benefited from this course and feel that I would be able to use the information provided in my professional practice."

Iona William, Educational Psychologist

"I always enjoy being inspired/reenergised and to get experience of new tools I can use to be effective in my job. I also enjoy learning new little mantras which I can take away with me and I can pull out when the daily stresses of the job (and life in general get on top of me)."

Heidi Evans, Ed and Child Psychologist

"Effective pace and activities, enjoyed the video clips and the punchy powerful messages embedded in them. The interactive activities were integrated well into the days, keeping the interest and providing variety."

Course Delegate

"Very good rapport build with group and tutor, 2 days allowed progression and full participation for all groups. Very positive practical course. Enjoyed and appreciated the variety of activities, especially group discussion of Ted talks."

Angela Davies, PECP

"I really enjoyed spending the two days having the time to really reflect on cases in detail with colleagues."

Joy Gamble, Senior Ed Psych

"Very relaxed, approachable but very informative and good facilitator of course."

Dr Audrey Hunt, Ed and Child Psychologist

"I found the course very interesting and helped me to reshape the way I perceive stress and anxiety. It emphasised the need to work holistically, to look at things from everyone's perspectives and not to become despondent when things appear 'stuck'."

Helen Etherington, Senior Ed & Child Psych

"Made me rethink aspects of my practice and where I could improve."

Marilyn Steffan, Ed and Child Psychologist

"I really enjoyed the course and the tutor's skills and expertise were brilliantly shared."

Karon Oliver, Senior Ed and Ch Psychologist

"Very useful to have the quality time to reflect on cases. Good to have a structure to 'hang' thoughts on."

Anwen Walters, Educational Psychologist

Removing the blocks to good School Attendance

Removing the blocks to good School Attendance.

A 2-day course.

As the title suggests, this course is about establishing good school attendance in young people who, for whatever reason, are not attending regularly or at all. The course is intended for relatively high level professionals such as educational psychologists and CAMHS professionals, who are or will be able to work with the concept of case formulation. The reason for this is that the course teaches the principle that to intervene effectively in this area you must have a good formulation of the problem, and it shows how to achieve that. From the formulation a good plan of action follows, and the course examines some of the most effective interventions. Students on the course are encouraged to address their own caseload and generate formulations and interventions around the cases therein.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course.

Average Presentation rating: 94%

Average Relevance rating: 94%

*These statistics were last updated in April 2017.