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BCT course feedback

BCT Essentials (Behavioural Couples Therapy), course feedback.

APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Below is just some of the great written feedback the BCT Essentials (Behavioural Couples Therapy) course has received.

"Very informative and interesting. I felt I learnt a lot of important skills in order to practise BCT effectively and properly."

Danielle Shaw, Stronger Families Consultant

"I found the course very informative and useful to develop skills in BCT. Enabled a good understanding of the approach and time to practise and discuss realistic implementation."

Jennifer Grundy, BIS Engagement Worker

"The course was beneficial to my role and the service I am in. I am now equipped with the knowledge and understanding to practise BCT with immediate effect. Excellent thought provoking 3 days."

Tracey Naven, Stronger Families Consultant

"Feel I understand BCT now and am equipped to take the model back to my work base."

James Bantard, Counselling Co-ordinator

"This was a really great course. The facilitator created a space in which individuals felt fully able to be open to embarking on skills based practice fully. Course content and supporting material was comprehensive and thoughtfully introduced."

Yvonne Shell, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

"This course ticked all the boxes. It was very well presented. The video presentations, and real time work in sessions, complemented each other extremely well and reinforced the learning throughout the 3 day course. Look forward to working with clients and being able to input skills learned over the 3 day period."

Pansu Wiseman, Psychologist/CBT Therapist

"Fabulous training - really enjoyed it."

Terez Nagy, Senior Addiction Worker

"Very excited to have been part of this training as BCT is relatively new. Really enjoyed it - found it thought provoking ... Great course!"

Course Delegate

"I have very much enjoyed this course and have gained many skills that I will be able to use daily in my role. All parts were useful and relevant. Thank you."

Emma Ross, Mental Health Worker

"Very specific and structured – we will be implementing this into our agency."

Jacquie Cattle, Counsellor (CBT Practitioner)

"Very well presented course. Very knowledgeable and engaging facilitator. Good use of role plays, not token but instead meaningful and good opportunity to model and then practise skill development. Good pace of teaching and right size group. Good venue."

Lindsey Rouse, Clinical Psychologist

"I've really enjoyed the course – thank you. You promoted a good learning atmosphere. I appreciated your modelling of the sessions and having the opportunity to practise. I now feel motivated to go and practise BCT."

Jackie Webb, Social Worker

"An excellent course, very well presented. It made me feel excited to have the opportunity to learn a skill that is new to me and also that is new to substance misuse services in this country. It also fits very well with the new recovery agenda and I think will help to move forward some of our very stuck clients."

Pauline Stockley, Team Leader

"The training was very well presented and clear."

Emma Jopling, Treatment Team Leader

"Excellent, fun, informative and positive experience."

Kevin Jones, Clinical Lead

"Both stimulating and enjoyable. Will help me offset some of the negativism I feel in other areas/aspects of the work I do. Would recommend this course to peers/colleagues."

Ken Moffat, Registered Mental Health Nurse

"Fantastic learning experience, very well delivered. Well demonstrated. I feel confident and safe to use this therapy in my ongoing practice. Andre's professionalism shone through. Thank you."

Sharon Sheppard

"Overall the training was pitched correctly and will be hugely valuable to our service. Thank you."

Course Delegate, Clinical Psychologist

"Very enjoyable course throughout. Very confident and competent trainer. Succeeded in being anxiety light as promised. Course materials excellent."

Helen Peyer, Social Worker

"Seeing the sessions being role played in real time was a really useful way of learning. Trainer obviously very knowledgeable and experienced in this therapy (and others), good clear demonstrations."

Course Delegate

"I can't think of any changes that need to be made."

Neil Failes, Social Worker

"A really excellent, fluid, relevant course with great materials and efficient and focused training methods. The days were well timed and extremely engaging."

Jane Bland, Social Worker

"I enjoyed the course immensely, well presented with the right amount of tutor input and humour."

Gordon Pettit, Manager/Senior Addiction Therapist

Behavioural Couples Therapy

BCT Essentials (Behavioural Couples Therapy).

A 3-day course.

There is a long history, stretching back at least to the 1970s, of therapists working on couples' relationships, and using a behavioural approach in doing so; this is what one might term traditional BCT. There is a current vogue for IAPT services to address 'couples therapy', although the word 'behavioural' doesn't feature in that. Behavioral Couples Therapy – what this course covers - is an approach described by O'Farrell and Fals-Stewart in their book of that title, and deals specifically with BCT as it relates to substance misuse. The NICE guidelines commend BCT as an intervention for substance misuse.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course.

Average Presentation rating: 97%

Average Relevance rating: 98%

*These statistics were last updated in April 2017.