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Written Feedback

APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Below is just some of the great feedback we have received.

"I have actually stopped applying for any non APT courses as they far exceed the content and presentation of any other NHS course I have been on in my 20+ years experience of psychiatry. Many thanks."

Tony White, GP Liaison CPN - Early Intervention in Psychosis

"I've had a number of inputs on CBT - this one clearly the best yet!!"

Darren Suffolk, Senior Ed Psych - CBT: Key Knowledge and Skills

"It's a wonderful insight into Schema Therapy. I am now very informed and equipped to utilize this knowledge in my practice. Thank you for a job well done."

Franklin Okunowo, Project Manager - Schema Focused CBT

"This was one of the best courses I have ever been on in a career spanning twenty years ... I very much hope that it will be 'rolled out' to other trust employees so that it will help us all to share similar perspectives and language."

Christine Little, Course Delegate - DICES® Risk assessment & Management System

"In an ideal world - all teachers, social workers, youth workers, probation officers and health workers (top to bottom) would be RAIDers!!'

Ann-Marie Clifford, Volunteer Coordinator - The RAID® Course

"I feel that this has been the best training course I have been on so far in my professional career in terms of its relevance to my current practice and enhancement of my existing skills." 

Hilary Lees, Primary Care Vocational Advisor - Motivational Interviewing

"Intoxicating, exciting … left me wanting more! A valuable tool for working with people. Beautifully presented by a skilled empathic clinician."

Jannine Daniel, Social Worker - CBT with Psychosis: Module 2

"Hooray, the best presented, , organised, stress free course I have ever attended since working within mental health nursing. All sessions were relevant to my area of nursing.
I hope to be attending future courses with APT."
Course Delegate - Key Knowledge and Skills for Working with Older People

"Without a doubt the best training course I have ever attended. Thoroughly enjoyable, relevant and helpful for my job role."

Stephanie Young, Course Delegate - Leading Structured Groups

"This sort of course is so much more relevant than other management / people management courses."

Financial Administrator - Be-BEST™

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Featured Courses
  Featured Courses  

DBT Essentials

Instruction in the key components of DBT for those who want to add them to their repertoire without necessarily becoming 'a DBT therapist'.


Motivational Interviewing and The Stages of Change™

Combining Miller and Rollnick's Motivational Interviewing with Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change, this course describes a powerful system for having people acknowledge and do something about their problems.


The RAID® Course

The positive psychology approach to working with extreme behaviour to tackle it at source. Already attended by over 13,000 UK professionals, this is a 'standard' in leading facilities where there is challenging behaviour.


The DICES® Risk Assessment and Management System

A cogent system that actually facilitates clinical work, this is one of our most renowned courses. Over 5,500 UK professionals have already attended this course.


The Professional Management of Suicide Risk and Suicidality™

For the professional, 'suicide prevention' is a question of risk assessment and management. For the client, it's a question of building a life that is worth living. This course shows you the complete package: how to assess and manage risk, but mainly how to help the person build a life worth living.


CBT Essentials (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

The Be-BEST™ System for reliably providing high quality CBT, this course covers modern 5-factor CBT, and provides the foundation for good CBT based interventions in a proper understandable way.


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