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DBT Awards

Past winners: The APT Awards for Excellence in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.


Judge’s general remarks: There were two submissions which earned an award. There is no feedback given to individual unsuccessful submissions, but in general terms to be successful the submission has to be about a specific piece of work and contain sufficient detail to make it significant in some way. Also, as above, it needs to make the reader feel that they too might like to do what is described. The two successful submissions certainly fulfilled those criteria.

Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health (Padre Américo Hospital, Penafiel, Portugal).

Judge’s comments: This is remarkable for breaking new ground in Portugal, establishing a thoroughgoing DBT service. I would love to have heard more about the patients on the programme, and had more details on the results so far. I am particularly impressed by the reliable telephone support and the provision of support for the families. Altogether a very nice example of setting up a DBT service.

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New Dawn (Cygnet Hospital Ealing, London, UK).

Judge’s comments: First response was that no-one deserves an award for just thinking of doing something, but on second thoughts we’re sure they do because this work highlights the importance of the often under-rated preparation phase especially with ‘formal’ patients. It also highlights the importance of checking out whether one’s apparently good idea stands up to scrutiny from patients. We particularly liked one patient’s description of a phenomenon that is common enough in DBT: “Coming into (the facility) I didn’t know what to expect, it took me a considerable amount of time to calm down, for my anxieties to subside”.

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New Dawn (Cygnet Hospital Ealing, London).

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