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Bespoke Mental Health Training


APT has a fantastic range of courses and many organisations can find exactly the courses they want. Some people want to go further and target even more precisely the training their colleagues need. It is for these people that we have created APTbespoke where you can drill down into each course and see what modules are there and then select just the modules you want, putting them together to create exactly the training programme your colleagues need.

If you want advice from us just contact us by phone (0116 241 8331) or email office@apt.ac, otherwise enjoy seeing the amazing range of inputs that is available to you. When you are decided let us know and we will action it with you and arrange for a top-class tutor to come and deliver the training for your colleagues.

The titles of the modules often give you all the information you need to know what they cover, but if you want to see more just go to the source course for that module.

Prices. To check on the pricing structure, click here.

Modules available to you from our CBT courses:

1. Constructing the framework for successful CBT. 6 hours

2. Treatment techniques based on biological factors. 3 or 6 hours

3. Treatment techniques based on cognitions and thinking style. 6 or 12 hours.

4. Treatments involving the surroundings especially the social surroundings. 6 or 12 hours

5. Treatments based on behavioural factors and approaches. 6 or 12 hours.

6. To learn to swim you need to get in the pool. 3 or 6 hours.

Modules available to you from the DICES® Risk Assessment and Management System:

1: Core knowledge about risk assessment and management. 3 hours

2: Risk assessment and the DICES checklists. 3 hours

3: Risk Management. 3 hours

4: Demonstrating that the risk has been assessed and managed competently. 3 hours

Modules available to you from Stopping Self-Harm (i.e. stopping non-suicidal self-injury):

1: An overview of non-suicidal self-injury. 1 hour.

Includes the topics: The nature of self-harm – what do people do? The incidence of self-harm. Why do people do it? How does it work so well for people? Is self harm simply attention seeking?

2: The 5 step REVAMPP plan for treating NSSI. 6 hours.

Includes the topics: Reveal why the person self harms; Validate the person’s self harm. Motivate the person to change. Plan alternative strategies with the person. Prompt the person to implement those strategies.

3: Other topics. 3 hours.

Includes the topics: Monitoring and Developing your Skill. Diary Keeping. Exercise: Putting your skills together to check what you can do! Working with self-harm can be stressful: what support can you build in for yourself? Working in groups. Information Sheet for parents.

4: The final countdown. 1.5 hours.

Includes the topics: The course quiz. What you have earned by attending this course. Planning what you want to do henceforth. Registration and feedback.

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Written Feedback.

APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Below are just some of the great comments that APT courses have received.

"I have heard so much about APT courses but have never had the privilege of attending one until now. I have to say that in 18 years working in mental health I have attended many courses but these past 3 days have surpassed all of them. The information and manner in which it was presented was excellent. My advice to anyone who has not been on an APT course is 'get yourself on one'."

"One of the best presented, organised and thought-out courses I have been on. I speak as a course participant but also as a trainer of 20 years experience."