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APT Delegate Awards

APT Awards for published works.

Publish about APT and receive your just rewards!

APT exists to support your work with people when they have problems with mental health, substance misuse and similar. We do so by providing high quality training and resources, recognising excellent practice, and helping suitably qualified people to become tutors.

Publicity for what we do is expensive and where possible we would prefer to reward mental health and related professionals than pay for conventional ‘advertising’.

There are awards in three categories:

1. Best publication in a peer reviewed journal.
2. Best publication in other journals or magazines.
3. Best publication elsewhere, e.g. On the web, on social media, on radio or television.

So if you publish something in a journal, a magazine, or on the web, which features APT, the Association for Psychological Therapies by name, you can enter it for a possible award. The awards range from a £50 gift voucher of your choice through to several hundreds of pounds (decided by the judges) depending on the significance and scale of the publication.

Application is simple: once your work is published, simply let us know by email or by submitting the form below.

Your name:


Link to your published work you are entering:

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