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Workplace Mental Health Training

Mental Health Awareness & Workplace Mental Health Training Courses.

Three courses designed to give a thorough overview of the key issues in mental health and mental illness, and what implications this has for the workplace. We bring the training to you and all of the training is accredited by APT (The Association for Psychological Therapies), backed by the weight of over 100,000 professionals having attended APT courses since foundation in 1981. Standardly, these courses are of a half-day duration, but we can up-skill you to whatever level you wish.
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Maintaining Good Mental Health

How to develop your good mental health in the workplace, and help your colleagues do the same.

A half day course, for everybody

This course spells out what you can do to develop your own mental good health in the workplace, as well as that of your colleagues.

As such it empowers everyone (managers and non-managers alike) to take good care of themselves. It covers (a) the major diagnoses in mental illness, (b) the 4 bases you need to cover to maintain good mental health and help others do so; and (c) how the material covered meshes with your workplace.

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Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Driving good mental health in the workplace: a course for managers and directors.

A half day course, for managers and directors.

This course is for managers and directors and goes beyond 'the legal requirements' to describe best practice in promoting mental good health at work and addressing mental health problems when they occur.

To gain the respect of their colleagues, managers and directors need to do more than simply advocate the importance of good mental health, they need to act in a way that engenders it, and this course enables you to do just that. As such it covers (a) the major diagnoses in mental illness, their symptoms and characteristics; (b) the principles underlying helpful interactions with people when they are having mental health problems; (c) the options you have when professional help is needed; and (d) how the material covered applies to your own workplace. It does not address directly what to do about your own mental health issues (managers and directors are not immune from these!); for that you should attend the first course - the one 'for everybody'.

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Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Mental Health Awareness, for people working with the general public.

A half day course, for people working with the public.

This course is for people interacting with the general public as part of their jobs, to enable you to better understand mental health problems and unusual behaviour, and respond helpfully.

There are a number of jobs where knowledge of mental health issues, and the ability to respond well to disturbed or unusual behaviour, is beneficial both to the professional and the member of the public. These include jobs in public service facilities such as hospitals and libraries, jobs in the hospitality sector (such as pubs restaurants and hotels) and many more. So this course covers the major mental health problems that present themselves, the sort of behaviour associated with these problems, and the most helpful way to respond: helpful both for the person concerned and for you the professionals.

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Bespoke packages.

If you represent an organisation with many thousands of employees then do get in touch with us for a bespoke solution.

We may not respond to a standard tender invitation, but we are delighted to talk properly with you to find an ideal solution for you. After all, nobody knows as much as you do about your organisation, and we know all there is to know about mental health, so together we can develop the best strategy. Achieving that stands to benefit your people and your organisation to a great degree and with maximum cost-effectiveness; implementing anything else can result in all manner of trouble.

Do get in touch if you would like to address this great issue; there is no cost involved and the payoff may be immense.