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APT Tutor Application Forms

Application to become an APT accredited tutor.

If you have checked yourself against the eligibility criteria, the next step is to submit your abbreviated c.v. on the form below.

If you do become an APT-Accredited tutor you will be able to choose whether you want to attend the School for Tutors or get straight on and run courses in your organisation under license, thereby saving your organisation half the fees.

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APT's School for Tutors.

An optional 4-day course if your tutor application is accepted.

APT tutors have a reputation second to none, and APT's School for Tutors is the course that teaches the standard.

The course teaches how to present prepared APT courses, and uses an APT course for delegates to practice presenting. It does not teach how to write a course (APT courses are pre-written, tutors don't need to write them).

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