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Note: This page is for IAPT services seeking good training for their staff (we come to you and train a group of 6-15 people). If you are seeking a job in IAPT, click here.

APT teaches sophisticated concepts in the simplest and clearest way possible, and in a way which covers the CBT competences. Mainly, training tries to teach you how to be as good as the average good therapist. We aim to teach you how to become better than that.

We are currently being asked to provide training courses for both low intensity and high intensity IAPT programmes, in some cases on a 'top up' basis, in others as a 'total programme'. The following is a list of the available modules for your information. Do contact us if you would like to discuss further, or if you feel there is anything we may be able to do for you.

The courses listed here as suitable for IAPT are:

For further information contact APT, The Dower House, Thurnby, Leicestershire, LE7 9PH. Tel: 0116 241 8331 or email:

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  IAPT course feedback  

"I've had a number of inputs on CBT - this one clearly the best yet!!"

Darren Suffolk, Senior Ed Psych (CBT Essentials)

"Refreshing, entertaining and thought-provoking. Excellent course, at a pace and style of teaching that is designed to maximise learning. Thank you."

Stephen Jill, Community Psychiatric Nurse (Extended Training in CBT)


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