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  Mindfulness-Based CBT course feedback

Mindfulness-Based CBT, course feedback

APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Below is just some of the great written feedback the Mindfulness-Based CBT course has received.

"The tutor is an inspiration to our service and to us as mental health professionals. Sge is very knowledgeable and puts this knowledge across in a very easy, unasuming manner which makes the training pleasurable in a great learning environment.”

Beverley Haworth, Team Manager

I loved it. It made me feel excited and gave me reason to think there are real possibilities in participating in/developing mindfulness both professionally and organisationally. It has given me more confidence in the promotion and use of mindfulness and I want to continue to embrace it fully.”

Gill Burgess, MHP

Mind blowing training ... How I love training that I can take so much away with me, both for my professional and personal life.”

Vivien Broomhall, Clinical Practitioner

“I have truly benefited from the course and would like to continue developing Mindfulness-Based CBT in my personal and professional life.”

Jim Fletcher, Psycho-social Intervention Worker

“Mindfulness based CBT is one of the most valuable training sessions I have done ... It will inform my practice and private life in a significantly positive manner. The presentation and material really is of the highest standard.”

Jim Fletcher, Psycho-social Intervention Worker

“Excellent course. Very interesting and well presented. The course has given me a good understanding of mindfulness based CBT and how I can link this into practice with my work. The tutor was excellent and made the course enjoyable. Thank you.”

Tamzin Hand, Drug and Alcohol Practitioner

“I was looking forward to this course and I was not let down. Mindfulness is such an important tool in today's hustle bustle world ... A must for any practitioner! Well done APT!”

Paul Shepherd, Drug/Alcohol Practitioner

“I can see its benefits for myself and for the benefit of my clients. A superb course, thank you!”

Substance Misuse Practitioner

“The course was fantastic, relevant and easy to follow. It was also fun and I will certainly follow it up with further training.”

Team Leader

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the content which was extremely relevant to my learning and practice.”

Lisa Brock, Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Enjoyed this course both on a professional level and personal level. I plan to integrate this in my current practice, as well as a way for managing personal stress levels. This knowledge has expanded the types of approaches I can incorporate in my job in a way to promote my clients well being.”

Course Delegate

“Very enjoyable and informative. I have an extra tool in my toolbox that will be very effective for myself and my clients. Thank you to the tutor for a most enjoyable 2 days training - the very best in a long time.”

Janet Danjon, Case Manager

“I have gained a greater understanding of both Mindfulness and CBT and how they can work in conjunction with each other. Also how this can be useful when treating clients with mental health problems. The facilitator was able to get all group members participating and experiencing how clients may feel when attending groups or 1:1 sessions.”

Gill Williams, OT

“The course made me think more positively about how Mindfulness can be used in conjunction with CBT to be able help my clients as well as myself to be more mindful and how that would help in my daily life too. It will give me a tool that I know will work to alleviate stress and pressured for personally and also my clients. It also helped refresh me around CBT skills.”

Patricia Tree, Care Manager

“I have met the tutor on a previous course and was thrilled - she is first class. I already practise mindfulness but the course has greatly increase my knowledge. Equally the CBT will be very beneficial and I now plan to use some alongside mindfulness. The course has been very beneficial and most of all enjoyable. Thanks.”

Janet Forgan, Care Manager Assistant

“I have found this course to be extremely thought-provoking and useful to apply to both personal and work life. The exercises used were an extremely effective way of applying the theory and understanding how the theory works.”

Sarah Denson, Social Worker

“Very interesting and will be helpful to me both personally and professionally. The tutor was excellent and easily made me feel part of the group at ease with myself and others.”

Alison Jo Godden, Community Support Worker

“It was undoubtedly one of the very best training courses I have ever attended.”

Course Delegate

“What a fantastic course, I have been looking for some time now to do this course as I have been interested in learning more about mindfulness and I feel very privileged that this course was running. Ronnie was very passionate, knowledgeable and skilful and made the course interesting and worthwhile attending.”

Valerie Overton, CPN

“Fantastic tutor, who was passionate and inspiring. She made me feel very safe, when I became nervous during a role play and encouraged a positive atmosphere throughout the group. The slides and exercises were really good. I have learnt so much and feel very interested in exploring the subject more. The best course I have been on in 2 years. Very interactive, which helped the learning process.”

Claire Carlow, Substance Misuse Care Manager

“I found this course very relevant and rewarding. The course allowed me to look at both myself and my practice and how this could help clients. Ronnie delivered the information clearly and at a good pace. One of the best/most relevant/interesting courses I have attended. Thank you.”

Leah Hillman, Social Worker

“Excellent introduction to mindfulness-based CBT techniques with lots of illustrated examples, plenty of opportunity to learn interactively.”

Dr R Khalifa, Consultant Psychiatrist

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days, the tutor is excellent, she knows her topic and presented it well to the group. I have found the group exercises beneficial and useful to enhance my knowledge, skills and learning. The tutor made me feel relaxed, and interested in taking on board the subject. I will definitely go away and put into practice what I have learnt. It has been a pleasure and inspiring.”

Ivy Payne, CPN

“Course was presented at a good pace and in a way which made the concept easy to understand. I now feel able to take the information away and develop mindfulness in my area of work.”

Lloyd Ramsey, Staff Nurse

“An enjoyable 2 days study. The course is useful to my job and I have gained an understanding of the subject.”

Patrick Brennan, Staff Nurse

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, it's been the best course I have attended in a long time and I have gained so much from it both personally and professionally.”

Rachael Powell, Social Worker

“Excellent course, well presented and will help my practice.”

Mel Craik, CPN

“I loved the training and the facilitator was dynamic, knowledgeable and engaged the group. I have a clear idea about what mindfulness is now and how I can incorporate this into my work and life.”

Lynne Irvine, Social Worker

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