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  ADHD training

ADHD: Key Knowledge and Skills for Effective Biopsychosocial Intervention

ADHD: Key Knowledge and Skills for Effective Biopsychosocial Intervention is an APT-accredited 3-day ADHD training course from one of the UK's leading providers of mental health training. We bring the training to your own organisation, for maximum cost-effectiveness, and up to 15 people can attend. (2-day version also available.)

Executive Summary:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has become an increasingly common diagnosis in recent years and is one that can cause confusion and concern in parents and carers. They may already be 'at their wits end' in terms of responding to disruptive behaviour and can then be confronted with entrenched viewpoints about whether medical or psychosocial interventions are most effective – and even which ones are morally 'right'. Even from professionals.

This course therefore takes a dispassionate view of the nature of ADHD, the far reaching problems it can cause for carers. Most importantly though, it details what effective psychosocial interventions are available to benefit both young people involved and also those looking after them.

The course covers:

  • What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? An overview of ADHD, its history, current controversies and what it is not.

  • How ADHD develops in children, how it is attributable to many causal factors and how this can make diagnosis and intervention more difficult.

  • What is a thorough assessment? Outlining the importance of a thorough multi-disciplinary assessment and clear protocol, the need to identify and treat accompanying difficulties and the importance of a clear diagnosis and treatment plan with achievable goals.

  • How the impact of ADHD can cause frustration and distress for the child, their peers, their carers, family, teachers and other professionals involved.

  • The need for an overall philosophy of care to address many behaviours at the same time, as well as allowing for acknowledgement and re-enforcement of positive behaviours and emerging strengths (RAID).

  • Helpful reframing of ADHD symptoms, using Attachment, Systemic, Solution-Focused, Narrative and Cognitive-Behavioural approaches.

  • The importance of addressing specific problems for the child including hyperactivity, inattention, learning problems, low self-esteem and depression.

  • Provision of treatment across settings including individual, family, and group work, as well as intervention and consultation in the home, school and community.

  • Template of a parent/carer support & Information group, an important adjunct to individual intervention.

  • The need for a good working relationship among all involved and how better outcomes are possible through effective team effort.

  • Focus on self-care for parents, carers and professionals looking at how Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can stretch even the most prepared and committed people, and the need for solid self care strategies and plans.

  • Developing a future focus; the two reasons why this is a key. How the future can be planned and how it can be achieved. The doubly-essential reasons for achieving this.

  • Where to from here? How to capitalise on the course.

What you receive as a result of attending the course:

All delegates are registered at APT HQ as having attended the course, and receive a certificate to acknowledge their attendance and registration. As a bona fide APT event, this course automatically has accreditation from The Association for Psychological Therapies. This accreditation is given weight by the fact of over 100,000 professionals having attended APT training.

How can I get more involved?

Bring the course to your organisation

Up to 15 people can attend this course, and we bring it to you for an all-inclusive fee.
The 3-day course costs £4,165 plus VAT and the 2-day course costs £2,985 plus VAT.

The fee covers all costs: the tutor, tutor's expenses (travel and accommodation), a workbook for every delegate, course evaluation (evaluation document returned to you), registration of all delegates on the APT database, individual certificates of attendance sent to each delegate after course attendance, certificate sent to you listing all who attended. You provide the teaching room, any refreshments you want to, and the delegates!

To arrange this course, email or call 0116 241 8331. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Become a tutor for the course

In order to achieve this you need to attend APT's School for Tutors; this is a 4-day course (Monday lunch to Friday lunch) held in Leicester, England. Successful graduation from the school enables you to tutor this and other courses in your own organisation, simultaneously saving your organisation half the course fee. If you are a senior clinician with a real flair for putting things across, then click here.

Download printable Microsoft Word information sheet

APT Accreditation

As a bona fide APT event, this course automatically has accreditation from The Association for Psychological Therapies. This means (i) that it contains the right amount of relevant information for its duration, and (ii) the information is presented in an engaging way, and in a way that will make it likely to be used after the course.

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  ADHD course feedback  

Average Relevance Rating: 92%*

Feedback Rating

Average Presentation Rating: 97%*

Feedback Rating

*These statistics are based on the last 10 courses and were updated in April 2015.

"The quality of the course was exceptional. The content and areas covered were delivered in a very comprehensive fashion. The tutor/facilitator was knowledgeable and passionate about topics covered and this was easily identifiable in training lectures. I really enjoyed this course and feel I have come away with a huge knowledge base and the practical tips/advice are much appreciated. I look forward to attending the next APT training course. Thank you.”

Jacqueline Reilly, Staff Nurse

"Very informative and thought provoking.”

John Hendler, Senior Clinical Psychologist

"I found the course useful in providing clarity and practical tips on helping families to cope with a diagnosis of ADHD in their child. The 'red/green' questioning was very useful and I will definitely use this in the future.”

Catrionia Holden, Pediatric Liaison Nurse

"I found the course highly beneficial in terms of gaining further knowledge on ADHD and useful practical interventions which I will be implementing in my area of practice. The material presented was done in a clear and concise way which made it easy to follow over the course.”

Carol McCormac, Clinical Nurse Manager

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